The Voice Recap 12/18/17: Season 13 Episode 26 “Live Finale, Part 1”

The Voice Recap 12/18/17: Season 13 Episode 26 "Live Finale, Part 1"

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Wednesday, December 18, 2017, season 13 episode 26 and we have your The Voice recap right below.  On tonight’s The Voice season 13 episode 25, “Live Finale, Part 1” as per the NBC synopsis, “The finalists perform.”

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First up tonight is from Team Adam Levine is Addison Agen singing, “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw. Jennifer: “That is what moments like this is about when you break down and have a moment like that; that’s what makes it more real to us. If you don’t feel it, how do you expect us to feel it and because you did, it helped us to come into that moment so much more? It reminds me of a saying, “never allow someone’s ugly mess up your beautiful,” what you have possessed on this stage, you are humble and beautiful. Adam: “The way you lost it at the end was beautiful. Your connection to life is more important than your connection to music and it’s an important lesson for everybody is that it should always be the case. If it overwhelms you even a tiny little bit then it just shows that you are human. I dig that about you, I am so beyond proud of you, you amaze me and blow me away.”

Next from Team Blake Shelton is Chloe Kohanski singing, “Wish I Didn’t Love You.” Blake: “America, I want you to think of every superstar that you can remember in music, every pop star, rock star, country star and remember those people are never like anybody else. They don’t look like anybody else, they don’t sound like anybody else, and then I want you to think about that performance, how your voice cracks and pops and falls apart when you are singing so perfectly. Ladies and gentleman, this is a superstar right here.”

Blake Shelton and Red Marlow are singing, “I’m Gonna Miss Her,” from Brad Paisley.

From Team Miley Cyrus is Brooke Simpson singing, “What Is Beautiful.” Adam: “I have loved you from day one and I have been sad that you were not on my team. But, Miley is not so bad. One thing I was wondering was where are you going to wind up, what kind of artist you are going to be. I am just so happy, that the best moment for this to happen, this is who you are and the song was perfect for the artist that you want to be. I am super proud of both of you for kicking butts and making it here, you look beautiful and you are beautiful.” Miley: “This moment right here a girl saying I am who I am and don’t change me. This girl is the voice, vote for her.”

Adam Levine and Addison Agen singing, “Falling Slowly.”

Miley Cyrus and Brooke Simpson singing, “Wrecking Ball.”

From Team Blake Shelton is Red Marlow singing, “I Pray.” Jennifer: “Anybody who can get on a stage and sing a song called I pray is like my momma said, alright with me. For that alone, I commend you. As a performer, what I love about you, you don’t have to try to be country, that is just who you are. I have always been a fan and I’m not surprised you are in the final, you represent country and you represent it well.” Blake: “I think the thing that has happened for you this season and the reason you are in the finale is that the simple relatability to what you do on that stage and now you have taken it to the next level. This song you wrote about a real-life experience, you listened to that story and put it into words, you are a country star.”

Blake Shelton and Chloe Kohanski singing “You Got It” by Roy Orbison.

From Team Blake Shelton is Red Marlow singing, “To Make You Feel My Love,” by Garth Brooks. Blake: “Red has the ability to sit up there on that stool with just the guitar and his voice and I got to say dude you blow me away and not just with your talent, with the fact that you have spent your entire life, and it is evident in that moment, preparing for this, congratulations dude, that’s all I can say.”

From Team Miley Cyrus is Brooke Simpson singing a Christmas classic, “O Holy Night.” Jennifer: “That is actually one of my favorite holiday songs and I hope you all appreciated it as much as I did. That was like Amazing Grace or the National Anthem, it was a gift and you outdid yourself.” Miley: “I cannot express the importance of everyone at home to vote for Brooke, I put on my finest robe and I am ready for this. This is your night, it is not about how beautiful you look but how beautiful your sound.”

From Team Adam Levine is Addison Agen singing, “Tennessee Rain.” Jennifer: “You are music, you’re 16, to be passionate about a song, you just can’t learn that. You are born with it, or someday you catch on to it. You are born with it and you are meant to be a star.” Adam: “This song and all the songs you have been singing throughout this competition, we have made sure that they represent who you are. All the way to the end, we said you can either win this thing or not, but at the end of the day, we said we were going to do this our way, the best way that we can and set you up for the future. You are to me, what I think about a 16-year-old girl who wants to do in their life, a better human being than you. You are a special person, beyond the competition, I am proud of you and you should win.”

From Team Blake Shelton is Chloe Kohanski singing, “Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes. Blake” Ladies and gentlemen, we have a superstar standing on this stage right here. America lets put this powerful female rock n roll human being in the winner’s circle tomorrow, vote for Chloe.”


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