This Is Us Recap 10/10/17: Season 2 Episode 3 “Deja Vu”

This Is Us Recap 10/10/17: Season 2 Episode 3 "Deja Vu"

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, October 10, 2017, premiere episode and we have your This Is Us Recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 2 episode 3, as per the NBC synopsis, “Kate visits Kevin on the set of his movie; Randall and Beth receive exciting news; and Rebecca tries to reconnect with Jack.

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Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) is standing in front of his AA group, saying it has been three weeks, and he feels he is tackling this “thing”. He says it seems like you get extra credit around here to bear your soul and cry. He admits it’s hard to keep his promise to his wife, Rebecca (Mandy Moore) that they would talk more. He recalls that he is in the kitchen, when she comes down the stairs, he promises to come to bed soon, as he is working on his steps. He shares that he is the strong silent type and has been this way for a very long time; meanwhile Rebecca takes care of the children. Jack hopes his sons won’t be like him, keeping things bottled up.

Randall (Sterling K. Brown) seems to be curious about his past and as a teen writes to the firehouse where he was found, he receives a letter back with a date and time to meet. He leans against the wall and sighs.

In present day, Randall is making dinner when Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) walks in the kitchen; he stresses that they have been approved 3 weeks ago to be foster parents and doesn’t understand why it’s taking too long. The phone rings and Beth tells him not to get excited, he begs her to answer the phone and its finally the agency; their foster child is on her way over. He feels this was his calling, and his way to honor his biological father, William (Ron Cephas Jones).

Kate (Chrissy Metz) is on her twin brother, Kevin’s (Justin Hartley) movie set, both excited that Sylvester Stallone is in the movie. Kevin talks about all his scenes and when he is imitating Sylvester, the man himself walks over and greets them both. When he leaves to eat, Kate and Kevin giggle like kids and both wish their father was there since he was such a fan; Kevin doesn’t want to talk about their father, saying he isn’t there and suggests taking a photo for Randall instead.

Jack wishes everyone a good morning but doesn’t stay for breakfast. Kevin tells Randall to convince Kate that their family isn’t falling apart. He tells her then says he is off to run an errand, acting very nervous. He finally admits to putting an ad in the paper to find his birth parents; Kate reads the letter.

On set, Sly talks to Kate for a moment at the food table. She tells him that he was their dad’s favorite. He offers for their dad to come down and meet him, but apologizes when he learns Jack had passed away. Kate thanks him for making her dad feel good through his movies; he is impressed that she knows Rocky by heart.

Shelly (Wynn Everett) and Rebecca go for lunch, they talk about her relationship with Jack admitting that they haven’t had sex in a long time. Shelly says they need to have sex because if it’s been a long time, it is the beginning of the end like it was for her and Miguel (Jon Huertas); Rebecca follows her advice and sweeps him off his feet like he always did for her.

Randall opens the door and lets in the social worker and Deja into the house; she just looks off into the distance as they are introduced. She is emotionless and asks if she can just go to bed.

Linda, the social worker, says she is most definitely not okay. Deja has just been pulled out of her home and plopped into a house full of strangers; she encourages them to be patient and don’t predict how the day will play out. She leaves saying she will call when they have her full file from child services. In the past, Kevin and Kate wait with Randall as he is about to meet the woman who claims to be his birth mother.

Kevin is sure he has his lines down pat, as Sly tells Kate she isn’t too old to be a singer. He says sometimes people can be real idiots. He tells Kevin that he has a really great sister and Kevin jokes that he likes her and they will keep her. Sly mentions that he knows Kevin’s father passed away and Kevin brushes it off but Sly continues to talk about moments in time and in his experience there is no such thing as a “long time ago”; there is only memories that mean something and the memories that don’t.

Ron Howard asks if they are just going to roll and Kevin falters repeatedly on his lines after that conversation with Sly. He sees moments with his father, when he was a child and struggles with the scene as Kate watches him.

Beth comes to see Deja in her room, offering her a toothbrush; she begins to unpack her things and finds a pack of cigarettes. Randall goes to see Annie (Faithe Herman) and Tess (Eris Baker) who want to give her back; as he is talking to them Beth and Deja get into an argument, she calls Beth a bitch but when Randall barges into the room, Deja cowers and Beth says they are okay.

The woman who answered Randall’s ad arrives at the park and sits beside him. She says his dad had really dark skin, since she is white’ she then says the ad said he didn’t need money, meaning he had money. He stands up and rushes off telling Kevin and Kate that she isn’t his mother and they leave.

Rebecca and Jack sit in the car and listen to music. Jack asks if they should eat their burgers and she suggests later. She leans towards him and they begin to kiss, but as she begins to get more intimate he tells her to slow down. She climbs off of him and he apologizes because there is so much going on. She feels silly for planning all of this.

Beth tells Randall, Deja has calmed down and the girls are sleeping together; she turned on the baby monitor so they can hear if anything is going on. Randall feels stupid for being hopeful and for everything people said was hard, it was always easy. He thinks this is finally the thing that people were talking about. He is upset about how much Deja flinched and hurts realizing how much someone must have hurt her.

Kevin yells at Kate for talking about their dad to Sylvester; she confronts him about never talking about their dad. Kevin says he doesn’t have time to talk about it as he is busy prepping for his next scene. Kate doesn’t listen to him and gives him the advice she got at “fat camp”. He doesn’t think he needs therapy and doesn’t need to be talking to Sly about it 2 seconds before the biggest scene of his entire career. She apologizes again, he says he doesn’t need to walk around sad and damaged like she is. Her eyes well up with tears and she leaves.

AA and talking to her. He tells her his life before her wasn’t great, trying to get away from his neighborhood, his father and everything. He is told if he wants to fix himself he needs to sit through the horrible years and on the other side is the relief. He feels he is holding on by a thread. He talks about their night and didn’t want to feel the way he was feeling. She says he is the strongest person she knows and forces him to acknowledge that. He smiles and wants to get back in the car, saying he misses talking to her and isn’t ready to stop yet; she throws the burgers away and returns to the car.

Deja walks into the girls’ room, and they tell her that Beth makes all the rules; they explain what happens when she breaks the rules. She is shocked, calling the house crazy when she learns they have their own iPads.

A flashback to when William was in their house for the first time. He wants to go for a walk, he wants to know what the code is for him to get out without waking anyone up. She wants him to stay but he talks about Randall admitting he has slept in his own place for a long time and worries about letting any of them down. Tess talks to him about going on a sleep over and saying if he stays he could have fun but if he goes home he may be sad. He says this house is crazy when Tess explains to turn the lights on in the bathroom he needs to shake his hands. Tess tells Deja if she wants to sleep in the chair it’s okay if she is scared. Randall and Beth relax and smile when Deja agrees to sleep in their room with them.

On set, Kevin is able to do his scenes as he remembers all the special moments with his father. He gets hurt during the action scene and holds his knee as Ron Howard cuts the scene and calls for help.

Jack laughs at Rebecca for taking advice from Shelly. They joke about when Rebecca got a crew cut and he thought he was married to Peter Pan. Jack confesses that he borrowed money from his dad to buy their house and he was embarrassed that he couldn’t provide for them himself. He says there is a lot more stuff buried away, he will tell her eventually but he is working on it. She tells him that is okay and she is ready when he is. He kisses her hand and they get intimate in the car.

Randall and Beth get Deja’s file and they realize her mom is in big trouble. Randall flashes back to when Kevin and Kate come to check on him after the disaster in the park. Randall and Beth sit Deja down, who apologizes for calling Beth a bitch.

Randall talks to her about what he thought when he heard her name – Déjà vu, because she reminded him of himself when he was her age. He shows her pictures of Jack and Rebecca and William, whom he only met a year ago. He admits how he felt split his whole life, telling her that his life turned out pretty great and it’s not about his big house or his super fine wife, it’s his amazing big extended family. He says if he is seeing himself in her, he is seeing that sweet, sweet déjà vu feeling and he thinks that means it’s going to happen for her too. She smiles and says okay!

Randall tells Deja her mom may not be coming back for a while but this time it’s a lot more serious and her mom may be going to jail for a while. She smashes the picture of William and storms off; Randall tells Beth that it’s okay.

Jack wants to get Rebecca in the house before the police come and think they are up to no good. Outside there is a dog eating their burgers, Jack approaches the dog and together they bring him inside.

Kevin sits in his trailer on set and calls Kate, talking about twin fight and twin make up. He apologizes for being an idiot, and should have never said what he said. He says he is extremely proud of her. He tells her he fell and hurt his bad knee. He wants to know why he is the actor and why she is the one who dramatic all the time. She wants to hang up but he says it’s hard for him about dad; she says, “maybe one day”. He begins to cry and has to hang up. Kate looks at the urn and says Kevin is just like you!


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