Training Day Recap 2/16/17: Season 1 Episode 3 “Trigger Time”

Training Day Recap 2/16/17: Season 1 Episode 3 "Trigger Time"

Tonight the Series Premiere of the CBS series Training Day airs with a Thursday, February 16, 2017, season 1 episode 3 and we have your Training Day recap below. On tonight’s episode called, “Trigger Time” as per the CBS synopsis, “The rift between Kyle (Justin Cornwell) and Frank (Bill Paxton) grows when Kyle refuses to adhere to one of Frank’s morally ambiguous rules, but the pair must put aside their differences when they learn the notorious hit man known as El Cucuy is targeting members of the Russian mob in Los Angeles.”

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Training Day begins with Rebecca and Tommy meeting with Lara to get her started in a waitress job. They hope this will draw out Koslov. Frank and Kyle eat breakfast in her diner and discuss the Russian mob. As they eat two mobsters enter and see Lara. Frank wants to wait until they make a move but Kyle insists on arresting them for a massacre breaks out.

Frank yells at Kyle for not standing down. The arrive at a crime scene filled with multiple dead gang members. Frank doesn’t believe it was gangs. He thinks it is Russian mob activity. Kyle leaves the scene obviously upset but won’t tell Frank what is wrong. Franks interviews his informant who tells him it wasn’t gangs. It was El Cucuy, the bogie man. As they talk, two me shoot at Frank and Kyle but narrowly miss hitting them.

Frank confronts Cobra Kai and Baron trying to get information about the murder of the gang member and about the failed hit on he and Kyle. Baron blames El Cucuy. Koslov appears and tries to take Lara but Rebecca scares them away but not before he threatens revenge.

Rebecca has Lara stay at her place so she can protect her. The mayor confronts Kyle about his undercover work with Frank She is unhappy he has not given her anything to bring Frank down. She warn Kyle not to let Frank into his head. Rebecca sees Kyle leave the mayor’s office and makes a direct threat that she will kill him if she finds out he is trying to bring Frank down.

A group of unknown men meet and talk about killing the gang members. They say now that the heat is on they have to move up their timeline. One of the men wants out but he is quietly killed for disagreeing.

As Kyle studies photos from the gang member crime scene an unknown female breaks in and attacks him. She tells Kyle she isn’t after him but rather they are both after the same man, El Cucuy. She leaves before Kyle can stop her. Frank’s team meets to discuss El Cucuy’s next move. A body is pulled from the river and the team realizes he is ex-military. He has a drawing of Koslov’s nightclub and is somehow connected to the gang killings. The team reviews the crime scene photos again in hopes of finding a clue. They notice another ex-military guy in the pictures and realize tonight is the night that Koslov’s club is going to be hit.

They try to speak to Lara to get more information about the club but she is gone. Koslov has taken her and Rebecca tells Tommy they failed her. Tommy and Rebecca enter Koslov’s club and find Lara tied up. They kill Koslov and his men and rescue Lara.

Kyle and Frank wait outside and Kyle has a flashback to his time in Afghanistan. Kyle admits to Frank that he is haunted by his time overseas. It turns out El Cucuy is a pact of ex-military operatives and they storm the club to raid Koslov’s safe. Frank and Kyle stop them as they try to leave the club and a gun battle breaks out. El Cucuy and his men are killed with the help of the unknown woman who appears out of nowhere. Rebecca and Lara rescue the women Koslov was holding as prostitutes.

Tommy tells Kyle that Frank rescued Rebecca from a human trafficker when she was only 7. He has been like a father to her and she would do anything for her. Frank tells Kyle that sometimes you have to become a monster to get things done. Kyle worries that Frank is becoming something even worse. Frank says he now has Kyle to make sure that doesn’t happen.



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