The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) Recap 12/3/17: Season 10 Episode 4

The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) Recap 12/3/17: Season 10 Episode 4

Tonight on Bravo The Real Housewives of Atlanta premieres with an all-new Sunday, December 3, season 10 episode 4 called, “Petty Party,” and we have your The Real Housewives of Atlanta recap below. On tonight’s RHOA season 10 episode 1, as per the Bravo synopsis, “NeNe’s party concludes in an unforgettable way, leaving the girls trying to make sense of what transpired between Kenya and Kim. Cynthia opens up to her daughter about her new man, while Kenya grapples with heartbreaking family news. Shereé invites the girls on a trip, where she reveals a shocking secret about her romantic life.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with more crazy RHOA housewife drama that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our The Real Housewives of Atlanta recap tonight between 8 PM – 9 PM ET! While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our RHOA recaps, spoilers, news & more, right here!

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This week on Real Housewives of Atlanta the fight continues between Kim and Kenya about Kenya’s marriage. Kenya tells her “Keep pimping your daughter out for John Legend tickets!” That infuriates Kim and she throws a drink at Kenya who throws a drink back at Kim. The two ladies have to be removed from the party.
Porsha is at home working on her new wig line when her doorbell rings. It’s Kim, Sheree and Cory. Porsha invites them in and gets them a bottle of champagne. They precede to tell Porsha all about the incident at Nene’s.
Meanwhile back at Nene’s Kenya is still upset. She says “First of all Kim’s daughter came after me on Twitter for not being able to afford my house, but I left it alone, but when her mother came after me then I felt like I had to do something.” Cynthia says “We all know Kenya has her moments and she can turn up, but she held her cool until Kim pushed her buttons and then she went off. I think we should make a toast to Kenya for holding herself as long as she did.”
Kandi has returned from her Essence photo shoot in New York and is happy to be home with her family, She feels guilty for being away. She tells Todd “Apparently there has been a lot going on because Sheree has said that she has a lot to tell me.” While they are talking Sheree calls to tell them that she is at the gate. When she comes in she sits down and precedes to tell them about the confrontation between Kim and Kenya.
Todd asks “Was Porsha there?” Sheree says “Porsha was not there. She was the only one not invited.” Sheree asks Kandi how she feels about Porsha. Kandi tells her “I will be cordial with her in group settings.” Sheree is happy to hear that. She tells Kandi that she wants to take everyone on a girl’s trip to San Francisco. She also tells Kandi that she has invited both Kim and Kenya. Kandi says “I wouldn’t miss that for anyone!”
Cynthia is out shopping with Noelle. Cynthia asks her daughter “Have you told Peter about your move to Charlotte?” Noelle says “Not yet.” Cynthia is shocked to hear this. She asks Noelle why. Noelle tells her “The guy I’m dating is great and I can see us having a future and everything, but I think I want to live my own life first. He is an all or nothing type so I don’t know.”
Cynthia is proud that her daughter is making her own choices. She tells her “I’m working on getting my own life so that I can leave you alone.” Noelle wants to know how things are going with Will. Cynthia says “Things are good. I wouldn’t call him my man yet, but we’re getting there.”
Greg has gotten a healthy Drs. report back. Nene is happy to hear it. She tells him “This makes me breathe a lot easier about going to San Francisco with the ladies. If you weren’t healthy I wasn’t going to go.” Greg tells her “I want you to go. I’m going to pray for you all. Have a good time.” Nene tells him “We can all have a good time when we’re together.”
Cynthia goes to check on Kenya. Kenya is struggling with the loss of her grandmother who’d raised her since she was a baby. She tells Cynthia “I just saw her last month. She had Ahlziemers and I was last one she recognized. I think she waited until she knew I was settled and happy before she passed.” Cynthia tells her “I know you may not be ready for this, but all of the girls want you to go on Sheree’s girls trip.” Kenya says “Let me think about it and see about the arrangements and I’ll let you know.”
All of the ladies are making preparations for the trip to San Francisco. Marlo and Nene meet up. Nene shows Marlo how she has packed for the trip. Nene tells her “We are going to San Francisco, me and the girls. You should come and meet up with us.” Marlo says “I do have to fly out to California and pick up my new car.” Nene says “You should come meet us.” Marlo asks “Are you going to be comfortable with Porsha being around and me saying hi to her?” Nene says “I will be just fine. She told me that the door is closed.”
Everyone is finally meeting up at the airport. Kim has decided not to go on the trip after the incident with Kenya. Nene isn’t answering her phone. Cynthia, Porsha, Sheree and Kandi head for the gate after deciding not to wait for everyone else. Cynthia tells them tat Porsha may join them later after she deals with her grandmother’s funeral arrangements.
Kenya and Nene make the flight at the last minute and the ladies arrive in San Francisco. They are all surprised at how cold it is. Sheree tells them that she has been seeing a life coach. Nene tells them “Don’t come to me unless you want the truth.” The ladies get on the bus and they start asking questions. All of a sudden Nene says “Sheree you love someone that you are not having sex with.” Sheree gets really quiet. She finally admits that it’s true. Porsha asks “Why? Is he incarcerated?” Sheree admits that he is and says “We were talking for eight months before he went away.”
When the ladies arrive at the hotel everyone goes to their rooms to freshen up and rest. Nene goes to Marlo’s room to check up on her. Marlo is stil getting dressed. Nene tells her “You look like a bunny. Maybe it should just be a wrap.” Marlo can’t make up her mind. Nene tells her “I’m leaving bye bye.” Marlo laughs and says “They’re gonna be mad when they see me.”
Everyone comes down to dinner and seems relaxed and ready to have a good time. All of the ladies are impressed by the view. Cynthia asked Kenya if she got any rest. Kenya tells her “No. I have to do the video tribute so I have to organize that.” Nene walks in with Marlo. Sheree wants to address the fact that Nene didn’t invite Porsha to her party. Porsha says “I want to know why you’re angry with me.” Nene says “I’m angry with you? You told me that the door was closed.”
The argument quickly deteriorates and the two women start screaming at each other. Everyone else around the table is sitting there staring at them. Nene tells Porsha “You always got my name in your mouth.” Finally Kenya speaks up and says “Porsha at the end of the day Nene was the first person who had your back.” The argument flares up again. Nene tells Porsha “You were very undisciplined for what you did to Phaedra!” Porsha fires back and says “Oh so now you’re fighting Phaedra’s battles for her?” The argument rages on.
The End

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