The Originals Recap 3/31/17: Season 4 Episode 3 “Haunter of Ruins”

The Originals Recap 3/31/17: Season 4 Episode 3 "Haunter of Ruins"

On the CW their drama, The Originals premieres with an all new Friday, March 31, 2017 season 4 episode 3 called “Haunter of Ruins,” and we have your weekly The Originals recap below. On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Klaus tries to reconnect with his daughter, Hope, after five years apart. Meanwhile, Elijah mediates a conflict between Hayley and Freya; and Vincent tells Marcel terrible secrets about his ex -wife, when they search for a witch who plans to sacrifice a group of innocent children, including Hope Mikaelson.“

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The Originals begins tonight with Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) looking off the porch while Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic)is upset they have rescued Klaus and haven’t left yet. He yanks the paper out of Elijah’s (Daniel Gillies) hands, and Elijah says circumstances have changed and they will leave there soon enough.

Rebekah (Claire Holt) says they have a niece to consider while Freya (Riley Voelkel) sides with Kol, saying they need to put an ocean between them and Marcel Gerard (Charles Michael Davis). Klaus says he wants one day of peace with his daughter before they uproot her.

Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) bring out Hope (Summer Fontana), who shyly says hello to her dad, Klaus and then asks to play in the garden. Klaus sadly looks at Hayley.

Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) throws the book with the rune on it into a fire; he is waiting at home remembering when his wife, Eva (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) returns from visiting the quarter. She suggest to him they leave, when he protests, she tells him she is pregnant; he wanted to raise his child there.

He meets with Marcel, talking about the evil that took over Eva. Marcel remembers Eva was trying to sacrifice 9 children; Vince is convinced the same darkness has come back and Adam is the first.

Klaus accuses Hayley of telling Hope terrible things about him. Hayley reminds him for the past 5 years she has protected her from all the gory stories about him. The only thing Hope knows is he protects his family, no matter what; he doesn’t understand why she fears him. Hayley says Hope is sensitive and Klaus isn’t exactly calm right now, she says he is her fairytale prince and he has a lot to live up to.

Rebekah wants to know what Elijah is going to do now that he is not burdened with having to save Klaus’ soul? Rebekah’s dream of having a family and true love has eluded her, but she looks forward to her new beginning, she suggests Elijah do the same.

Hayley comes to see Keelin (Christina Moses), removes her mask and wonders why she isn’t healing. Keelin says she never bought into the whole pack mentality; before they could talk any more Freya comes in and puts the mask back on her so they can collect as much venom as they can before they leave.

Klaus walks down to Hope, who invites him to paint with her, telling him that her mom says he loves to paint too; they smile together as they paint. Detective Will Kinney (Jason Dohring) finds Vince doing some magic and informs him that besides Adam they have 3 more missing kids.

Vincent begs for him to stay out of it after he suggests if he finds anything supernatural he will contact him. Vince doesn’t want any police involved but Will doesn’t trust Marcel, who happens to walk in with evidence. Will wants to call it in, but Vincent says he is trying to save him. The book he tried to burn was fully intact in the fire pit; he tells Marcel to keep it away from him at all costs.

Back at the house, Rebekah and Kol discuss Davina, saying it is her 23rd birthday and he wonder what she would be doing because she surely would have made the world a better place.

Freya covers Keelin’s wounds, asking why she isn’t healing. She explains how she lost her girlfriend to being supernatural. She tells Freya that even though they are supernatural they are still biological organism; she says it was medicine that helped her, not magic.

Marcel has never seen Vincent scared, he says it is his past catching up to him. Vincent admits he has been hunting for years to create magic that Marcel couldn’t beat; one night he returns home and that notebook is on his table, its an instruction manual for sacrificial magic, making him feel invincible. He explains this is something older than the Ancestors, the book is in Vince’s hand writing but he doesn’t remember writing it.

Hayley approaches Elijah on the porch, she says in her world, he can stay, Hope can stay and Klaus can visit on the weekends. She says for the past 5 years she has been ruthless, killing people to cover her tracks and to keep Hope safe; Elijah says that’s because she is a Mikaelson.

She says she didn’t just do it for Hope, she did it for him too. He kisses her hand while she says she should be happy right now but one of her kind is chained up in the barn and she shouldn’t be there. Elijah tells her to release her, or she will end up an empty shell.

Klaus takes a walk with Hope, telling her of his own childhood. They come upon some flowers were a blue butterfly is sitting on an orange flower with a broken wing. Hope takes off her bracelet and tell him not to tell Hayley. She fixes the butterfly, converting it to orange; they both smile as it flies away.

Hayley frees Keelin, telling her as long as she is alive she will be hunted, she needs to disappear. Hayley urges her to go because someone is coming. Freya comes in demanding to know where she is; she says she is going after her and Hayley grabs her by her throat saying she isn’t going anywhere.

Hayley stops Freya saying they have enough venom to make the cure. Hayley says she has a sweet little girl who is not going to understand why they are keeping one of their kind in captivity.

Freya suggests she tells Hope its a bad world out there, that she is a Mikaelson who can live without her innocence but not her family. Elijah orders Freya to stop, before she says something she will regret. Freya wants to hunt the wolf, Elijah says she will let her go. Freya agrees.

Vince says he lost Eva because of himself, not Marcel. He was obsessed with trying to find a way to have magic powerful enough to destroy Marcel so their child could grow up with magic for fun instead of for protection. He flashes back to a time when he was teaching Eva his spells. He explains that is why Eva needed those kids because the spells needed something people loved.

Hope tells Klaus that her mom told her Freya will teach her spells when she gets older. Klaus feels she is doing well by herself. She admits it scares her at times when she can’t control it.

He kneels down and tells her she is the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson, she is going to be the greatest witch the world has ever seen. He looks concerned when she mentions bad guys; he promises her nothing is ever going to get close to harming his little girl.

He tells her she is all that matters to him and she rushes into his arms. He notices she is trembling, she says she has been cold for a while now and as he carries her to the house suggesting she shows him some of her drawings, something dark follows them.

As Klaus thoroughly enjoys looking over all her artwork, Rebekah approaches, she tells him Kol wanted her to say goodbye. She says he will return as Klaus says he is selfish. Rebekah acknowledges that she is Klaus’ favorite sibling, but he doesn’t need her any more. She adores him but she wants love and a family of her own, she wants to part on happy terms.

With tears in his eyes he says for centuries she was the only one who didn’t treat him like a misfit and now he needs to be by his daughter’s side, he says she deserves to find her place in this world as well.

Outside, Hayley and Elijah enjoy some time together. He reveals that Rebekah challenged him about the things he wanted. He says he was wrong to say Hayley was a Mikaelson, there is too much good in her to be one and that is why he loves her.

Keelin is outside a bar and about to escape in a stolen car when Freya arrives, preventing her from leaving. She orders her to come back with her or she will make it hurt.

Marcel and Vincent find the Zealot (Aaron Farb) with the missing children. He laughs as Vincent beats him, but his magic is nothing compared to the Zealot’s. He knocks Vincent flat on the floor.

Just as he is about to begin the ritual, Marcel stabs him through the chest; he gets back up and Marcel is knocked down with psychic control. The Zealot says, “Let it be done” and the children fall to the floor.

Klaus is looking through Hope’s book of the dark magic runes Vincent had when Hope scares him saying she thinks something is wrong. Back in the quarters, Vincent and Marcel continue to fight the Zealot. Hope tells Klaus she had a dream about a bad man, who was hurting kids, including her.

The Zealot says that Vincent brought it to life and now it has to be fed, Vincent slices his throat killing the Zealot. Hope says she feels dizzy and her head hurts; Klaus yells for Hayley. Marcel says the kids are freezing and this spell is already draining the life out of these kids.

Hayley comes running out as Hope’s nose bleeds and she says she is so cold. Marcel asks Vincent what this is; he says he can reverse it. The kids, including Adam wake up, he notices there are 5 totems and only 4 kids; Marcel realizes it is Hope’s hair brush.

Rebekah joins Kol on their new adventure, she says she is there to keep him out of trouble as she wipes blood off her face. Marcel says that Vincent was a hero; but he says if they don’t get a hold of Hope, she is going to die from that spell.

He says they need to bring the Mikaelson family back, Hope is just a kid and practically his sister. Freya says its a magical affliction that feel cold. As they sit in the room comforting Hope, someone slips a paper in her jeans, she says they have to get back to New Orleans to save Hope.

Marcel says he can treat her discreetly, he doesn’t want any of his people to know he allowed them back there. He is curious why Hope? Vincent says she is a witch born of a special bloodline, her death could bring great reward. Marcel makes him promise nothing will happen to Hope.

Marcel wants to know what he meant when he started this for his unborn child. He explains that when he learned Eva was responsible for taking those 9 kids, he knew he had to do something about it. She was too far gone for him to get any answers, they tried to cleanse her, using every drop of power he had.

She wasn’t possessed by any demons, she had become her demons. He has no idea what happened to their baby, if it was the sacrificial magic, or his attempts to save her; either way its his fault.

Freya tells Keelin to be thankful her family wants her alive while everyone else is hunting her. She says she needs her venom more than ever since her siblings took her niece back to New Orleans.

She tells Keelin if she wants to be free, perhaps she can help her set all of them free. She asks if she can help her weaken someone else, her magic and Keelin’s medicine. She says she can be free if she helps them take down Marcel Gerard.

Klaus tells Elijah to stay and comfort Hayley, Hayley says they are all going because they are family and they stick together. Vincent sits in church, remembering Eva told him that it is sparing him because it will need him for later.

As the ambulance with the children is heading towards the hospital, it is stopped by Dt. Will Kinney who kills the paramedic. He gets into the ambulance and reassures the kids they are safe.