This Is Us Recap 11/21/17: Season 2 Episode 9 “Number Two”

This Is Us Recap 11/21/17: Season 2 Episode 9 "Number Two"

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, November 21, 2017, episode and we have your This Is Us recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 2 episode 9, as per the NBC synopsis, “Kate and Toby’s lives take an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Rebecca encourages Kate’s singing aspirations.”

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A young Rebecca and Jack are cheering on Kate to take her first step as they video her.

Kate is talking to the baby while she takes her prenatal vitamins. She holds her belly.

A teenage Kate deals with their panicky dog who pees on the floor after the electricity goes out. Jack fixes it. Rebecca is making a Bundt cake for Kevin’s interview with a college coach. Rebecca brings the cake into the living room where Kate is. She asks Kate if she has come up with her list of 5 colleges. She hasn’t yet. The coach shows up.

An older Kate makes a list of questions for the baby appointment at the table while Toby makes a shake. They go over Kate’s questions. She is worried about taking baths, why her pee is green and more. Kate heads to the bathroom. She yells for Toby after a loud bang.

Kate and Toby are at the hospital. Kate looks empty and not present as the doctor tells her there is no reason they can’t try in a couple of months.

Kate goes through her closet. She gets a text asking for her ultrasound. She goes into the bathroom where she begins applying her make-up. She looks over at the tub, recalling the other night, the accident. She finishes getting ready for work. She comes out to see Toby before she leaves. Toby asks her where she is going. She should sit and watch reruns with him. They just had a miscarriage.

A teenage Kate comes home with the dog to see Randall off to a college interview with their dad. Rebecca comes in to see Kate in her room so they can talk. She tells her that even though she doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do like Kevin and Randall, she can help her find something. Kate doesn’t want to talk. She leaves for school. Rebecca finds an application to Berkley School of Music. She finds a tape and listens to Kate sing.

Toby walks into the bathroom and has a flashback of the other night. He gets a text. Their package is on the way. He heads to the distribution center to stop it from coming to the house. He doesn’t want Kate to have to see anything for the baby.

Kate leaves her gig early when she sees a young child dancing with her parents video her. She begins to walk. She sees a King Buffet.

As they watch Kevin play football, Rebecca hands Kate a $50 check for her application fee. Kate is mad that she went through her stuff. Rebecca tells Kate she thinks she has a real shot. The whistle blows. It’s Kevin. He is down on the field hurt.

Kate loads up a plate at the buffet. Meanwhile, Toby searches the warehouse for their package. Kate pushes the plate away and leaves. Toby finally gets his package. He gives it to an employee whose sister in law is due any day. The man tells Toby he is sorry.

Toby goes looking for Kate. Kate comes home. Rebecca calls. Kate tells her but she doesn’t want to talk. Kate tries Kevin. He doesn’t answer. Toby comes home. He is upset. He didn’t know where she was. He was driving around like a nut job worried. She is mad. She was just walking around. She lets loose. He got her excited about the baby. She didn’t want to get excited and now this happened to her. Toby is upset. This happened to him too.

Rebecca and Kate sit in the waiting room and talk about Berkley. Kate explains that she didn’t tell her because she didn’t want to disappoint her if she didn’t get in. Rebecca explains that she could never be disappointed. Her mother was as hard as nails so when she had a daughter she decided to be the opposite. She always been there, ready with her arms open if Kate needs her.

Kate wakes up and pads across the floor. She hears someone at the door. She opens it. It’s Rebecca with her arms open. They hug. They sit and talk. Kate doesn’t understand how she can be so sad. Rebecca recalls when she lost their sibling. She doesn’t know what she did wrong. Rebecca laughs, telling her how she held in her grief from Jack for weeks after. She went to the grocery store one day for ingredients. She wanted to make Jack a beer rump roast they had seen on the Galloping Gourmet. Some lady took the last yellow onion. Rebecca became upset, fighting with the lady and with the store manager before she dropped to her knees in the vegetable aisle and cried.

Toby comes home and holds Kate. She tells him she wants to try again, not ye, but maybe soon. Toby tells her “me too.” They decide together that they won’t let this break them. They kiss in the bathroom.


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