The Walking Dead Recap 11/19/17: Season 8 Episode 5 “The Big Scary U”

The Walking Dead Recap 11/19/17: Season 8 Episode 5 "The Big Scary U"

Tonight on AMC our favorite show The Walking Dead airs on an all-new Sunday,  November 19, 2017, episode and we have your The Walking Dead recap below.  On tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 8 episode 5 called,  “With war raging all around him, Negan and the lives of the Saviors are seen by a familiar face during the conflict.

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The Walking Dead (TWD) begins tonight with Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) praying, saying he no longer fears death but now he fears a fruitless death and is now asking for the purpose. There is a knock at Gregory (Xander Berkeley) is woken by a knock at his door, Simon (Steven Ogg) brings him breakfast, he tells Gregory he doesn’t need to explain himself again as he did the right thing, every step of the way. Simon says they stand on the precipice of greatness, sits him down and says today he will fill his belly up with Simon’s lovely breakfast and then he will solve their problem.

Simon sits with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and some of his other Saviors and Negan say he likes killing the right people at the right time because then everything falls into place; and they are all about killing one person to save hundreds more. Gregory says he can stop the conflict before it starts, saying he can go to his people and tell them to join the Saviors to stop the bloodshed and movement. Negan questions his leadership but when Gregory persists, Negan wants to know if he is the guy then how come he didn’t know about the widow leading the resistance. Negan feels he is playing both sides, he stutters but Simon tells him he believes him and now he needs to make Negan believe him.

Gregory says he let a fox in his hen house and he will fix it; Simon agrees to back Gregory up and if it fails, they kill everyone there. Negan smashes Lucille on the table saying people are a resource; money on the table and people are the foundation of what they are building there. He leans down and looks at Simon, asking him if he is confused about who he is talking to and who in charge, wondering if Simon is backsliding. Negan says they need to win it all and Plan A is taking Rick, the Widow, and King AssFace ALIVE and making them dead in a very public and instructive way.

Negan tells Simon to bring Gregory on deck, in case they need him to say some words after they hear some gunfire outside. They step outside.

In the trailer, Negan and Gabriel are trapped. He offers Gabriel a hand to get him sitting up. They seem to be waiting out the walkers as Negan tells Gabriel that Rick is an @sshole and is going to get people killed. Negan says he killed the widow’s husband (Glen) and the ginger (Abraham) but they got killed because of Rick, and there is a big difference. Negan asks why he stopped for Gregory and Gabriel say he fears a fruitless death; Negan laughs as Father Gabriel feels there has to be a reason why he did it. He thinks he is there to take Negan’s confession.

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) point their gun at a dying man who tells them everyone died at the chemical plant. He looks at Rick and says his people are all gone, and for now, him too. He dies and Rick stabs his knife through his head.

Negan tells Gabriel that if his people think he is dead but has nothing to confess, but wants to know why he wanted to be a priest. Gabriel says he loves God and people and wanted to bring them together; to help people through tough times and weaknesses. Negan says he is the same way and has been doing it his whole life, one way or another and now people are going to start dying inside because he isn’t there to stop it.

Simon questions Regina (Traci Dinwiddie) when she says they have to assume Negan is dead. He says they are all Negan. She says they should send the fence crew out but as she talks, Eugene says the numbers she is saying are inadequate. She wants to use the numbers to distract the herd to get a small team past them and warn the outpost; Eugene says it will upset the already upset crews. She wants to know if there is a better solution but Dwight (Austin Amelio) agrees with Eugene, so does Simon saying they need to keep the workers in line. One of them suggests someone in the room made this happen, saying the right kind of rat can kill plenty of people, just to talk. Dwight refuses, saying no pissing and moaning, and if there is a problem to come at him. Simon walks over and pats his shoulder, saying they will find the rat and kill him very slowly in front of everyone there over a course of some very long days. He says it was a good meeting and dismisses them.

Dwight lets Eugene into his room, who thanks him for his support. Dwight says that Eugene was right at the meeting, but beyond that he didn’t say anything, even though Eugene thanks him again for having his “six”.

In the trailer, surrounded by walkers, Gabriel is surprised to learn that Negan used to help kids; showing them the way. He says adults are the same way, that everyone is weak and need to he shown the way. Negan says he is weak but isn’t evil for killing the innocent. He encourages Gabriel to hold it together a bit longer to see if his people can get it together. Negan says people can use their weaknesses to drive their strength and obviously he is strong as sh*t – look at how he took over this place! The last guy allowed the people to be weak but Negan taught them to be strong, which makes this world strong. He tells Gabriel he is going to make him his new “special project” and help him find his new special purpose.

When Gab talks about killing his people at the satellite station, Gabriel wants to know how Negan is weak, especially since it looks like they are going to die. He asks if Negan has anything to confess but he says he didn’t kill anyone who didn’t need it. Negan says every woman who married him, made that choice. Gabriel asks if there was a first, one before all this, one he told that lie to, about forsaking all others. Gabriel takes the gun and attempts to shoot Negan, his missed. Negan beats a walker with Lucille and tells Gabriel who hid in a closet that his people aren’t coming and it is time to go.

Daryl and Rick go down to the truck at the bottom of the ravine; they load their bags with what is in the crates. Daryl says they can use these now and since there no longer is a Kingdom, they can use these to blow open the Sanctuary, they will surrender and end this by sundown. Rick is concerned there are workers and families there. Rick says there are people who are not fighters and if they do this, they could pick up arms and join the Saviors and without the Kingdom, they are not doing this anymore.

Daryl shoves him in the chest and says “Rick” isn’t doing this. Rick says there is a plan, but Daryl says it has changed and people who died, and it changed. They have their own people to take care of. Rick says they are not doing this and Daryl punches him in the face, saying it isn’t his choice. Rick jumps on him and they begin to fight.

Eugene was playing a video game when the power goes out. Daryl and Rick continue to beat the crap out of each other as Rick throws the bag of ammo into the truck that happens to be on fire; Daryl grabs him as they both dive for cover and the truck explodes several times. Rick attempts to start his truck, but when he can’t get it going, Daryl comes with his bike. Rick says they have a plan they need to see through. Daryl says they have to win it as Rick tells him the chokehold is illegal; Rick says it looks like he is walking, Daryl agrees and rides off in the opposite direction.

Negan talks to Gabriel through the closet door about working together. He tells Gabriel he doesn’t want to kill him but rather have him work with him. Gabriel says he has killed before, but that isn’t his greatest sin – he locked his entire congregation outside when this whole thing started and listened to them die as he cowered and failed them. He now offers Negan a pardon, penance and that working together as equals is the only way to a future but only if he confesses. Negan tells him what he did was horrible, spinless, shi*t; but that is what a confession is about.

Negan says his first wife was a real wife; his only real wife and death did depart them. He lied to her, cheated on her but she was sick and when she went it was during this. He couldn’t put her down and that was how he was weak and that is what he will confess because maybe they bite the big one there. Gabriel opens the door and forgives him. Negan punches him in the face but lets him keep his gun. Negan and Gabriel get on their knees and cover themselves in walker blood and guts as they plan their escape from the trailer. Together they make a lot of noise, bringing in the walker, they walk among them towards the building, but something goes wrong and Negan helps Gabriel.

Inside the meeting room, the Saviors leaders talk about Rick hitting the outpost. Suddenly they are interrupted and informed workers are coming up the stairs. Simon comes out to talk to them, they demand the power gets fixed as it is too hot downstairs and they are not going outside. When Simon gets rude, Dwight talks more rationally with them; some begin to question where Negan is or whether he is dead. When they refuse to leave, Regina pulls out a gun and shoots a couple of the workers saying she is Negan, suddenly he starts whistling and the workers begin to bow down.

Negan and Gabriel come around the corner as Negan chastises Regina and reminds everyone he is not dead until he is good and ready and after attending to some personal needs, they need to talk to his right-hand man to find out how all this happened and then they will get back to doing what they have always done – saving people! The workers Thank God for him. Gabriel is “gently” taken off to Number 2, as Eugene is shocked to see him.

Back in the meeting room, Negan learns the guns are their own and someone inside is doing this. There is some red on the bag and Eugene looks at the red pain on his thumb, Dwight looks at him, but both remain silent. Meanwhile, Rick continues his walk, he looks up and sees a helicopter flying over. Negan calls Eugene “Mr Smarty Pants” and tells him if he solves this thing, he will make him very happy but if he tries his best and doesn’t solve it, he will kill him. Basically, he has his back either way, if he has Negan’s. Rick walks down the path and someone spots him, whistling.

Eugene knocks on Gabriel’s door, welcomes him to Sanctuary, bringing him some “welcome wagon” items, hoping to give him some relief. When Gabriel doesn’t answer, Eugene opens the door and he is shivering. Eugene thinks he needs to see the doctor but Gabriel says he is there to get the doctor out of there, then he passes out.


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