This Is Us Recap 2/14/17: Season 1 Episode 15 “Jack Pearson’s Son”

This Is Us Recap 2/14/17: Season 1 Episode 15 "Jack Pearson's Son"

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, February 14, 2017, episode and we have your This Is Us Recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 1 episode 15, as per the NBC synopsis, “Kevin (Justin Hartley) stresses about the premiere of his play and receives support from an unexpected source; Randall (Sterling K. Brown) struggles under the pressure of both his work and ailing father; Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack’s (Milo Ventimiglia) Valentine’s Day doesn’t go as planned; and Toby and Kate learn each other’s secrets.”

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This Is Us begins with Rebecca (Mandy Moore) writing on a piece of paper on the table, when Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) wishes her a Happy Valentine’s Day and learns what she is writing is not a Valentine to him but a list of things he needs to do when she goes on tour next week.

Jack tells her that contrary to belief, he knows his children and the stuff they do. He says he is excited for her show tonight and their dinner afterwards at the traditional restaurant they go to.

Kate (Chrissy Metz) walks down the path to Duke’s (Adam Bartley) cabin #13. She tells him that for a moment she felt she was damaged goods like him, but then realized that was ridiculous. She admits she has issues but deep down she is awesome.

She tells him to dig deep to find out why he is such a jackass or he is going to wander this camp miserable until the day he dies. He tells her the reason he gets away with everything nasty he says and does is because his parents own this god forsaken place and he tells her she is done there.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) has a horrible dream about an interview with Katie Couric who asks how he got into the business. He tells her he started with modeling; but she is more interested in hearing about his time on The Manny; since he wanted to be taken more seriously he wanted to be in a play.

Katie brings up the fact that first he decided to sleep with both the lead actress and the playwriter; and when the play got canceled he decided to self-produce it. She mocks him, then turns to her crew asking who this guy is and says let’s get out of here because she needs to play tennis.

Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) calls Kevin, waking him from the nightmare, asking him if he has the same dream about Couric again. She informs him she can’t make it to his opening tonight, he says its for the best since his whole family will be there. He asks her what they are doing together and she tells him they are “cautiously dating”. Sophie wishes him luck and tells him to call Katie who is great for him when he gets nervous.

Randall (Sterling K. Brown) is jogging through his neighborhood as he recalls his boss telling him they are splitting his accounts between him and Sanjay (Hari Dhillon). He is also trying to cope with his biological father, William Hill (Ron Cephas Jones) choosing to stop chemo and allow himself to die from his cancer. He has flashbacks of his adopted mother, Rebecca hiding the fact that she knew his birthfather, William this whole time.

Randall sits on a wall where his brother Kevin asks if he is getting soft on him. Randall gets up running saying the last one home makes the protein shakes; but Kevin knows something is wrong.

At home Randall takes a shower were his hands continue to shake. He stayed up most of the night taking care of William. William offers Jessie (Denis O’Hare) can take care of him but Randall says no. He then is on edge when his daughters Annie (Faithe Herman) and Tess (Eris Baker) bicker of clothing.

Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) receives an urgent phone call that her mother slipped and fell into the bathtub and broke her hip; Randall assures her things will be fine and she needs to go. He tells William he is getting a nurse and then reassures his young daughter that grandma will be okay.

Back to the past, Jack makes reservations for his Valentine’s Day dinner with Rebecca, Miguel (Jon Huertas) learns Jack is not happy his wife is going on tour because they have 3 teenagers at home to take care of. Miguel reassures Jack that even though Ben (Sam Trammell) has a thing for Rebecca, she only has eyes for him. Jack invites him to Rebecca’s show that night and maybe he can find a lonely heart there.

Kate surprises Toby (Chris Sullivan) by arriving at his doorstep. She reveals she was kicked out of the camp for telling Duke off. Toby confesses that he was jealous and worried that she would fall for Duke. They both admit their relationship has been a roller coaster and they don’t know much about each other; Kate tells him to ask her anything and do a deep dive.

Kevin calls Kate again with no answer, but Sloane (Milana Vayntrub) call him over and wishes him well while he congratulates her on the beautiful play and says people are going to love it. She tells him the New York Times is coming tonight to review their play.

The teens come home, and Kevin is picking on Randall. Kate defends Randall by saying Kevin only thinks he is great now that he is having sex with Sophie; unfortunately Rebecca overhears everything and freaks out.

As Kate and Toby shop for a suit for Kevin’s opening night, they ask each other questions about their past and what their favorite things are. They are enjoying learning things. They begin to get deep, but touch a nerve and stop talking.

Randall arrives at the office late after having to wait for his father’s nurse and drop his daughter’s off at school. He is told he needs to stay late in the afternoon, for a meeting that was supposed to be the next day. Kevin arrives to see him, but a call comes through from William’s nurse; he shouts and says he is going home because his father just fired the nurse and locked her out of the house.

As Jack is telling a teenage Kevin about condoms and to always respect females Randall comes down the stairs panicking about his school assignment. Jack and Rebecca immediately ignore Kevin. Jack tells Randall to breath and he is putting too much pressure on himself. Kevin feels rejected.

Rebecca questions leaving since Kevin is having sex, Randall is giving himself stress ulcers and she has no idea what Kate is doing. Jack tells her she is going and he has got it.

Kate and Toby continue their deep conversation in a restaurant. Toby admits that when his marriage ended, it was the closest he ever felt to suicide. She says none of this scares her; Toby says she never really talks about her dad’s death and he would like to know what happened.

Kate has tears in her eyes, saying she just can’t seem to do it. Toby says she doesn’t have to but she says she does. She wants to tell him about it, but she isn’t quite there yet. She blocked it for a really long time; Toby tells her whenever she is ready she can do it.

Randall arrives home where the nurse is apologetic. After William says all he wanted was a coke, Randall tells him sick, old men need nurses to make sure they eat on time, take meds on time and not die when no one is looking. He says he is sorry but he needs the nurse to take care of him.

William admits he doesn’t know how much longer he can do this. Randall says he knows and he is sorry but he has to get back to work. William asks about Kevin’s play tonight and he tells him he will talk to him later.

At the bar, waiting for Rebecca to perform, Miguel sees a beautiful woman and sends a drink over with his name. Jack looks concerned about how Ben and Rebecca are staring at each other singing a love song. Miguel bails on Jack for the beautiful burnette at the bar.

Kevin arrives at his mom and Miguel’s place because he has pre-show jitters and he needed some artist to artist advice. He feels he is going to suck and should go back to The Manny. Miguel shares that when he was nervous he spoke to his dad, Jack; and Kevin reminds him of Jack, so much so that the hair on his arms sometimes stand up.

He doesn’t like that Kevin hates him because if they could get along it would feel like he has a piece of Jack back. He reminds Kevin that he is Jack Pearson’s son, and when he has his most nerve racking moment he just needs to remind himself of that; think about what he would do and he will be fine. Jack doesn’t wait for his mother, saying he is all right. He admits to Miguel that its not that he does not like him; Miguel says that is a start.

Back in the boardroom, Randall walks in just in time to share the finances. As he begins his part of the presentation he freezes and Sanjay takes over for him. Randall begins to cry as everything seems to be too much for him.

After the music set, Ben stands with Jack, praising his wife, Rebecca and it was her that got the band on the tour. Ben says Rebecca is incredible and Jack says he knows and that is why he married her. Ben says he is a lucky man and he remembers when they were together she never wanted to get married.

When Ben learns Jack had no idea they were together he tells him they were kids and it was another life. Jack pretends Rebecca already told him and says whatever they share is between him and Rebecca. When she is ready to go, Jack changes his mind and they are no longer going out to dinner.

At Kevin’s big night, Rebecca, Miguel, Kate and Toby are outside the theater. Toby pulls Kate aside and reassures her he wants to get married but the woman he marries needs to be able to be totally honest with him. They both agree for a longer engagement and to plan an epic wedding.

Rebecca wants to know what him and Ben talked about. He says he found out she is going on tour with her ex-boyfriend. She says she was with Ben for 2-months and Jack explodes that she is spending 3 nights a week with him and she didn’t feel like he deserved to know about it.

Jack tells her he doesn’t want her to go on tour because the kids need her. He says he agreed to it because he was trying to be a good guy and she deserved something good for herself. He angrily tells her she shouldn’t have lied to him.

She says she has done everything for everyone else for the past 16 years and now she wanted something for herself and now he is getting in her way. Jack turns to her in shock saying he never thought of himself as being in her way.

Randall is sitting in his office, with his hands shaking, losing focus on everything. He looks up at the clock and sees it is almost 8pm. Kevin is practicing in his dressing room and told he is up in 5 minutes. Randall calls and says he got caught up at the office and cannot make it. Kevin says he knew about this for a long time, and he will see it eventually. Randall hangs up as tears stream down his face.

Sloane and Kevin are standing just about to go on stage, when he tells Sloane he is thinking about what his dad would do. Sloane walks on stage and when the lights come on, Kevin isn’t there. Rebecca, Miguel, and Kate look at each other as Kevin runs down the street.

Back when they were teens, Kevin sees Randall having a panic attack and crying in his room and walked away. This time Kevin runs to Randall’s work where he is sitting crying on the floor of his office. With tears in his eyes, Kevin cradles his brother tightly.

Jack goes to his and Rebecca’s favorite restaurant and orders their usual order, drinking alcohol.

End of episode