The Voice Recap 10/31/17: Season 13 Episode 12 “The Best of the Season”

The Voice Recap 10/31/17: Season 13 Episode 12 "The Best of the Season"

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Tuesday, October 31, 2017, season 13 episode 12 and we have your The Voice recap right below.  On tonight’s The Voice season 13 episode 12, “The Best of the Season,” as per the NBC synopsis, “The best moments from the season, from the blind auditions through the battles, are relived from the perspective of the coaches and their battle advisers. Also: Kelly Clarkson participates in the first “Voice Halloween Confessional.””

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Tonight will be the most memorable moments of Season 13’s Blind Auditions and the game-changing battles. Carson Daly wishes everyone a Happy Halloween as the night begins with Jennifer Hudson and her experience being a judge for the first time on The Voice.

Miley Cyrus talks about Jennifer and how she was on The Voice UK and won the last season as Jennifer mocks Blake Shelton and Adam Levine about them not winning their last season. Blake feels Jennifer came into this and it was like she has been doing it for a long time. She is definitely a part of the family. Adam loves that she has her claws out and Miley likes that her new energy makes it fun for all of them. Jennifer admits she takes being a coach very seriously as she is holding her team’s destiny in her hands.

Jennifer jumped right into being a coach when she coached Dylan Gerard right on stage, changing the key and telling him to perform right away. Blake says she is incredible and coming in this thing swinging. Adam really admired her for judging during blind auditions. Jennifer talks about Maharasyi’s audition as she sang amazing but when she came to the last note she sounded like a mouse. Adam says Jennifer is such a talented singer and that is her bread and butter, and she is NO joke! Jennifer feels it doesn’t get any better than helping someone achieve their dreams.

Singing Versus Sangin’
Jennifer quickly makes her voice known. Adam says its a beautiful thing to watch her sing. Blake jokes that Jennifer sang with pretty much every artist, always demanding the microphone. Jennifer didn’t know the song “God is Able” that Lucas Holliday sang and he taught her the song. She said he came from the same place she did, sangin’ in a church – Not Singing but Sangin’! Miley gives it to Jennifer because her voice took it to a new level.

Be Prepared to Duck!
Blake asks Jennifer about throwing her shoe and notepad, she claims “it’s something in the spirit.” As Chris Weaver performs, Miley and Jennifer dance and rock it out as he sings; at the end of his performance, she takes Miley’s shoe off but before she can throw it, Adam throws his sneaker first. Jennifer says if he is going to sing like that, she throws Miley’s shoe and reminds him he needs to be prepared to duck!

Blake talks about getting beer cans and boogers thrown at him and maybe throwing the boogers was giving a piece of themselves to him and was a compliment. Blake says maybe that is how they do things in the UK, but here it is assault, as he throws as a notepad at Miley, who beats on him. Adam takes off his jacket and throws it on the stage and prepares to undo his belt when Miley says it’s usually her that is taking her clothes off. Blake admits Team Jhud is the most intimidating team this season as they are all incredible. Jennifer agrees, it is the team to beat!

Kelly ‘Freaking’ Rowland
With Kelly Rowland, Jennifer took her coaching to another level. Kelly loves the moment in The Voice to just hear the heart and feeling of someone who just loves music. Jennifer looks forward to getting her advice and expertise, laughing that Kelly has more Grammys than her but she doesn’t know how many. Jennifer is very passionate about being a coach, even telling some contestants that she wants to think they are crazy as they perform. Jennifer talks about her team having it all – big voices, huge confidence and presence and her team is ready!

Adam says his team is going to win, claiming Jennifer Hudson isn’t a problem, and who cares about Blake Shelton and his team. He calls Miley Cyrus “Miley Whatever” and struggles to open the stage door as Adam wants to be back on the top in Season 13. Jennifer says Adam is so competitive it is funny to watch. Jennifer mocks him about how his actions are every season, laying down on his desk to get a contestant.

They are coaches and mentors and have the opportunity to help people who are trying to get where they are and Adam loves it. Jennifer laughs that Adam will never give up as Miley feels Adam has some artists he could definitely take to the finale. Joe Mero performs and chooses Adam Levine as his coach who says he felt the words and needs to have his biggest fan with him on this journey.

The bromance continues between Blake and Adam. Adam says he still loves Blake after all these seasons, there is a little bit of hate but mostly love. Jennifer feels they are an interesting pair as Miley jokes that she feels like she is in another universe. Adam says they agreed to play nice and although it is working he is sure it won’t last.

Adam stands up and calls Blake stupid for not pressing his button. Blake tells him to shut up. Blake asks Adam about his finger tattoos and shows him he put “Adam Sucks” on his hands. Blake finds it cute when Adam campaigns against him, even when he doesn’t hit his button. He somehow has to assert himself just so it can all be about Adam; he claps his hand and calls it second level ego.

‘Dad’am Levine
Adam reveals his softer side when Dave Crosby came on stage. Adam remembers the video of them singing “You Got a Friend in Me” with her dad and she performs on stage with her dad. Adam says it was the cutest thing he has ever seen and when he had his baby girl, that was one of the moments someone sent him the video and he lost it. Miley feels it will be tough competition as he has a lot of strong, unusual voices on his team.

Adam’s coaching partner is Joe Jonas; his artists are thrilled to see Joe. Joe likes The Voice because you can find amazing talent and able to work with great musicians like Adam.

Pop Professors
Adam says when he sings with another person, he wants to connect with them. He wants to be the one who has enough experience to pass it down to others. Brandon Brown and Joe Mero perform and Jennifer says they felt like a real battle. Adam Pearce versus Whitney Fenimore was epic, and when Adam chose Adam as the winner, there was an immediate steal from Blake and Miley. Adam admits he wouldn’t have been able to sleep if Miley didn’t steal her. Adam fells his team is strong going into knock outs and he has a lot of fun with the artists, warning the world to look out!

Next are some moments for the superstar coach who is returning for her season – Pop icon Miley Cyrus. She admits she learned some valuable lessons in season 11 and feels everyone needs to watch out.

Girl Power!
She had the first all-female team coming out of the blind auditions, feeling it would bring a strong feeling of sisterhood. Blake jokes that it is all about girl power and Adam could easily be on Miley’s team. Adam feels she has a lot of powerful singers he missed out on. Jennifer is proud of Miley, saying its a movement. Miley is feeling so strong this season and has a few powerhouses that could win the show. Blake doesn’t know what to make of the all-girl team but that would be one hell of s slumber party!

The Country Queen
Miley wants to beat Blake at his own game and get some country people on her team, Adam agrees saying if anyone can do it, she can. Blake jokes that Miley has crawled back to country trying to steal the country back from him. Miley acknowledges that Blake is the King but she is bringing the big guns this season. She says country needs a Queen and she has come back more rooted and grounded than she has been in her life. Adam calls her a “bad ass” and says to not underestimate Miley this season as she has a true leg up on all of them.

** Carson Daly announces that this March (2018), The Voice will begin its residency at The Hard Rock Casino I n Las Vegas. It will give fans a chance to see some of their favorite Voice artists from across the seasons performing live every night. **

‘Dad’visor: Billy Ray Cyrus
He was honored to be asked to help her coach. Miley says her dad has been her mentor her whole life and there is no one who gives her better advice than her dad. Coaching her team was exciting to get to work with the artists. Billy tells an artist to never give up on chasing a dream but to keep swinging until you hit the ball. As her artists perform their battles, she reminds them how proud she is of them. The standout battle for her was Karli Webster and Addison Agen, but admits she messed up putting them together. Fortunately, there were a few steals but Addison ultimately goes to Adam’s team. She is super proud of her team and says her team is strong going into knockouts.

Blake feels Season 13 is basically 3 coaches against 1. Jennifer calls him a legend for having hit after hit. Adam feels it is still fun to go up against Blake as Miley says he is a “well gone dry” and she is fresh and new. Blake continues to remind contestants that country music is his life and being the king of country will be debated until the end of time. He scoffs at Miley wanting to be the “Queen” of country. Adam jokes around, acting like a zombie saying he is obsessed and needs to be on Blake’s team.

Battle Royale
Top contender Jennifer was also ready to throw down with Blake, as they went against each other 6 times so far. During their battles, Jhud laughs saying Blake knows country but Adam Cunningham has a lot of souls. He congratulates her on winning The Voice UK but they are in America now and Adam chooses him. Although they battled 6 times, they ended up with an even 3-3. Blake says the Twinkie was invented in Chicago and Adam says the moron was invented in Oklahoma.

Geography 101
Blake used unusual tactics to win over his contestants. Blake says he cares about knowing where people are from so he can relate to them. Seeing as he has been everywhere on earth, he thinks he has something to talk to these people about – Adam says he is like Rainman! He constantly shares things he knows about the places people come from. Adam jokes that “idiots know dumb stuff” and bets that Blake cannot even spell geography. Adam laughs when one artist is from the Bronx and Blake has nothing to say about it.

Boys’ Round Here: Rascal Flatts
Blake brings in his friends, Rascal Flatts, who love The Voice. It was a no-brainer for them because they love to be around new talent. Blake says he knew they would be great mentors as they were great to him; talking that they had given him his first beer and got his big break when they hired him for their opening act.

Country Coaching
Rascal Flatts and Blake Shelton give some sage advice to their artists for their battles. Keisha Renee and Noah Mac really brought out talent in their duet. Adam says it was such a “time warp” that it was crazy. Blake is excited to get to the knockouts as his team has a little bit of everything.

Carson Daly welcomes everyone back and tells everyone to enjoy the first Halloween Confessions. They talk about dressing up as characters and its the only day adults can be like kids. Kelly Clarkson talks about makeup went wrong one Halloween and she was stuck being all green. Miley says the best Halloween trick was making a yogurt parfait made with mayonnaise. They joke about what candy corn really is as Adam says Halloween is his favorite holiday. Miley asks if candy corn is vegan, Blake says its corn and is delicious. Adam says Blake should dress up as a cool person and Carson thinks Jhud would make a cool vampire as Kelly Clarkson could be a lion. Blake and the judges do their ghost impressions as Miley laughs.

There are behind scenes of the judges. Miley’s button won’t work so she jokes that Jennifer cut the wires. They make fun of Adam, on the cart, he is about to get in and Miley races off. Blake says it doesn’t always have to make sense to be good and points to Rascal Flatts. The show is over and Blake creeps on his seat, acting like an old man with an aching back.


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