This Is Us Recap 2/7/17: Season 1 Episode 14 “I Call Marriage”

This Is Us Recap 2/7/17: Season 1 Episode 14 "I Call Marriage"

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, February 7, 2017, episode and we have your This Is Us Recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 1 episode 14, as per the NBC synopsis, “Toby (Chris Sullivan) throws a wrench in Kate’s weight-loss journey. (Sterling K. Brown) Randall  struggles to accept his father’s deteriorating health. Miguel and Shelly break some devastating news to Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca, (Mandy Moore) which makes them worry about their own relationship. Rebecca receives an amazing work opportunity. Kevin (Justin Hartley) examines his romantic past.” 

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his Is Us begins tonight with Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) wedding. Miguel (Jon Huertas), Jack’s best friend, does a speech telling Rebecca how he used to refer to her as Yoko Ono because she kept Jack away from him so much. He jokes that Jack didn’t talk much but once he met her, he began using words like “forever’ and “soul mates”.

Jack and Rebecca go out on date night with Miguel and his wife, Shelly (Wynn Everett). Rebecca tells them a story about her catching Kevin sneaking a girl out of the basement; Jack jokes that Kevin feels like he has his own bachelor pad.

Jack complains that he doesn’t have time with Rebecca because of the band, she gets offended but they are totally blindsided when Miguel and Shelly announce they are getting a divorce. Back at home, Jack is still in shock but Rebecca says Shelly was unhappy for a while and it happens. Jack believes you stay married until you die, but Rebecca says sometimes people drift apart; reassuring him she isn’t talking about them.

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In present day, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) dreams he returns to an empty home and finds his father, William (Ron Cephas Jones) sitting dead in front of the piano. Annie (Faithe Herman) wakes them up after she wet the bed. Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) asks here where her sister, Tess (Eris Baker) is.

They find her playing chess with her grandpa in the kitchen. He is teaching her chess for the tournament she has that day. Her parents didn’t know because they didn’t check the white board. William apologizes for playing chess at 3am with her, but admits Tess is right about them not having much more time.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) arrives at Sal’s Diner, where he tells the patrons at his special booth they need to move. The booth was the spot he sat with his ex-wife, Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) in 8th grade after a trip to the Statue of Liberty and she kissed him. It is also the booth where they parted ways and today she has agreed to meet him.

The elderly lady asks if he was the Manny and gets him to sign her napkin, he helps them move just as Sophie walks in ranting about him disrupting her life and furious that he doesn’t age. She tells him to screw himself but a plate of lava fries arrives and she is hooked.

At “fat camp” Kate (Chrissy Metz) works the program, happily talking to a fellow participant when Duke (Adam Bartley) makes a rude comment to her friend but says hi to Kate and that she is looking fine. Kate laughs at the pictures Toby (Chris Sullivan) is sending her in tuxedos and suits.

Toby surprises her at camp with a care package and tells her he has booked a hotel room now that he has been cleared for low impact love making. Kate initially refuses but when she gives in, he says she cannot miss her classes and they part ways.

Randall and Beth have a meeting about palliative care for William since the oncologist says he has only a few months left. Randall asks if they should start digging his grave now, but quickly apologizes. Beth says they need some coping strategies since they have young girls; Randall jumps up using work as an excuse to leave. Beth reminds him that Tess has the chess tournament that night.

Sanjay Jahiri (Hari Dhillon) is edging in on Randall’s position at work. He is assigned to work with Randall with their new client and offers for them to meet for dinner that night to discuss their presentation. Randall agrees.

Sophie wants to know why Kevin came now to find her. He admits he has never stopped thinking about her. He feels they are picking up where they left off, she throws down her napkin asking if he has forgotten where they left off. He chases Sophie down into the subway where she says they left off with him cheating on her and ruining their marriage. He wants to talk but she doesn’t want to do this with him.

Toby is heading to his vehicle, Duke sees him assuming he is a new participant to the program. Toby denies it and Duke tells him there are women here who have dropped a few stones and feeling frisky. Duke learns Kate is Toby’s fiance and says this just got awkward but won’t explain any further.

Jack comes into the work lunch room, sees Miguel flirting and asks Heather (Megan west) to leave the room. Jack closes the door, accusing Miguel of having an affair with Heather. Miguel says he would never have an affair, he would never do it to his children. He first says they just drifted, explaining how they both stopped noticing each other and trying to make the other happy, these moments are make or break moments.

At the club, Rebecca is singing and Ben (Sam Trammell) is clearly checking her out. He informs her they have been offered a tour; she says it is amazing but she needs to talk to Jack since they have a family and she can’t just up and go. Ben tells her that if Jack really loves her, he would support her. She defends Jack fanatically, saying her husband is a freaking super hero and Ben has no idea what he is talking about.

Beth shows the girls a memory box she had made for her father when he passed away. Randall comes to the door and tells the girls to bring in the groceries. Beth explains that Simon told her it would be a good idea to share with them.

Randall is mad and tells her to no longer use the words death, passing, or end of life. Beth orders Randall to cancel the dinner with Sanjay, as she calls marriage. He has been so consumed with work and his father that he is neglecting his daughters and marriage.

Toby gets a day pass and joins in the drumming class. Kate is not impressed with Toby playing around and not taking her classes seriously. Meanwhile, Kevin and Sophie are stuck on a subway train with technical difficulties. He asks the man sitting beside her if he would switch seats. Sophie is anxious and her claustrophobia is kicking in.

Sophie wants to know about Kate, Randall, Rebecca and Miguel. Kevin confesses he made a fake profile because he wanted to keep up with her. She shakes her head and the train begins to move. Kevin wants her to know he has changed. She says when they split up she moved back home with her parents, dated jerks and even married one.

She admits she wasn’t in a good place for a long time and she is happy now. She loves her job, got the place she always wanted and is dating a nice guy who is solid. Kevin says he doesn’t want to ruin her happiness and reminds her what she wore the day she walked into his 4th grade classroom, saying it was second best thing that has ever happened in his life; the first is when she told him she would marry him.

Kevin tells her he is still in love with her and tomorrow he will be sitting at the restaurant in their favorite booth waiting for her. His eyes tear up as she leaves.

Beth whispers into Randall’s ear that the chess tournament is endless and she hopes Tess doesn’t make it to the final round so they can get out of there; they both giggle. Beth notices that Randall is texting Sanjay. William is thrilled that Tess is the new champion while Randall worries about bringing a dying man into his daughters’ lives.

Jack is packing a bag when Rebecca comes home from the club. He tells her the kids are gone for a sleep over and he is taking her somewhere, and if she wants to know where she needs to get into the car. She tells him to lead the way.

Toby continues to be boisterous and Kate is upset telling him he isn’t supposed to be there. She is taking this place seriously and he is acting like a total ass. He says he was just doing something nice for her and wishes she could do something nice for him.

He confesses about being alone in New York and how scary it is waking up with a tight chest. He shares running into Duke and tells her he wanted to punch him out. Toby hands her the bag and pulls out a ring box with his grandmother’s ring that was his last surprise. He gives her the box and leaves.

Randall comes to work and Sanjay already has the client signing papers; when Randall wants to meet with him, his boss calls him into his office. Randall learns they are going to split all his accounts between him and Sanjay. He tells Randall he is still his top guy, but this is happening.

Jack brings a blindfolded Rebecca out of the car and into a house. He turns on white lights everywhere and Rebecca sees they are back to their first apartment. He rented it for the night and set everything up. He admits they are not Shelly and Miguel, and moments like these are important. They joke that someone replaced the soap dish and he asks if she wants to see if they can break it off again; she’s game.

Kate is working hard in the gym when Duke comes in to clean the equipment. She tells him to leave her alone. When he asks about her lovers quarrel, she says she is not eating, like the old her would do. She decides to sweat it out, and Duke tells her about how he has a fiance Molly and suggests Toby is her “Molly”.

Kate says Toby is not her Molly. Duke tells her it is a lot easier to accept who you are in all your damaged glory than to try be someone you are not. He tells her his offer still stands and he is in cabin 13.

Jack tells Rebecca he has one more surprise for her. He reaches in his pocket and pulls out their vows written on paper. As we see flashbacks to them reciting their vows, Beth and Tess create a memory box for William; Kevin sits in the diner with lava fries on the table when Sophie comes in.

Kate checks her phone, and there is nothing from Toby. She walks down the path towards the cabins. Randall comes home and attempts to pick up a glass of water with very shaky hands.

Rebecca tells Jack the band booked a 5-State tour and she thinks she wants to go.

“Jack Pearson, our story is just getting started, we are going to be okay!”
~ Rebecca Pearson

THE End!