This Is Us Fall Finale Recap 11/28/17: Season 2 Episode 10 “Number Three”

This Is Us Fall Finale Recap 11/28/17: Season 2 Episode 10 "Number Three"

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, November 28, 2017, episode and we have your This Is Us recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 2 episode 10, as per the NBC synopsis, “Randall and Beth are faced with a hard choice; and Jack takes Randall on a college tour.”

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NBC’s This Is Us begins tonight with Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca Mandy Moore) Pearson) recording baby Randall taking his first steps and beginning to talk. We jump to present day, where Randall (Sterling K. Brown) is in the kitchen celebrating that it is Thanksgiving weekend. He tells Annie (Faithe Herman) and Tess (Eris Baker) to get ready for bed while Deja (Lyric Ross) is busy studying for a her science presentation.

He tells her that she’s “got this” and Thanksgiving break is around the corner and it is huge deal in the family with a lot of fun traditions. He makes her laugh when he is being corny about how happy it made him working on the project with her; she is worried kids will make fun of her hard work but he reminds her that hard work gives you big houses and fancy cars; downstairs you can hear Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) telling Shauna (Joy Brunson) she shouldn’t be there.

Randall rushes to the front door and learns the charges have been dropped and she is there for Deja. Neighbors come by from the noise, but Randall assures them things are okay. Deja hugs her mother, saying she is fine but reminds her it doesn’t work like this and the worker, Linda (Debra Jo Rupp) is nice and will get her home quick, but she will have to be patient. Deja tells her to go home and wait for Linda; she leaves, promising to be back. Randall is left explaining to Tess and Annie who Shauna was and why she was there.

Sixteen year old, Randall (Niles Fitch) is applying to colleges, when a fuse blows in the house again. Jack assures him that he will be Ivy league; Randall wants to go to Howard university instead and Jack agrees to take a ride down to DC, promising to talk to Rebecca about it since Kevin also has a football game that night.

Linda apologizes to Randall and Beth for finding out that way and Shauna showing up there was inappropriate. They learn the charges were dropped to have Shauna’s cooperation instead. She says Shauna’s place is clean and fridge is stalked and she is going to recommend at the hearing that Shauna get custody of Deja. Randall protests as Linda says it isn’t her job to predict the future, and is only allowed to judge in the present. Beth talks about Deja’s hair falling out from stress and the flinching from the abuse; Linda reminds them of what they signed up for. Randall informs her that they are meeting with their lawyer as Shauna trespassed and threatened, surely either one of those will violate their parole. He questions if she has ever made a mistake, returning a kid to an environment they shouldn’t have gone back to. Randall leaves to take the girls to school.

Rebecca gives Randall a scarf, not even knowing he was interested in Howard. She thinks it is great that he is figuring out who he is and what works for him; Jack comes down the stairs and says they need to hit the road. Kate (Hannah Zeile) reminds Randall that any college would be lucky to have a “dork” like him; Kevin (Logan Shroyer) sends them off with a positive attitude saying there are enough fans in the stands to cheer him on.

On the way to school, Annie wants to know if Deja is going home; Randall tells the girls they are just trying to figure out what is best for Deja. He promises them that everything is going to be okay. As he drives Deja to her school, she asks about her mom but Randall deflects, not sure how to answer.

At Howard University, Jack grabs Randall’s arm, suggesting they go find the library; they run into Keith (Chris V. Pipkin), who says his mother calls him every day. Fred (Chad Chambers) introduces himself and he is there to give them the tour today. Keith wants to give Randall a private tour, leaving Jack behind. Jack tells him to give him a real tour. They relax in Keith’s room, where Randall learns there are a few white kids that are either med students, International students or the soccer team. Keith says he had the same feeling when he got to Howard, like being in another world. Randall admits it is weird, but is enjoying being the same.

Randall drops off Deja, promising that him and Beth will be back at 2:30pm to watch her presentation. She says they don’t need to come, but he says they will see her. Randall calls Beth, saying Deja is doing okay, all things considered. They have a meeting with a lawyer at 4pm, right after Deja’s presentation. Beth comments on this being a crazy Thanksgiving but Randall laughs. He recalls reading the letters Rebecca wrote to his father William (Ron Cephas Jones), when he found out that his mother knew his biological father, meeting him twice and kept them apart.

He admits to following Rebecca home when Randall was about 9, and asking about where he came from. She ran off when he became too excited about meeting him. William found out where they lived and all he had to do was walk up to the door and knock. But what stopped him was what he saw on the front lawn… he didn’t know which bike belonged to him, he didn’t know if it was Number 1, Number 2 or Number 3. He figured it was a nickname from a life he has nothing to do with, and just like that it was over. He felt he had no right to insert himself into Randall’s life against his mother’s wishes; repeatedly asking himself who he was to do that? Randall starts his car and drives away from the school.

Jack finds Randall out front of the college, he introduces Jack to the guys as his father and they leave, hoping to avoid the traffic. On the ride home, Randall says he really liked it there at Howard, Jack says it was great, the dorms were nice and the library was impressive but the best part was that Randall will make the right decision. Jack looks at him and brings up the fact that Randall hesitated when he introduced him to his friends; but he understands why he did it. Randall jokes that he hesitated not because he was white but because he was OLD.

Randall finally comes clean, admitting he feels like that all the time, that Rebecca and Jack put him before Kevin and Kate because he is black and they have done that ever since he was little. He doesn’t blame them, but worries he will always feel this way. He isn’t mad, just off-balance and things will always be more complicated for him. Jack says they have one more stop to make, as there is something he needs to show him.

Randall parks outside of Shauna’s place, as he watches her proudly show off new clothes to a neighbor. Jack takes Randall to the Brookline War Memorial, they sit in the darkness as he tells him about being drafted to Vietnam and his life being changed through a draft on TV. He doesn’t talk much about it and even Rebecca doesn’t really know what he did and saw; its too hard for all of them who were over there and when he got back, he was off-balance and out of place, every where he went.

He promises Randall will find his balance, he will lose it and find it again; that is the ride of life. He reminds Randall that he will make choices and he may not be around for all of them, but they will be spectacular. He tells him to own it, that he is spectacular, telling him to run with it; just then his pager goes off and it is Kate and something is wrong.

Randall meets with Beth, saying they cannot keep Deja from her mother. He admits what he did that day, saw the neighborhood and both realize Deja had a whole world spinning before they entered her life and he saw that today and just like that, it made sense. He babbles on about Pac-Man, saying life feels sometimes like Pac-Man, its the same game, same board, same ghosts, you sometimes get cherries but it is inevitable, those ghosts eventually get you. Beth thinks that is a bleak outtake on life as she admits she is going to miss her; together they go to see her presentation as she proudly mentions that her foster dad helped her with this.

Randall gets a call from Kevin (Justin Hartley), who says he is on his way to his house; their call is interrupted by the doorbell. Linda is outside with Shauna, he offers to help with science and math homework but Shaun shuts him down, saying they are good from there, but she appreciates them taking good care of her. Deja hugs the girls goodbye as Randall and Beth sign the paperwork and Deja reunites with her mother.

Deja hugs Beth and thanks her as Beth tells her to take care of her big beautiful hair and heart. She comes to Randall who asks who is going to call him out when he is being corny; Deja laughs saying Beth will! Deja asks if he remembers when they first met, and he said when he was a kid he always felt split inside, she doesn’t want him to think that since she wants to go home doesn’t mean she doesn’t like living with them. Randall says he knows that.

She leans in on him, admitting her mom does stupid stuff but she is also cool. He says he knows she isn’t keen on his touching her, she admits its only when she doesn’t see it coming; he takes his hands out of his pocket and hugs her as she hugs him back. He reminds her that working hard gives her a big house and fancy car. She says her goodbye to Randall and goes to her mother as he wipes his tears away.

Randall is doing the dishes as Beth cleans up Deja’s room. Rebecca is seen comforting a sobbing Kate while Kevin is on his knees begging for help. Randall picks up the phone and it is his mother. He lets in Kevin, who says he has to tell him something; Randall says he already knows that Kate lost the baby.

He tells Kevin that their mom is already in Los Angeles and is staying for Thanksgiving. He comments on how bad Kevin looks and that its a bit early for vodka; Kevin says its a lot to absorb, saying he is exhausted. Randall tells him he wants to call Kate and asks if Kevin wants to try with him; but Kevin refuses saying he wants his head to be straight when he talks to her. Kevin apologizes about Deja.

Randall calls Kate from another room, as Kevin continues to drink and drink. Annie and Tess catch him in the kitchen, drinking, advising him to slow down because drinking too fast gives you the hiccups. Kevin asks the girls to tell their dad that he had somewhere to go. Randall tells Beth that Kate is doing okay, all things considered, but wants to try again to have another baby. Beth agrees that she wants to try fostering again; just not right away. Randall says there is another kid out there who needs them and maybe this time it will be a boy. Meanwhile, at the agency, there is a little boy who is begin reassured by a worker that they are working hard to find him a home.

A 16-year-old Kevin, is in his wheelchair, being discharged from the hospital, where Jack assures Randall that his brother will be okay. In present time, Kevin is drunk and driving erratically through traffic. Jack says things will be different for Kevin but it will work out. Randall searches the house, but can’t find Tess; he looks outside and calls out her name.

Suddenly, Tess pops up in the backseat of Kevin’s car; she tells him to slow down as he orders her to put her seat belt on. Jack is talking to Randall about looking in one rearview mirror when suddenly realizing he should have been paying attention to the other one. Sirens sound behind Kevin’s car; Randall comes back in the house and Beth reveals to him that Tess is safe as Kevin just got arrested for a DUI. Jack tells Randall it is just like when they were babies, when one of them was falling down, another one was standing up. Randall says he is going to kill Kevin, but Beth says not if she kills him first!

At home after Kevin’s broken knee on the field, Jack smiles at Rebecca as the kids are sitting in the living room, laughing and talking while Randall plays Pac-Man.


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