The Originals Recap 5/20/17: Season 4 Episode 9 “Queen Death”

The Originals Recap 5/20/17: Season 4 Episode 9 "Queen Death"

On the CW their drama, The Originals premieres with an all new Friday, May 20, 2017, season 4 episode 9 called “Queen Death,” and we have your weekly The Originals recap below. On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “When The Hollow sends a terrifying message to Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood), he must team with Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Freya (Riley Voelkel) to embark on a desperate mission to stop the Hollow once and for all – even if it requires a heartbreaking sacrifice.”

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The Originals begins tonight with Elijah Mikaelson (Daniel Gillies) trapped in a circle with the blade Sofya (Taylor Cole) stabbed into his back. As he struggle to survive, Sofya suggests it might be easier for him to give in and let go; she reminds him he won’t be lonely for when he dies his entire sire line dies with him; the great sacrifice that will bring her back to flesh and blood.

She is waiting for the rest of her remains, which his family has; but he says she can’t expect to torment his family and survive. She says her reward will be his family watching him suffer as the poison courses through his veins, and give her great satisfaction when he finally dies. He screams in agony as she twists the thorned stake.

Outside the desolate cabin, a car arrives with 3 men who announce more witches from the covens join them every day. She says New Orleans witches are known to be weak and they will shed that stigma just as she will shed this frail form and her rebirth with bring a new day to all those who swear allegiance to her, saying one a few details remain.

Hayley Marshall (Phoebe Tonkin) wakes up realizing Elijah wasn’t beside her while Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) sits with their daughter, Hope (Summer Fontana) teaching her about the finer things in life; getting her to taste all the magnificent pastries. He tells her a story of how he was King of New Orleans and people would come to serve her and her Uncle Elijah as royalty. Hayley tells Hope not to eat too much so she doesn’t get a tummy ache and asks to speak to Klaus alone.

Hayley wants to know if Klaus has seen his brother; he thought Elijah was with her. She admits she hasn’t seen him since he left to Marcel Gerard’s (Charles Michael Davis) the night before. Meanwhile, Maxine (Karen Kendrick) shows Vincent Griffith (Yusuf Gatewood) how their sacred place has been destroyed; Vincent says a desecration of a holy site is meant to be a warning but Maxine says its more than that because witches are defecting to the Hollow (Blu Hunt)..

Sofya tells Maxine that Vincent isn’t loyal, her eyes turn electric blue and tells Maxine how far he has fallen; he orders Maxine to go. Sofya tells Vincent its been far too long and time for them to catch up.

Freya (Riley Voelkel) is working on a protection spell for the compound when Keelin (Christina Moses) arrives. They attempt to share the perfect breakfast together and Freya gets a text about family drama; Keelin says she is coming with her.

Vincent taunts Sofya saying she is hiding in the body of a vampire because she isn’t as strong as he believes. She hangs him in the air, torturing him. She offers him solace if he will join her, but he only wants her to slither back under the rock she came from. As she tosses him away, he begs for her to fight him; she says she should send him back to his dead wife but she has a better offer for him and the Mikaelsons and he is going to hear her out, or die.

Marcel is home when Klaus comes to see him. Klaus asks if their truce extends to his brother Elijah, even though they don’t like each other? Marcel says as long as they want to see Sofya back and stop the Hollow then they are on the same page. Marcel learns that the last time anyone saw Elijah he was on his way to talk to Marcel. Klaus doesn’t think Marcel has him but wants to know who does.

At the compound, Freya promises Hayley she will find Elijah but quickly feels he is cloaked by magic; they watch as the jaw begins to spin. Vincent walks in saying its the Hollow, she has Elijah and now she wants that bone.

Hayley thinks they can exchange the bone for Elijah but Vincent informs her, she needs Elijah to die for her transformation and if they don’t give her the jaw bone by sundown she is going to come there and get it and burn the entire city to the ground.

Klaus tells Marcel that Vincent has come up with a plan, but Klaus doesn’t trust him. Klaus wants to kill all the witches who have turned towards the Hollow and stack their bodies up as a monument but Marcel says the problem with that plan is he wants Sofya alive; Klaus tells him its not the time to be sentimental, this is New Orleans, he could toss a few beads and find another girl.

After they begin to bicker, Marcel slams his hand on his desk saying the only reason the Mikaelsons are in New Orleans is because he allows it. He asks Klaus if he wants to fight him or make a plan to end this. Vincent explains his plan to everyone, Hayley says the ritual requires a sacrifice and an Original needs to die; Marcel says she has Elijah and intends to kill him.

Vincent tells Klaus that Elijah is already dead and they need to decide whether his death is going to count for something. Hayley says there has to be a way to save Elijah and talk about the antidote Freya created but doesn’t know if it will work. Vincent tells them they are not listening because their problem is the Hollow which will keep coming at them; an ancient primal power that will become flesh and blood and able wipe out the entire city in one afternoon.

He suggests they get the Hollow while she is still a spirit. When Vincent says they need to make Elijah’s death count for something; Klaus says he won’t discuss it any further but is reminded to think of his little girl. Klaus tells him not to use his daughter to justify his absurd plan. Marcel says they need to do less fighting and more thinking. Freya says there are always loop holes and offers Vincent to help her look through her mother’s grimoires.

Elijah continues to suffer but tells Sofya even if she finishes this, his family will bury her. She feels she will defeat them, once the ritual is completed, her spirit will return to New Orleans soil and she will be reborn far stronger than she has ever been. Elijah says she will just be one more body his brother will slay.

She finds it ludicrous how dedicated Elijah and Klaus are to each other and says family is just a curse. He vows she will never hurt Hope but Sofya says Hope was born of her bloodline and the only one who has the power to destroy her and she cannot allow that.

Hayley retreats to her bedroom, leaning on Elijah’s side of the bed. Hope comes out of the shadows and asks if Uncle Elijah is sick? Hayley says he is very sick and promises they are doing everything they can to help him; Hope suggests she could do a spell with Freya to make him better. Hayley says that is very brave of her and hugs her.

Vincent tells Freya he went through all of Cami’s logs and found nothing; she says there is nothing to trap ancient spirits in her grimoires. Vincent confronts her about 5 years earlier where killing Davina justified the means, but its not the same for Elijah. They argue over how old the Mikaelsons are, what they have seen rise and fall and how they are failing to see the obvious that everything dies. Freya says Elijah is not dying today, she already lost her brother Finn, she pauses and says that is it.

Freya pulls out a necklace saying she can save Elijah using it. Vincent told her the Ancestors can imprison the Hollow and to power their spell, an Original must die. Freya said if Elijah is going to die, she can try to place his soul in the pendant. She admits Elijah may not survive the process so Klaus says he could survive; he tells Freya to sacrifice him and save Elijah; with reluctance he tells them they are running out of time but everything will be okay.

Freya works with Keelin, explaining if she gets to Elijah on time the last of the antidote it should at least slow down the poison from the thorns. She can’t trace Elijah but with Marcel’s venom she is able to at least track him. Keelin stops Freya, tells her to take a breath, focus and know if anyone can do this, it is her; Freya doubts herself. Keelin tells her to watch herself and if she gets the chance to make sure she takes this bitch down for good.

Marcel has the jaw bone and Vincent hands him a steel blade dipped in Hayley’s blood. He instructs him to stab her right in the heart, it won’t kill her but it will draw the Hollow spirit out of her and he will sacrifice Klaus and put the Hollow away for good. Vincent wants him that even if he is careful, he is in for the fight of his life, he says he is ready.

Keelin plays with Hope as Kalus smiles and watches from the doorway. Freya comes to tell him its time and he tells her that her girlfriend seems nice; Freya and Klaus looks loving at each other and leaves; Hope senses them but when she looks up, they are gone.

Vincent and Klaus walk through the cemetery where Klaus tells him it must feel good to be the man who finally killed Klaus Mikaelson. Vincent admits he never thought he would see this day, that growing up they were always told about the evil Klaus Mikaelson but today he sees Klaus living up to the potential Cami saw in him. And she would have been proud. Klaus emotionally places the pendant on his neck.

Marcel tells Sofya he is a bit jealous that she went to Vincent to make a deal since New Orleans is HIS city. She asks what his deal is as the King of New Orleans? He first wants Sofya back and offers her the jawbone for his friend. She takes the jaw and agrees.

Klaus asks how much longer as he lays on the concrete slab? Vincent says soon he will stab him with the rose thorns, he will quickly stake him in the heart, making it quick and painless as possible. Just as he says the Ancestors will help him with the rest, the 3 witches working for the Hollow tell him to reconsider or Maxine dies. Klaus tells him not to hesitate and to kill him now.

Sofya wraps the bones up, telling Marcel she has big plans for the city, explaining she was there long before him and for centuries in the cold; longing to once again feel the soil and breath this air and sweat in the heat of the sun. She says the only thing remaining is the sacrifice.

Back in the graveyard, the witches and Vincent argue over the Hollow. Marcel stabs Sofya when she places the bones inside the tree with the snake carving; Klaus shouts its enough talk and together with Vincent they kill the witches. Maxine shouts as another man throws the thorns into the fire revealing he can’t complete the sacrifice without them.

Freya arrives to the barn where Elijah is laying and asks the witch if he knows how pathetic it is that he sold his soul to the devil? Hayley arrives in wolf form and drags the other witch away; they both work to save Elijah. They work to break the barrier against Elijah’s wishes.

Marcel holds Sofya as Elijah asks where Klaus is; Hayley tells him he is near by and to just hold on. Suddenly the winds pick up around Marcel and Sofya and a blue light appears. Freya tells Hayley to grab the cure as the barrier is almost down. Marcel stands up as the Hollow appears through the blue sphere; she knocks him down telling him that since he wasn’t loyal to her she will build her kingdom atop his ashes.

Freya suddenly stops realizing something is wrong; the winds pick up and the jar with the antidote shatters. The Hollow enters and Klaus saves Hayley saying the Hollow knew they were coming; he orders Freya to get Elijah into the pendant. Freya feels he is too weak and the Hollow’s magic is too strong and it appears the Hollow killed Elijah as the pendant is smashed in Freya’s hand.

Vincent tells the witches of New Orleans that everything they heard is true and the spirit has everything it needs to be reborn into flesh. He says there is a battle coming they are not prepared for and right now he needs them to gather their kids and families and leave town and do not return until he tells them it is safe. Maxine begs him to come with them but he says he needs to figure out a way to put down the Hollow for good and encourages her to take her son, Adam and flee. She gives him the rune that helped him before.

Klaus lays Elijah in his coffin, and storms out of the room. Freya attempts to put the pendant back together but can’t guarantee Elijah is inside of it. Klaus says they need to find Elijah and bring him back and Hayley shouts at him to stop and let Freya breath; as she tries again, she says there is just nothing there and believes he is gone. Klaus tells her to try again as he knows he is in there.

Klaus and Hayley have tears in their eyes and Freya says she just needs time; Klaus says this is not happening; him and Elijah have walked the earth for centuries and have defied death countless times. Hope comes in and sees what Freya is doing, she asks what the broken pendant is? She touches Freya’s shoulder and they both see and feel Elijah. Hayley looks at Klaus as Hope says he sounds so far away; Freya says it is him too but his voice is distant and distorted like radio static and it was just screams.

Marcel brings Sofya home and Vincent reminds him they don’t know what is going through her mind after all the trauma with the Hollow. Vincent says he came there to get his journal back, saying the Hollow has more followers than them and is stronger than they are. Vincent isn’t sure he can resist the Hollow and journal but they have never been up against anything like this before. Marcel promises if the Hollow gets a hold of him, he will kill him quickly.

The tree where Sofya placed the bones begins to glow blue and a woman emerges. She raises her arms and the earth begins to shake.