This Is Us Recap 1/24/17: Season 1 Episode 13 “Three Sentences”


Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, January 24, 2017, episode and we have your This Is Us Recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 1 episode 13, as per the NBC synopsis, “Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) become overwhelmed after deciding to throw three separate birthday parties for their kids. In the future, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) struggles to make time for William, (Ron Cephas Jones) Kevin (Justin Hartley) makes a big “decision; and Kate’s gastric-bypass journey takes an unexpected turn.”

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This is Us begins tonight with the triplets and their father Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) celebrating their birthdays together. The kids are turning 10 and Jack is trying to convince Rebecca (Mandy Moore) that they should get the kids a dog. Young Kevin and Kate interrupt their parents in their bed demanding they have their own birthday parties; they call in Randall who says he doesn’t care about having his own party. Randall tells them the school has a rule that if they have a party, they have to invite the whole class.

In present day, Kate (Chrissy Metz) is in a meeting about her gastric by-pass surgery. She tells the doctor that she is engaged and her fiance, Toby (Chris Sullivan) just had heart surgery and right now isn’t the right time for her to have surgery. It is suggested that Kate goes to a “fat” camp.

Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and his wife, Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) are having a chat when William (Rob Cephas Jones) comes in acting strange. He tells them he is feeling better than he has in months, but is acting erratic. Beth tells Randall it is a chemo boost; he is happy his dad is feeling better, not really thinking what it means and leaves for work thinking about his boss’ request for a meeting.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) runs into Sloane (Milana Vayntrub) and begins to have small talk with her, she cuts him off telling him to stop pretending like things are good between them. She says they work together and that is it. He agrees, but is frustrated with not being able to talk to her.

Toby is driving Kate to camp, joking about her writing her name in all her underwear. She is concerned about him being alone so soon after surgery; he encourages her telling her it is a great opportunity and she should do it for herself. Kate psyches herself up about the camp and thanks Toby for being so supportive.

At work, Randall goes into his boss’ office where he is told someone is coming in to help him land a new client. Randall is upset, saying he deserves a shot at this; his boss tells him they both can give him a plan and whoever has the best one will get the client.

Jack and Rebecca are busy planning the separate birthday parties involving 45 children while Jack is reminiscing about the kids’ younger birthdays. Rebecca tells him to help more with the party and less reminiscing. Jack suggests they have another baby, and Rebecca’s mouth drops open in shock.

Rebecca tells him they can barely handle the kids they have. She reminds him that the last time they tried to have a baby they came home with three. They both fret about the kids growing up and not needing them anymore, but Rebecca is insistent that they aren’t having more children. Jack asks if they can get a dog, Rebecca says no.

While at work, William shows up to see Randall; he has never been to his work before. William quotes some poetry and then asks Randall if he will go with him during lunch to adjust his wardrobe; he wants to look good when he dies and meets God. Randall asks him if Jessie (Denis O’Hare) could go with him but William tells him he doesn’t know how many good days he has left; Randall goes with him.

Kate is given a tour of the camp, where she learns that the gym isn’t the primary focus of the camp. Kate learns they are there to tackle the issues beneath the weight. Kate says under that weight is more weight, he phone goes off and she is told they prefer their participants to “disconnect”; Kate answers the phone and it is Kevin. Kevin is calling asking about advice with Sloane. She asks Kevin to help out Toby who is in town but doesn’t know anyone. Kevin complains that he calls her for help and now he has to do something nice. She tells him she is going to text him the number and hangs up on him. When she turns around there is a man being rather rude to her about her fiance.

Jack and Rebecca are busy with the birthday parties. Kate is having a lot of fun and Kevin is playing with all his friends but then they see Randall has barely any friends there. Randall was worried that his parents were upset the kids didn’t show up for his party. Rebecca assumes its because they are racist and decide to steal some kids from the other parties to make Randall feel better.

Kevin goes to see Toby and brings him to the Carraway Club. Kevin is disgruntled with his life and doesn’t want to even talk to the beautiful women up there. He tells Toby about his problems choosing between Sloane and Olivia (Janet Montgomery). Toby offers to help Kevin with his issue.

Rebecca is busy trying to convince kids to go out to Randall’s birthday party, and Jack again asks her about having another baby. Randall keeps telling his parents that he is okay with his three good friends, and doesn’t care about the other kids who didn’t come. Rebecca hugs him telling him he is the coolest kid.

William is at the store trying on sunglasses and Randall is trying to hurry him so he can get back to work and work on the proposal.

Rebecca approaches Jack at the birthday parties and tells him she agrees to talk about having another baby. She is inspired by Randall and thinks it would be great to “shape” another incredible person. Jack smiles and kisses her.

At the camp, Kate is having a hard time meditating with the class, and does not enjoy their nature hike. When they are in dance class, she walks out to call Toby. She tells him they are insane and wants him to come get her. Duke (Adam Bartley), the man who was rude to her earlier, grabs her phone and shuts it off saying her voice is annoying him and his horses.

Kate says she is getting out of this place, Duke tells her that the place doesn’t work and they are all fat, what difference does it make? He is joking with her and she gets defensive that people wanting to lose weight is not a joke. He confronts her saying that is why she is quitting.

Back at the kids’ birthday parties, Kevin is the center of attention. He is asking if his hair is cool, then Rebecca notices all of Kate’s friends are at Kevin’s party so Jack goes to find Kate. She is sitting in the other room by herself. Kate says everyone likes Kevin more than her, Jack says that isn’t true and he jokes that he can barely stand Kevin. He asks Kate to teach him how to Vogue like Madonna. After they play a little together she tells him she just wants to be alone and thanks him.

Toby talks to Kevin about romantic gestures, admitting he was the one who was doing nice things for women and has watched every romantic comedy ever made; Kevin just needs to pick a girl and he will help him win her back. Kevin can’t choose and Toby tells him that these romantic gestures only work if they are toward the one woman, the love of his life.

Toby tells him to close his eyes, picture the love of his life and imagine he has 30 seconds to win her back. One shot, three sentences. What are those sentences and who is he saying them to? Kevin opens his eyes and says he got it and they are doing it. Kevin calls him a stud and they go running to the car.

Randall and William are driving but Randall is so busy wanting to get back to work, he is not enjoying his time with his dying father. William tells Randall to pull into a parking spot and tells Randall he wants to drive his car. Randall agrees. William gives Randall the iPod; William puts on his new glasses and just sits in the driver’s seat and begins to tell Randall stories about what he wanted to do before he dies.

Randall tells him to fulfill that dream. William admits he doesn’t know how to drive a car and Randall offers to teach him how to drive. William is excited for it.

Kate returns to the drum/dance class and begins to work on the rhythm; he tells them to let out whatever they are feeling in the drumming. He shouts for them to let it out and she begins to cry and drum fast and hard. She has flashbacks to all the hard times and special moments with her father Jack. She breaks out screaming as she remembers her father’s funeral.

Back in New York, Kevin gets out of the taxi and Kevin tells the woman, Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) that he was head over heels with her from the moment he saw her. He should have never let her get away and that she is a part of him and when he lost her, he lost a part of himself. He tells her he really wants her back after these ten years.

Kevin asks her if she is going to say anything. She says her ex-husband arrives on her doorstep after 12 years unannounced and she isn’t exactly sure what he wants her to say. He wants to come in and she can’t. He asks her to think about them meeting up and talking, she nods her head and he leaves. As he gets to the bottom step, she jokes that he always has to go big. He tells her he always will for her.

All the kids at Kevin and Kate’s parties have settled down and are watching The Princess Bride on TV. Jack calls Kevin out of the room and tells him that Sophie is Kate’s best friend and he should do the right thing and encourage her to go play with Kate. Kevin says he can’t tell Sophie that because he loves her. Jack and Rebecca realize that the whole party was for Sophie and Rebecca pouts that he loves her.

Kate goes to see Duke and thanks him for being a dick to her and now she understands why he was acting the way he was. Duke says her voice was annoying his horses and that is why he grabbed her phone and he really is a dick. He tells her he is glad she is staying because he think she is sexy as hell. Kate turns him down but he is persistent that this is happening between them. Kate leaves telling him this isn’t happening.

Jack and Rebecca lay on their bed exhausted from the three parties. Jack admits that his talks don’t work anymore. He tried to make Kate feel better and he couldn’t. He agrees that they cannot have another kid right now; Rebecca says the kids are only going to get more difficult and they reminisce about the kids being little. Jack asks again to get a dog and they both watch as the kids are playing with the wrapping paper and they join in the fun. Kevin finds a card wishing him a happy birthday, LOVE Sophie.

William is driving the car thoroughly enjoying his dream come true and Randall says it is his pleasure completely forgetting about work obligations.

Jack, Rebecca and the triplets play pin the tail on the donkey, eat cake and bring a poster out that says happy birthday Kevin, Kate, Randall and Big Daddy!