This Is Us Recap 10/17/17: Season 2 Episode 4 “Still There”

This Is Us Recap 10/17/17: Season 2 Episode 4 "Still There"

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, October 17, 2017, premiere episode and we have your This Is Us Recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 2 episode 4, as per the NBC synopsis, “Randall and Beth adjust to a new family dynamic. Kate books her first big gig. Kevin suffers a setback on his movie. Jack and Rebecca are visited by an unwelcome guest.”

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Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) are in the video store, where he tells the kids they have 5 minutes to hurry up so they can finish grocery shopping before the snow gets bad. Young Kevin gets upset with Randall, who talks about his science project then gets upset again when someone has rented all the Karate Kid movies. Jack and Rebecca are worried about him when he spikes a fever; they bring him to the doctor and learn he has chicken pox. Randall asks the doctor if he is insane after he says its better if all three of them get it at once to get it over with.

Randall (Sterling K. Brown) is in the kitchen with Tess ((Eris Baker) and Annie (Faithe Herman) who are sharing stories with their foster sister, Deja. Randall offers to do Deja’s hair, joking that he won’t pull her hair too hard. Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) hustles the girls off to get ready for school and talks to Randall that they need to get Deja to shower and wash her hair; it’s been 2 weeks.

Randall worries about addressing the hygiene issue, stressing to Beth that she had been “lead” parent for 9 years. He wants Deja to feel like she fits in first before they alienate her any further. Beth agrees, saying she needs to get comfortable quick because the girl is getting ripe.

Kate (Chrissy Metz) is working out, with her muffin sitting in front of the TV and her dress on the couch. Toby (Chris Sullivan) tells her if she wants to eat the muffin she can, saying it is the healthiest poppy seed muffin he made and she will ever eat. She tells him to quit pushing her to eat it, he turns off the TV and tells her to look at him. He feels she is being obsessive with her weight loss, and they haven’t been connecting lately. She apologizes saying she is worried about her first big event she is singing at, asking him to turn the TV back on.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) in onset when Brian, the producer comes to see him. He wants to see Kevin’s leg, who says it’s worse than it looks. Brian orders him to go see the medic. Time flashes back to when Kevin and Kate both had the chicken pox and his dad telling him to toughen up; Randall walks around in his boxers trying to catch the pox. Rebecca’s mother arrives, asking her where Randall’s clothes are in the middle of winter and orders Jack to get her belongings and salt the walkway.

At the doctor, Kevin says he took painkillers but he didn’t like that. He tells the doctor he decided to tough it out then asks how they can make it happen for him to be back to work in a week; she suggests surgery and he agrees with Kate by his side. As he is going to sleep he remembers playing football and how his father used to cheer him on.
Grandma asks the young triplets if presents would make them feel better. Jack and Rebecca are frustrated that her mother is there but can’t send her home in the snowstorm. Jack comforts Rebecca, suggesting a third set of hands could be helpful. Rebecca says he is cute when he is dumb and begs him to not leave her alone with him. The kids are getting their gifts, she gives Kate a dress that is too small telling her to call it her “goal” dress. She gives Randall and basketball, the 3rd one and he says he doesn’t play.

Randall takes all 3 girls to the bowling alley, but Deja says she doesn’t want to give her shoes away and wear somebody else’s nasty shoes; behind her a girl comments on her nasty hair. Deja turns around and shoves her; the girl’s father says they cannot walk away and Deja needs to apologize. Randall tells him to back up and defends Deja, as they argue Deja says she isn’t Randall’s daughter and walks away.

Kate brings Kevin home as he talks to Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) on the phone; he says he is in good hands with Kate and Toby. Kate wants to rush off to her yoga class but Toby protests, saying she will fit in the dress. She leaves anyway. Kevin advises Toby to give her a break and when he offers Kevin his pain meds but he refuses and in fact wants to take the brace off. He tells Toby he is a champion when it comes to stuff like this.

Jack tells a young Kevin to allow the medication to kick in, Jack tells him he is making the pain worse for himself because he is focusing on it too much. Jack says he is a Pearson and wants to hear his battle cry, as they are screaming out Rebecca’s mother tells them to stop because she has a headache and orders, Kevin, not to scratch his face because it’s going to take him for one day.

Beth tells Randall to stop having a meltdown. He thought he had the right angle, she would feel good after having fun and they could talk. Beth is surprised he was willing to fight someone at the bowling alley; he wallows in his depression suggesting Beth talk to Deja.

Rebecca yells at the kids as Randall chases Kate around, wanting to hug her so he can get sick too. Randall rushes off to work on his science project, excitedly he asks his grandmother his project but she brushes him off saying show her when it works. She bothers Rebecca about her cooking and she walks away telling her mother to do it; she asks Kate if she wants to learn how to cook in order to snag a husband.

She tells Kate about the maid they had when Rebecca was a young girl, a lovely black woman named Dora; being offensive and saying she had to correct her language all the time so the kids didn’t learn to talk like street kids. Rebecca calls out for Jack; Kevin comes in and says Jack has a fever too, her mother says he probably has the measles and calls Rebecca “Bunny” as she sends Jack to bed.

Beth goes to talk to Deja, agreeing that they don’t push people and if she does it again she will be grounded. Beth leans in, saying she grew up with very opinionated people, but no matter who was doing what to the other, they always got together to do each other’s hair. She says her mom says how you present yourself on the outside, is a reflection of how you feel on the inside. She offers to take her to the salon if she doesn’t want to do her hair, leaving it up to her; as Beth leaves she asks her to do her hair.

Kevin receives a fruit basket from the agency and a revised script; when he opens it, he becomes upset. Kate calls about rehearsal as she walks into the pharmacy and sees a sign for weight loss and laxatives.

Beth tells Deja she will comb out her hair before she washes it. Deja has patches, saying her sister gets them too, revealing this is not an uncommon condition with people who have black hair. Beth assures her it’s safe to speak and Deja says this gets worse when a lot is going on, like when the bad stuff happens. Deja shares that her mom has really pretty hair, Beth tells her she has learned how to cover her sister’s patches with some cool braids and Deja agrees to let her do it.

Rebecca is frustrated with her mother, who is looking at photos and saying, “the twins and Randall”. Rebecca corrects her and her mother wonders if everything is okay with her and Jack because she hasn’t been herself or happy. Her mother says who would have thought it would be Randall who got into a private school; Rebecca has had enough and demands her to explain. Rebecca tells her they don’t come home because of her attitude and constantly criticizing her, Jack and the kids. She says Randall tries so hard for her to like him but she has made it alarmingly clear she won’t bond with Randall because he is black.

Her mother gets up saying she can’t speak to her when she is hysterical. Rebecca confronts her about the maid and then switching churches because the pastor was black. She orders her to leave when the snow is gone because she is racist and won’t subject Randall to her anymore. Rebecca turns around and sees Randall standing there, who heard everything but was there to reveal he got his first chicken pox.

Kate is in her dress and Toby says she looks great. He is proud she set a goal and made it. Kate is acting strange, simply asking him to unzip her as she needs to get a rehearsal.

Jack and Rebecca talk to Randall about racism, he is confused as his grandmother never said anything about his skin. Jack explains that people don’t say bad things to people who are different than them but they say it with a mean undertone. Randall hugs them and goes to bed.

Beth and Randall are making beds when Beth says they may come to her for the booboo kiss but they go to him for the band-aid and the booboo song. She says they make a good team and the girls need both of them.

Deja is enjoying her new braids and Randall says she looks cool, he apologizes for acting the way he did at the bowling alley. He reveals he had 2 nervous breakdowns in his life and he has them when he gets stressed out, it builds up inside and explodes. He says he goes running every day to clear his mind and if she feels like she wants to, he would love to go running with her; Deja asks him if Beth told him what she had said.

Kevin releases Toby of his nursing duties but he unplugs the treadmill saying he isn’t allowing him to screw up his knee for the rest of his life. Kevin says he won’t let his knee screw up his life again; Toby wants to know what he is talking about. Kevin says he was 3 when he threw his first football and he was great at football and colleges were coming and scouting him – a whole future planned and the knee goes and everything was over in one second.

He says he took up acting because he felt sorry for himself but found a thrill from it, just like football. He is on the brink of something special and fulfilling and won’t let the stupid knee take it from him again. Toby tells him to let it heal and production will work around him; Kevin informs him of the changes in the script. He says he appreciates Toby’s efforts but he isn’t going to blow it this time and will do whatever it takes.

Jack is in bed with the triplets, when Rebecca comes in saying she was worried about him because he was passed out for hours. He asks Rebecca to get him the Tylenol in the kitchen, she admits she has been avoiding the kitchen since her mother is down there. The kids give her their requests too but when Jack realizes everyone has been avoiding going downstairs, he says he’s got this and they won’t be held a prisoner in their own home and says they will get her mother out of there. Jack is outside shoveling the snow because the car is buried; Kevin comes to join him.

Kevin is working out his knee, watching football videos. Jack is on the video saying he wants people to know his boy is the total package. His son is TOUGH! Kevin puts his head in his hands as he makes a touchdown; he pauses the video on his father’s excited face and walks over to the kitchen, picks up his pain medication and takes a pill. Kevin returns to the set, saying it’s good to be back, where they appreciate him being a man of his word.

Rebecca comes to see her mother, informing her that jack dug out her car. She tells Rebecca she needs to understand she grew up in a different time but before she can finish Rebecca orders her to stop. She insists saying it’s not just because he is black or he is adopted; it’s all just foreign to her, but she tries. Rebecca says she shouldn’t have to try. She comes to say goodbye to Randall, sits down and says his project looks impressive. She tells him he is a special young man and Randall looks at her saying, “It took you long enough!”

Deja cuts off her braids and joins everyone in the kitchen; no one comments on her hair as they look in shock. Kate sees the doctor who praises her for sticking to the plan. She asks about the vitamins, and the doctor tells her the poppy seed is now the size of a lentil and she is officially 6 weeks along. Kate looks at the sonogram and smiles.