The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victoria’s Shocking Diagnosis Reveal

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victoria's Shocking Diagnosis Reveal

The Young and the Restless spoilers suggest that Victoria’s (Amelia Heinle) car accident and subsequent collapse at The Hilary  Hour will force her lingering health issues to finally be diagnosed. Fans have been worried about this character since she fell backwards and hit her head at the Top of the Tower earlier this year.

Viewers surely are familiar with various digital minds who spout varied diagnosis about themselves, family members, friends, frenemies, real neighbors, those people who live next door, co-workers, competitive colleagues, or some guy who was yapping at a local sandwich place about somebody’s symptoms that were similar to Vickie’s.

Don’t ask those personality types for their take. Their theories could make your head hurt. Instead, consider this research, conduct your own and draw a speculative conclusion.

Vickie has been experiencing serious symptoms that have included sudden dizziness and temporary muffled hearing loss. She hadn’t experienced those issues prior to when Abby (Melissa Ordway) threw a drink in her face, which caused Vickie to fall backward.

The audience wasn’t shown the actual impact of Vickie’s fall. That scene was obviously orchestrated to protect Heinle from actually injuring herself. So, Y&R fans don’t know if this character landed fully on the back of her head, or partially on one of her ears.

Two speculative diagnoses are being presented. Of course, there are various other alternatives that could also be offered.

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Subdural Hematoma

According to WebMD – A subdural hematoma can occur when a head injury results due to a fall, or through other circumstances including a motor vehicle collision. Vickie has now experienced both incidents, meaning that the second event could have further aggravated her previously undiagnosed condition.

When a person experiences severe head trauma, blood can collect between layers of tissue that surround the brain. Bleeding occurs under the skull and outside the brain, which increases pressure on the brain itself.

Unconsciousness, or death could occur if pressure inside the skull rises too drastically. Surgery may prove necessary to regain health.

Meniere’s Disease

Again, according to WebMD – Meniere’s Disease can cause sudden attacks of dizziness and short periods of tinnitus (muffled hearing). Symptoms result due to fluid buildup in the inner ear.

Head injuries are listed as a potentially contributing factor in this instance. Meniere’s disease can develop at any point in life, but generally is evidenced in adults between the ages of 40 and 60.

This disease can’t be cured, but can be treated with medicine. Surgery may also be required.

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Soapy diagnosis

Of course there are obviously several other candidates for Victoria’s ailment including a brain tumor or MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Be advised that reading this article and answering the poll question will not count as credit hours toward certification, or re-certification of any self-awarded medical credential. Actual medical degrees are only issued by legitimate colleges and universities throughout the world, rather than being acquired through one guesstimate course that addressed what is wrong with this beloved Y&R character who lives in Genoa City.

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