This Is Us Recap 10/31/17: Season 2 Episode 6 “The 20’s”

This Is Us Recap 10/31/17: Season 2 Episode 6 "The 20's"

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, October 31, 2017, episode and we have your This Is Us Recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 2 episode 6, as per the NBC synopsis, “Trick-or-treating with the 10-year-olds goes awry for Jack and Rebecca; and Randall, Kevin and Kate have life-changing Halloweens.”

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A young Randall is planning the Pearson family Halloween attack of 1990. Randall approaches the table and tells his mother, Rebecca (Mandy Moore) that they are to skip the house with the pennies and move on to the candy bars. Kevin says they don’t need a map as they won’t get lost in their own neighborhood, Randall says its not about getting lost but to maximize their candy ratio. Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) arrives as Kate says she doesn’t want to be a vet and Jack agrees as Rebecca complains she just finished the costume. He tells them to get the pumpkins ready so they can carve them.

Rebecca confronts Jack about saying yes to everything Kate wants. He finds it funny that she would accuse him of being too easy on Kate while she treats Randall like a glass figurine. She tells him that saying yes to everything she wants is not preparing her for the real world as her 20s will be nothing but “no”. He reminds her that he was pretty sure he said “yes” to her in their 20s. She scoffs saying he clearly doesn’t remember their 20s.

Back in 2008, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) is putting up a ceiling fan while the pregnant Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) is on the phone saying it was a rough couple month and they will see when they get there. She marks on the calendar that she is to be induced on November 1. Kate (Chrissy Metz) is working at the diner as Kevin (Justin Hartley) is in Hollywood washing someone’s hair, saying he is only going to be there until pilot season; the same thing he said the previous year.

Randall still can’t get the fan to work but swears it won’t “get him.” Kate’s customer asks her to join him for a while, saying she isn’t doing anything tonight as Kevin’s client tells him he is whining too much. Beth tells Randall they don’t need to talk about crib death, as he frets over the fan, saying it’s not a topic for the day before delivery. Randall is upset that they have the fun size Halloween candy as he wants the “full” size candy; she tries to calm him down but he returns to the fan. Beth rubs her belly assuring the baby that Randall always comes through.

Rebecca and Jack surprise the kids with their Sonny and Cher costumes; the kids have no idea who they are. Kevin throws Randall’s map saying he doesn’t want to use it and Kate wants to go to the haunted house first. Randall says they need to use the map to get the candy first, then they can go to the haunted house. Randall freaks out, saying he planned this out perfectly. Rebecca says she will take Randall and Jack can take the other two. Jack calls Randall “rigid” but Rebecca defends him saying he is “anxious.”

Kate watches as children go trick-or-treating in their costumes and Kevin returns to his place with an empty pizza box. His friend, Zeke (Charley Koontz) rushes in saying he booked a gig in a Kevin Spacey movie. He says the director invited him to a party with the cast and Kevin needs to go with him tonight; that he is talented and simply needs some introductions.

Randall arrives home with his mother, who hugs a pregnant Beth, saying she looks wonderful. Rebecca assures Beth that Randall looks good but tired, which is to be expected. She is glad to be there. Randall says they are really loud whisperers, he tells them he is going to replace the fan and they can talk about him all they want but when he returns, they need to act normal. He is very anxious and makes a fan joke that neither of them laughs at; Rebecca understands what Beth was talking about now.

Kate and Kevin arrive at the haunted house and Kate run off to see Billy. Kevin informs Jack that Kate has a crush on Billy and wants him to go with her through the haunted house and if she gets scared she hopes he will hold her hand. Jack says it’s ridiculous because she is 10, Kevin asks if he can go from house to house on his own and Jack agrees.

Kate, in her 20s, goes to the bar, joking that her costume is a “nervous girl, taking a chance.” She wanted him to buy her a drink but he said he was leaving and she offers to go to her place as she lives close by. Zeke and Kevin arrive at the party but as Kevin introduces himself the producer takes off with Zeke. Rebecca tells Beth to stop tip-toeing around Randall but Beth worries saying she didn’t see him weeping in a corner. Rebecca says he hasn’t been like that since, but she should know Randall always bounces back. She suggests joining Facebook to see all the baby pictures and Beth offers to help her set it up; as Beth is about to stand up, Rebecca assures her, she will trust him again.

Rebecca walks with Randall as they go to get all the candy, he is determined to stay by his map but Rebecca tells him it is not set in stone and they can change it or improvise, explaining what that means and asks him to try it. Randall agrees but barges off in a huff.

Adult Randall is in the store, looking at all the boxes of ceiling fans. He tells a salesperson that the fan doesn’t work and he needs one as it is for the baby. The man says great when suddenly Randall reveals he has a breakdown a couple months ago and he isn’t the same. He says he knows it and so does his wife. He feels sorry for Randall. Randall explains that when it happened he was on a website that shows you how far along your baby is; he learned the baby started dreaming at 6 months and now its not just cells but an actual person.

He worries that he can’t be in charge of a “universe” because apparently, he can’t even hang up a fan. He says only at work he has the answers as it is only money but what if he is wrong with the baby. He tells Randall he has five children and he questioned everything too but what they don’t tell you is babies come with the answers. They come out and look up at you and they tell you who you are. He assures Randall he will see and tomorrow he will have all the answers he needs. He hands Randall a sign for the best fan in the market and promises to meet him at returns. Randall gets a phone call from his mother and learns Beth is in labor; the roads are blocked so no ambulance. Rebecca reassures Beth that he is coming. He runs out the store and tells the sales rep that the baby is coming.

Kevin stands by the bathroom and talks to Brett, the producer as soon as he comes out. He says he loved the script and asks if he is casting any more projects but Brett says he is only doing one project at a time and tells Kevin that his friend does amazing things with the character Jason. Kevin says he is curious about his choice of going with Zeke when the character is more like him. Kevin wants to come in and do a reading but quickly says Zeke is a great actor. Brett chastises him for attempting to steal his friend’s part. Brett informs him he will never work for him, not in a movie nor even carrying a tray.

Jack stands outside the haunted house, praying that the boy isn’t a jerk and won’t break his little girl’s heart. Kate comes out holding his hand, she says it was awesome and he held her hand tight; Jack smiles saying, of course, he would. She rushes off to tell her friend Molly. Jack calls Kevin over after seeing him give Billy all his candies for holding Kate’s hand. Jack asks people if they have seen Cher as Rebecca chases down Randall who wants to go home after he did what Rebecca asked him to do, without following his map.

Rebecca sits Randall down as he asks her if she and Jack lost their baby and couldn’t just find it. He tells her the Lawsons said that she had three babies and lost one, taking him home instead. Rebecca takes in a deep breath and tells him they didn’t lose their baby the way he thinks. She says he didn’t live and sometimes that can happen, but her and his dad had all this room in their hearts for 3 babies and they met him, he is a miracle and not “instead” of anything; it was supposed to be this way. He learns they named him Kyle and says Kyle probably looked like them as no one looks like him. Rebecca says it wasn’t a big secret, they were just waiting until he was old enough. He opens a Twix bar and gives his mom one of them.

Randall arrives home as Beth tells him she is scared, the ambulance is still 5 minutes away but Rebecca tells him she is crowning and this is happening and rushes off to get some towels. Beth insists she can wait but Randall says this isn’t 2 months ago, or last week, this is now and he can see her. He can see the baby’s head and assures her they “got this.” He kisses her, saying she is doing great as Rebecca tells her to push. Randall holds her hand and grabs the baby, revealing they have a little girl. Rebecca and Randall cry as they look down upon Beth and the baby.

Kate is in bed with the construction worker from the diner. He gets up and begins to dress, saying he has to go. She is sure he is married, explaining all the signs she has seen. She isn’t judging him since she figured it out a while ago. She isn’t sure why she had sex with him but says she is tired of waiting for things to feel right, and this didn’t make her feel better either. He doesn’t know what to say and she just nods. Rebecca calls Kate who learns Beth just had a baby girl; Kate calls Kevin who says it is wonderful and on his way. He looks down at a photo of himself where Zeke scribbled him to screw off and find someone else to pay his rent.

Jack learns from Rebecca that Randall found out from the Larson’s about Kyle. She is upset that she had to tell Randall all about it by herself. She hopes it went okay but wanted him to be there; she asks him who is Cher without Sonny and has no idea how she would do any of this without him.

Randall comes to the kitchen where he sees Rebecca cleaning up a broken dish, he kneels down saying it is okay. She grabs his arm saying that was one of the happiest moments of her life. They are happy tears but she is sad that Jack isn’t there and it is something she will have to deal with for the rest of her life; that the happiest moments will also be a little sad. Randall understands and says Jack would probably have taken all the credit for all the hair on the baby’s head, even though it had nothing to do with her. Randall says they had picked “Jack” for a boy and “Jasmine” for a girl. Rebecca says it doesn’t have to be a “J” name and it will come to him. She gets up and leaves the room as he picks up the broken pieces and there is a pamphlet with Zephyr on it.

Kevin arrives at the hospital, where Kate is holding the baby and their mom is taking pictures. Once at home, Kate says the house is huge; Kevin jokes that it was a big day proving that Randall had sex at least once in his life. Kate says it is great that if Randall can figure out his life, they will within five years. She says she met an amazing guy while Kevin says he is crushing it in LA. They both toast to “crushing the 20s” but Kevin admits he hasn’t had an audition in months and Kate reveals the new guy is married; Kevin refills their glasses with wine.

He finally admits he hasn’t had an audition in more than a year and asks if she sits outside, eating fast food looking at where the house used to be. He says Jack is gone and even if she sits there in the exact same spot, he isn’t there and isn’t coming back. He tells her, their father would want everything for her; she says for Kevin too. She encourages him to keep up the spirit and they laugh when he says he is probably pretty funny.

Rebecca smiles at her granddaughter in the nursery, remembering when she laid eyes on baby Randall, apologizing for taking so long to get there. She admits she was nervous to meet him because she always talked to her babies when they were inside of her and decided to introduce herself to him. She goes in the nursery and comes to introduce herself to her granddaughter, saying she is beautiful and special and begins to tell her she has been there before, explaining how Jack was there when they lost their baby and gained another one. Rebecca talks to a baby Randall about his baby sister and brother and the sweet man who fed him earlier is his dad.

Kevin takes the acting class, as Kate laughs at him being so funny. Rebecca tells Tess she is the sweetest baby to ever be named after a ceiling fan, as she leans in the past and introduces herself to Randall as his mom.

Back at home, Rebecca us smiling over baby photos of Tess on Facebook when she receives a message from Miguel (Jon Huertas) congratulating her. She takes a moment and responds after 8 years of not seeing each other.


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