This Is Us Winter Premiere Recap 1/10/17: Season 1 Episode 11 “The Right Thing to Do”

This Is Us Winter Premiere Recap 1/10/17: Season 1 Episode 11 "The Right Thing to Do"

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, December 6, 2016, episode and we have your This Is Us Recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 1 episode 10 Fall Finale, as per the NBC synopsis, “Kate (Chrissy Metz) struggles to cope during the aftermath of Toby’s heart attack; William (Ron Cephas Jones) and Jesse grow closer, forcing Randall (Sterling K. Brown) to become accustomed to their relationship; and Olivia unexpectedly resurfaces. In the past, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) seek an affordable home in light of the news they’ll be having triplets.”

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This Is Us winter premiere begins tonight when Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) is younger and his father is being abusive towards his mother and Jack tells him to stop. His father asks Jack if this is his big moment and if he has it in him. He scoffs that Jack and his mother deserve one another and walks away. Jack’s mother makes him promise he will never be like his father.

Jack and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) are laying in bed together, cuddling. They are house hunting because she is pregnant and need a second bedroom for the baby. Jack is laughing and Rebecca is giggling because she is nesting. She pulls Jack to the door asking him if they can afford the $200 a month in rent. Jack asks her if she likes it because he already put up first and last and a security deposit on the place. She is very excited.

Jack and Rebecca are in the doctor’s office; Jack asks if this is the moment they find out if they are having a boy or a girl. The doctor looks at them, with his hands crossed; Rebecca asks what is wrong. He asks them what they would say if he told them they were having twins? Rebecca looks shocked, Jack laughs and says that the doctor would be lying. The doctor smirks and says he is lying, and hands them their file telling them they are having triplets. They look at their sonograms in shock.

The doctor goes into the lounge and tells a colleague it is never fun telling a young couple they are having three babies, and not just the one they were ready for. Dr. Nathan Katowsky (Gerald McRaney) puts his paper down and says triplets; there is always a headache with triplets and he is glad they are the other doctor’s patients and not his.

In present day, Toby (Chris Sullivan) was rushed into the hospital after his collapse at Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Beth’s (Susan Kelechi Watson) family Christmas. Kate (Chrissy Metz) arrives at the hospital with hot drinks looking for Toby’s room. He tells her this is what he gets for flying across the country to surprise her. Kate tells him he is alive and stop complaining. He says he is tired and cranky and he has a straw stuck so far up his junk he could whistle “Don’t Worry Be Happy” if he sneezed.

Kate asks him what she can do to make him feel better. He tells her to close the door and to climb up in the bed. She says she can’t because he just had a heart attack. He corrects her saying it was arrhythmia and it doesn’t even sound serious, he jokes about it and Kate tells him she is not mounting him in the hospital. He begs her and they are interrupted by a nurse who gives her a bowl of porridge and before he can beg for more she shoves a spoonful in his mouth.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Sloane (Milana Vayntrub) are kissing and crash through the door into the kitchen where Beth is sitting with William (Ron Cephas Jones). Kevin reintroduces Sloane as the brilliant, genius playwright also known as the Jew who crashed Christmas. Sloane thanks them for having her, she is about to kiss Kevin and they say an awkward goodbye instead.

Kevin right away address the elephant in the room, he says he knows what Beth is thinking, that their place is not a flop house for his dates. Kevin says it is duly noted and will not happen again. He adds that they probably both think it is a bad move to be sleeping with the writer of a play he is producing and will probably end up blowing up in his face. Beth jokingly says she is on fire this morning. William and Beth are making fun of Kevin.

Kevin turns to William asking him about the sequel to Beginners going? He tells them that was a Christopher Plummer movie that came out a few years ago about a guy late in life who comes out of the closet. William laughs and Kevin says he can say that because he is gay now. William tells him he is not gay now, that he has always loved both women and men and a lot of artists believe sexually isn’t fixed as it is fluid. Randall comes down the stairs asking what is fluid. Kevin tells him his bio-daddy is only half gay as it turns out.

Randall says hmmm and then says he was thinking about getting some Dim Sum. William says he won’t be home tonight because he is going out with Jessie (Denis O’Hare). Kevin tells Randall he is going out and getting some lovin’. William says he could always reschedule and Randall tells him to go do his thing with Jessie. Randall jokes, “no dumplings for you” and the only one who laughs is Kevin.

Jack and Rebecca are back at their house, and she tells him the bedroom looks so much smaller now and she didn’t want to nest for three, she only wanted to nest for one. Jack agrees. Rebecca asks how three kids are supposed to grow up in one bedroom? She tells Jack they need to get their security deposit back, and she could cry. Jack tells her he did cry and it didn’t work.

Jack tells her to not stress about it, she says her mother is going to flip when she hears they are living in a 2-bedroom with a six floor walk up with triplets. She is dreading the condescension and comments. Rebecca then gets a little nasty saying she knows her mother isn’t nearly as bad as his abusive father. She tells him she is upset and hormonal and three human beings growing inside of her, and she asked Jack if he really cried. He tells her he did and they won’t get the deposit back but he will figure it out.

Randall talks to Beth in the bathroom, asking her if he is homophobic, she reassures him he isn’t; but he isn’t convinced. Randall wonders why he feels so weird when William talks about Jessie. She says because Randall believed he was getting to know his dad and this was a curveball. A great big gay curveball. Beth laughs and tells him to just get to know Jessie, talk to him so he can be prepared for when his girls bring home boyfriends or girlfriends. She convinces Randall to join her in the bath, saying she knows her sexual preference.

At the hospital, Toby and Kate are playing strip poker when his cardiologist arrives. Toby learns that he has a hole in his heart, some people chose to control it with medication but he strongly suggests surgery; both Kate and Toby are in shock as he explains the surgery in detail.

Jack arrives at a job site where some of the workers ask him about selling his car. He wants to talk to his boss, telling him that he needs a raise because they are having triplets. His boss offers to give him a 10% raise and Jack tells him he needs more; his boss tells him not to push. His boss tells him he is sorry about the triplets and walks away.

Kevin and Sloane perform on stage, Ron tells them when Olivia (Janet Montgomery) disappeared and Kevin decided to self-finance this play opposite the girl who wrote it, he told himself after winning 3 Tony awards he is now directing a failed sitcom actor’s vanity project. Kevin asks if there is more and Sloane says “oh good”. Ron admits the two of them are great together, honest and raw and he thinks they can make it.

After the great review from Ron, Kevin invites Sloane out for coffee. Before they leave Sloane wants to know what they are doing, are they together, do they like each other or are they just friends sleeping together. Kevin admits he doesn’t know what they are, but he likes the fact that they have a “we” to talk about, Sloane agrees. Olivia walks in and says the look cute together and she is back.

Kevin asks her what she has done to her hair. She says she changed her appearance to match the spiritual change. She tells Kevin that everything cruel he said to her was authentic and she went somewhere to find authenticity and she found it. Kevin sarcastically asks if she did all that in a month, she says she did and she is back and better for him and the play. She wants to be with him and have something real.

Sloane cuts in and says they are dating now and life goes on after she disappeared. Ron comes into the hallway and hugs Olivia saying they were dead without her. Kevin and Sloane look at him with their mouths wide open.

The cardiologist says they can operate tomorrow morning but Toby has to commit right now. Toby is nervous and says he will pass but Kate says it is not okay and they need to talk about it. Toby says there is nothing to talk about because he said medication was an option. Kate looks at him and the doctor leaves so they can talk.

Kate says this could kill him, he says so could surgery. Kate says he is acting like a child and gets up to leave the hospital. Toby asks where she is going and she tells him that she doesn’t feel like yelling at a man with a heart condition. Toby says its arrhythmia and she says it is a heart CONDITION and he is an idiot of he doesn’t think about repairing it. She leaves before he can respond.

Rebecca meets with her mother at a fancy restaurant. Her mother is telling her it is a mistake. Rebecca says it is not a mistake having a family. Her mother tells her it is a bad idea and Rebecca tells her they will figure it out. A waiter arrives and her mother switches to this sweet person ordering a salad, an ash tray and a glass of wine.

When Rebecca is asked what she would like, her mother cuts her off saying she will have the same, Rebecca says no wine, but she will have a coke; her mother cuts her off saying ‘diet coke”. Rebecca tells her to put her cigarette out at the table. Her mother blames Jack for not even being able to get her pregnant responsibly; a handyman with triplets.

Rebecca tells her he is not a handyman he is a construction foreman who does very well for himself. Her mother says not well enough and not for this. She continues to bash Jack and Rebecca says she is not going to listen to this. Her mother says she will stay because she already knows this and asks her what she is going to do. Rebecca admits she doesn’t know, her mother tells her she knows what to do.

Jessie arrives at the house to pick up William and Randall invites him in so they can get to know each other. Randall offers him a glass of whiskey and rudely comments on his sobriety and rescinds his offer. They sit on the couch in an awkward silence, until Randall asks how they met. Jessie tells him they met on Tinder, then they both laugh when he says he was joking.

Jessie says they met at a meeting and Randall says he knows why his father likes him, a sexy thing about a man is his sense of humor. Randall asks if it were okay if he had some of that whiskey, Jessie says of course but William comes down and they leave with William telling him he is staying at Jessie’s tonight. Randall asks if he has his meds, William tells him he has everything he needs. Randall asks if he is coming back tomorrow and William says probably but they will play it by ear.

Kate returns to Toby’s room after he texts her and he tells her he is going into surgery within the hour and he wanted her to be informed but not to freak out. Toby admits that he is stressed out and if he didn’t do it now he would chicken out.

He is panicking and Kate tells him to just breath and doesn’t want her to freak out. She says she isn’t freaking out, and he blurts out he is in love with her. He jokes that she got a dying man to confess his love for her, she tells him he is not dying. Kate kisses him and he asks what was in the needle and they tell him medicine.

Randall and Kevin join Kate at the hospital while Toby is in surgery. She is upset that she didn’t say she loved him. Kevin assures her that Toby will be fine. She says she doesn’t want to talk about it any more and they were there to distract her and they are doing a horrible job.

Randall starts talking about a woman at work who is gluten free, she cuts him off telling Kevin it’s his turn. He tells her Olivia is back and she tells him to proceed. He reveals that she is back and wants to get back together with him but he is with Sloane now and she is the star of the play. He is desperately trying to be taken seriously for the first time in his life.

Kate asks him what he is going to do. He says both women are sexy but in different ways. Randall says two women wanting to be with you isn’t a problem. A problem is your dying biological father suddenly turning gay. Kate asks why that would be a problem, he says he doesn’t know. She says all three of them are a hot mess.

Rebecca returns home to Jack and she tells him the lunch with her mom was judgmental but she had an interesting idea. She suggested that once they have the kids they move in with them because they have a lot of space and they could save money. Jack thinks she is joking but quickly realizes she isn’t. Jack is concerned that her mother would drive her nuts hovering over her when the babies arrive. She says her mom means well and it could be good for them and asks him to keep an open mind about it.

Rebecca asks him for a gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream and he kisses her saying his wife is back. When he leaves Rebecca cries, he returns when he forgot his wallet to finding Rebecca sobbing and he pretends he didn’t hear her, and leaves again. While out Jack stops the car and takes his wedding band off and knocks on his father’s door. Jack asks if he can borrow some money.

Kevin is sitting with Olivia and informs her he is keeping Sloane because she is great and didn’t abandon them and he trusts her. Olivia says she understands and asks about them. Sloane is watching them. Kevin tells her he is going to continue to date Sloane because she’s kind, sweet and funny. She likes him and sometimes you just have to do the right thing; even if its not what you want. Sloane looks down and Olivia has tears in her eyes wishing him the best of luck and she is going to have incredible sex with a complete stranger and forget she ever met him.

Sloane walks past Kevin who says that was intense and not a lot of fun. He asks her to join him for a drink, she declines saying she wants to lay low tonight because its a big rehearsal tomorrow and says its the right thing to do. Kevin calls her but she leaves anyway.

Kate is talking to Toby saying everything went well and he will be awake soon. She tells him she loves him too and she has never said that to anyone she wasn’t related to. She says it is scary but she wants to spend the rest of her life with him, if he will have her. Toby says that would have be a lot hotter if she was in some sexy nurse’s outfit.

He admits he has been awake for about an hour and asks her if she meant all that stuff. She nods and Toby says he will totally marry her if that is something she is down with. Kate is happy and he says he would marry the hell out of her admitting it has been like that since the moment he met her. He says all this is just life trying to get in the way. Kate agrees.
[2017-01-10, 11:35:58 PM] Cristie Geroux: William returns home and Randall asks him if he thinks they bonded. William says they have and Randall wants to know why it is so easy for him to push him, Beth and the girls aside. He says he is not jealous of Jessie and his love life; William tells him to stop.

William sits down tell him the cancer is coming for him sooner than later, and he can feel it. He says Jessie can handle it and has been helping him make arrangements for a state funded nursing home, trying to find a good place to go before it gets really bad. He says he won’t put it on Randall and the family. Randall protests saying this is home and he can live in it and die in it but he doesn’t need to be someone else’s problem and he can take it. William tells him the meds are no longer working. Randall asks if he wants to stop the chemo, he nods. Randall grabs his hand and tells him it is okay and they will stop it.

Jack’s father wants to know why he needs the money, thinking it is women or gambling or something else. Jack says it’s gambling and his father says his mother was bad at managing money, in fact she was bad at everything. Jack says his father was right about him, he was no good and asks him to bail him out.

Jack leaves with a check in his hand and puts his wedding ring back on. He sells his car and the next day brings Rebecca to the house they are working on and tells her they bought the moneypit. He convinces her they had enough money stashed away to put a down payment. He shares his vision with her, asking if she can see it. She smiles, envisioning their family there. She tells him this could work. He wraps her in his arms and twirls her around saying they have a home.