This Is Us Recap 11/7/17: Season 2 Episode 7 “The Most Disappointed Man”

This Is Us Recap 11/7/17: Season 2 Episode 7 "The Most Disappointed Man"

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, November 7, 2017, episode and we have your This Is Us Recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 2 episode 7, as per the NBC synopsis, “Randall adjusts to the foster system. Kate and Toby take the next step in their relationship. Kevin visits Sophie in New York. Jack and Rebecca finalize Randall’s adoption.”

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Tonight’s This is Us begins with Rebecca (Mandy Moore) washing bottles in the sink while Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) rushes around the house cleaning up the triplets toys. They manage to just finish cleaning the house when the child and youth worker arrives to check out the house. Of course, Paula (Cinda Adams), the worker, returns later unannounced to check on baby Randall. The visits continue until Paula comes the day after their first birthday, showing them the paperwork she had given the judge along with her glowing recommendation; the rest is now just a formality. Rebecca says they need to commemorate this moment with photos and they go to a studio, where the photographer says they don’t have a lot of families like theirs.

A young William Hill (Ron Cephas Jones) stands before a judge, explaining how on every corner there is someone selling drugs and he buys to use; explaining only a year ago his mother was alive, this girl was alive and they were having a son and now they are all gone. He tells the judge he is the most disappointed man the judge has ever met in his whole damn life and if he wants to lock him up, then put him inside because there is nothing for him out there anymore; and he does!

Randall (Sterling K. Brown) is frustrated that he has to take Deja (Lyric Ross) to go see her mother in prison; explaining to Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) that he doesn’t understand how her mother would think it was okay to have her daughter around an unlicensed gun in the glove compartment. Beth reminds him it is court ordered and she is her mother; Beth offers to go with them but Randall says he can do it. Beth stays behind with Tess and Annie as he leaves with Deja.

Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) wakes up Kevin (Justin Hartley) with her phone call, asking if he is all packed for his flight. He makes an excuse for pushing it back a week, but she confronts him about even wanting to move there because it feels like he is stalling. She yells that she was fine before he showed up at her door, she gets a page and has to go, saying they will talk later. Kevin tries to tell her that he loves her, but she already hung up on him. He grabs his bottle of painkillers and pops a few with a bottle of beer.

Kevin arrives at Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby’s (Chris Sullivan) place, telling them they have to hurry as he needs to pack and get to Sophie’s in New York that night. Kate tells him that he needs to sit for this. They open their sweaters and Toby’s has an arrow with baby pointing to Kate and hers says the baby with an arrow pointing down; Kevin scratches his head so Kate tells him she is pregnant. He jumps up and says that is amazing and she is 10 weeks pregnant as she says Toby will be the best dad ever.

Rebecca and Jack bring the children before the judge, who has some questions about their home visits and wants to speak to Paula, who isn’t there. They are told they will be put back on the docket and are dismissed.

Randall brings Deja in prison, he tries to cover her eyes when someone comes out in handcuffs, she says she has seen it before and isn’t scared. Linda (Debra Jo Rupp) comes out and informs Deja she will actually be able to hug her mother today and leads them in for the visit. Rebecca is upset that the judge wants to talk to Paula about, so Jack approaches the judge and wants to know what he wants to know. He asks them to join him in his chambers. Randall gets up from the table to talk to Linda, wanting to know where her mother, Shauna (Joy Brunson) is; Linda informs him that she opted out of seeing her and it happens sometimes. He wants to know about Deja’s rights and wonders if people are actually looking out for these kids rights. Linda goes on to tell him stories of other children who have been neglected and tells him to stop wondering if people are looking out for these kids. He apologizes.

Randall returns to the table and tells Deja there was a mix-up and the visit wasn’t cleared by the folks there. He apologizes saying he knows how much she was looking forward to seeing her mom. Deja asks if she can get her purse because she has been saving her allowance to give it to her mother so she can use it in there; Randall tells her to get it and they will figure out who to give the money to.

Kevin hugs Toby and Kate and leaves. Kate feels Kevin is a bit off and distracted. She says now that they told Kevin, they can tell his mom. He makes excuses and Kate calls him out on him being terrified that her Catholic son is having a baby out of wedlock. She calls her, but they get her voicemail and Kate hangs up as Toby snaps. Kate says they should just go to the courthouse and get married since nothing in their relationship has been traditional. He asks if she is for real and agrees!

In the Judge’s chambers, Rebecca and Jack learn that he doesn’t believe that Randall belongs in their home and belongs to a black family. He asks how else will he know who he is, or where he came from. He understood his skin color but never understood what his blackness meant until a white man called him a “nigger” at the age of 9. The Judge feels they cannot express how that truly feels as they will never be called that word. Rebecca tells him their son was left outside in a box outside a fire station, she is interrupted when he says there are people who can care for him until he is placed with a suitable family. He stops them saying this is inappropriate and will see them at the next court date.

Kevin is at a jewelry store, who wants to see the most sparkly ring they have. He says this is something his dad would do when he messed up. He admits he hasn’t been the best boyfriend lately but they will be fine because he really loves her. He picks all 3 engagement rings, saying Sophie can decide. Kate and Toby go to get their marriage license, are told to return tomorrow to a witness and then they are married. Kate talks about how much money they are saving with no flowers or wedding dress and how she doesn’t have to hear people talk about her father being there.

Back in the day, the judge comes to see William in the jail, asking to speak in private. He talks about not wanting to put people away, but he is a judge and he doesn’t make the rules, so round and round it goes. He knows the ending to each of those unwritten stories but he is there because William said he is the most disappointed man, but the judge said he is the second most as he writes those stories day after day and he can’t change the endings. He wants to find William a different ending, get him out and to get him help, not expecting him to be perfect but he only asks him to look at his old, tired, too fat face and lock it in his brain and if he heads toward the ending he doesn’t want to write, to remember him and make a different choice. William agrees to find a different ending.

Randall asks Beth how Deja is doing, but she only wanted to go to sleep. Beth vents at how Shauna is a real piece of work, first she abandons her, then she lets her get neglected and abused and then she doesn’t even bother showing up for a visit. Beth says no more visits; she is done letting that woman hurt that child! Randall is surprised they are switching roles as Beth says it is their job to protect that little girl and as long as she is under their roof, she is not going to have anything to do with that woman.

Toby looks at Jack’s urn, saying it would have been nice to get his permission or blessing the right way, but he is not having this conversation. He talks about how they have epic romantic gestures in common. Toby worries that the courthouse wedding is not something Kate wants to do, as she loves weddings. He wishes he could have Jack’s advice right now.

Kevin arrives at the hospital to surprise Sophie, but she just left on a transport to Queens and he is left to wait for her. He goes to the bathroom and takes a few more of his pain meds. He passes by the nursery and visualizes himself as a horrible father, drinking and unable to give advice nor play with his child.

Randall returns to the prison to speak to Shauna. She explains that she didn’t want Deja to see her face all beaten up. He tells her how disappointed Deja was and if she makes a commitment to a child, she needs to stick to it. He doesn’t want to hear about her situation and tells her that Deja is doing well and fitting in well with the family, and she is close to his wife. Shauna wants her to stay at her old school. Shauna thinks he is married to a white woman but he says he is married to a black Queen, not that it is any of her business!

He reminds her that she made the choices that landed her in there but Deja is a child and doubts she knows half of what she has been through because of her. He tells her to focus on what is best for Deja and when she mocks him, questioning if he thinks that is him. He reminds her which side of the glass he is on.

She demands that he never says she is there by choice and Deja is the one good thing she has done, thanking him for looking out for her but make no mistake, he can give her money and cheer-leading but she gave her her blood; and she is the best thing for her and the second she gets out, she is coming to her. Randall says she will have to go through him!

Kate comes home as Toby reveals he called his mother, who cried a little about the baby but hung up to call her priest. He turns on music and opens sweater by sweater which asks her if she will marry him? She laughs, but he gets on one knee, borrows her ring saying their courtship has been unconventional and if she wants to get married at city hall in front of a bunch of strangers, that is what they will do; but if there is any part of her that wants the big wedding even though it can be scary and emotional and cliché, he thinks she deserves it. She deserves to walk down the aisle between her stupidly handsome brothers and love the crap out of her. She deserves to spend all the money in the world for a white dress, saying he asked her father. She agrees to marry him.

Rebecca looks at the photos and writes a letter to the judge, telling him that Randall is her son, whether he approves or not. Somethings are harder for them as family portraits are not their strong suit but they make due. They keep at it, so she suggests putting their family portrait up on his wall with the other families because they will keep coming at him until he does his job.

Kevin arrives at Sophie’s place, he says he doesn’t know how to do this. He bought 3 because he couldn’t decide which one. He doesn’t know how to be a husband nor a father to their kids. He has nothing to give to her, he is an empty shell. Sophie tells him he is spiraling, he denies it; saying he is trying to be his dad or Toby. He is always playing a part, and postponing his trip twice was trying to save her 40 years of disappointment with him. He says when he dreams of their future together, it is a nightmare. He isn’t trying to hurt her, but she slams the door in his face.

Rebecca and Jack return to the courthouse after 3 weeks when they learn they have been given a new judge. Judge Theresa Shaw asks them to raise their hands, asking if they wish to adopt the boy as their son, they call him Randall Kenneth Pearson; she announces she has the pleasure of signing their hard work into law and they kiss in celebration.

William walks down the street and sees the Judge’s face as he sees people drinking on the corner. He is seen by a doctor who informs him the cancer is not responding to treatment and there is nothing else they can do, suggesting he enjoy whatever time he has left. William buys drugs, sits as his table in his tiny apartment and cries as he opens the needle.

At home, Randall returns home to see Beth and the girls enjoying their time together. In another room he tells Beth about the visit, informing her that Shauna wants Deja back. Randall knows they are falling for her but he thinks back to William who missed and needed him; but he also thinks of his parents fiercely protecting him, wondering if they did right by him. Making choices for him before he could make any; now they are those people. He gave Shauna their number, who calls and enjoys a talk with Deja.


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