Wisdom of the Crowd Recap 10/15/17: Season 1 Episode 3 “Machine Learning”

Tonight on CBS their new crime drama Wisdom of the Crowd premieres with an all new Sunday, October 15, 2017 episode and we have your Wisdom of the Crowd recap below.  On tonight’s Wisdom of the Crowd season 1 episode 3 “Machine Learning,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Sophe exposes a serial killer plaguing Silicon Valley and the Bay Area by connecting previously unrelated murders.”

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Josh Novak (Blake Lee) talks to Tariq Bakari (Jake Matthews) about the data translation he is doing, since every police department uses a different format; he has over 2,000 users who are helping him with the conversion.

Sara Morton (Natalia Tena) joins them, saying they are checking all of Sophie’s crowd sourcing to see if there is any link between Mia Tanner’s (Abigail F. Cowen) murder and any other crimes; suddenly Sophie shows them 3 cases that are connected but none of them have to so with Mia. Josh calls for Jeffrey Tanner (Jeremy Piven), but he’s not around.

Jeffrey meets with his ex-wife, Alex Hale (Monica Potter) asking if she knows anything about a Ryan Booth, but she can’t think of anything. Mia’s friend revealed that she had a secret boyfriend that she was afraid of. He asks about “sports shop” and she has no idea but tells him to let this go because he is spiraling out of control.

He insists that Carlos Ochoa (Ramses Jimenez) is not Mia’s killer; but Alex says the police are not wrong and she cannot relive this anymore and begs him to stop chasing ghosts. He says Ryan isn’t a ghost, he was caught on camera assaulting their daughter and he vows to find him.

At the police station, Dt. Tommy Cavanaugh (Richard T. Jones) is also inquiring about Ryan Booth when Lt. Elena Ruiz (Ion Overman) sees that he is moonlighting for Tanner again. She reminds him that his job is to take care of the cases on his desk, he says his job is to solve crimes. She advises him if “Brass” finds out he is working the closed Tanner case, he could be in trouble; he received an alert from Sara and leaves their conversation.

Jeffrey returns to the hive, frustrated that there is nothing on Ryan Booth, but learns from Sara that Sophie has discovered something else. She shows him the connection between Mei Chang, Ramon Ortiz and Olivia Medina were all ruled as random acts of violence, but Sophie says otherwise and the crowd have only made the evidence stronger.

Tommy arrives and Jeffrey reveals what they have discovered, saying these people slipped through the cracks because they were minorities and low-income; reminding him that justice isn’t only for rich people like him. Tommy remembers the case and that he believed they were linked. As they show him what Sophie found, the screen lights up with 14 more cases that seem to be connected and they have a serial killer on their hands. Tanner tells Tariq to post it, and before Tommy can object, it’s done.

Dt. Cavanaugh returns to the police station and Ruiz demands to know what is going on. He says it’s free speech, and if they want to cry “Serial Killer” he cannot stop them. He shows her that the cases are connected in tiny different ways. She tells him she is helping him as per Deputy Chief’s orders.

Cavanaugh and Ruiz meet with the Changs, who are furious that they only came after the website exposed them. They reveal that Ramon Ortiz dated their daughter and at her funeral he told her mother that he felt he knew who the killer was, but never spoke to her again.

Josh and Tariq show Jeffrey that more and more murders are matching and the more cases that are added to Sophie, the stronger the links get. The challenge they are facing is keeping up with the rate of submissions; Jeffrey tells them to stay on it and let him know if anything else breaks.

Mike Leigh (Malachi Weir) meets with Jeffrey in his office, he reveals Elle Degraf is the new CEO of All Sourcer. She wants to have a sit down with Jeffrey, wanting to pick his brain; he refuses but Mike says they could drive traffic away from their site and makes him promise to be pleasant. Meanwhile, Alex sits in her office and looks over what Sophie has on Mia’s murder case.

In prison, Carlos Ochoa is almost attacked but a Latino group saves him, telling him to calm down and says if he wants protection he needs to stay with his own kind.

Jeffrey calls Sara over, asking about the sports shop; saying they can definitely link Ryan Booth to one of the 800 sports shops, but she says this man is a ghost as there is less than 1% match. Mike interrupts them, saying Ryan Booth’s brother is there to meet them.

He is angry saying they had no right to plaster his face everywhere but he isn’t there to protect his mooching brother. He doesn’t know where Ryan is because they lost contact after his last relapse, and says Ryan had mental health issues and whoever stood in the way of his next fix was collateral damage. When he leaves, Jeffrey tells Sara he knows the link now, Ryan was in the treatment facility that Mia worked at. In the hive, Tariq and Josh are arguing when Jeffrey and Sara join them, they found another victim, but this one is alive!

Cavanaugh and Ruiz go to see the victim, who retells them what happened to her, showing them where it occurred, reliving when he placed the plastic bag over her head. She says it was the gloves, the friction burn was from the gloves. She remembers he smelled like sickly sweet medicine kind of strawberry smell. She kicked him off and ran all the way home, and hasn’t ran since; Cavanaugh promises they will get this guy.

At the facility, Jeffrey says he understands the laws but they all know Ryan Booth was at that facility. He respects the law of privacy but talks about Mia, who devoted her life to helping others and she volunteered there, which should count for something. He is ordered to leave but Lorna, a nurse comes running out after him.

She gives him something Ryan made in the art room, wanted to write into Sophie but didn’t want to get into trouble. She hopes she helped and he says more than she will ever know. He quickly scans through his photos of Mia and finds one of her standing in front of a book shelf with the wirey doll standing behind her; he takes a photo of it and uploads it to Sophie.

Ochoa is dreaming of his time with Mia, laughing and holding hands. She gets very nervous and scared when she sees a man approaching them. Carlos wakes up and calls Jeffrey and when he cannot speak to him, he leaves a message saying he might know who killed Mia.

Tommy and Ruiz are trying to fit all the cases together, trying figure out which maps to look at since the whole area has changed. Tommy says they are going down the rabbit hole and brings her to the hive. She isn’t happy, saying it wasn’t her idea. Sara reconstructs how the neighborhood was like when all the murders happened, they reveal that at each time of the murder there was an active construction site within 3 blocks of where the bodies were found.

Jeffrey and Mike meet with Elle, who says the board was crazy to let him walk out the door with Sophie and she wants All Source in on the action. She reveals that she knows he is having financial issues and she is willing to make a substantial investment that will enable him to grow Sophie, all she wants is access to the IP. He laughs saying this is a passive aggressive takeover but Mike says maybe they can work something out. Jeffrey says Sophie is about people wanting to be a part of something. He is interrupted by an alert of someone selling the same wirey doll, Ryan made and abruptly leaves.

Several people are uploading their photos of the construction back when the murders happened. Cavanaugh and Ruiz are back at the hive, when they get a match of Ever Fresh, an outhouse service – Ruiz says that would be the strawberry smell, the deodorizer. Mike comes back and demands to know where Jeffrey is; Josh explains that he sent him an address of someone who purchased the doll a couple months ago.

Jeffrey arrives at a wooded property, sees all kinds of art pieces everywhere but when he grabs an axe, Ryan pulls a gun on him, saying he didn’t kill his daughter. He says the night Mia died he was on day 3 of a 2-week intensive care stay, and he has proof. Jeff wants to know why he was grabbing his arm and Ryan tells him to have a seat; he brings him the bills and says he was crazy about her but it was unrequited.

He said Mia read him the riot act, when he went to get high and wanted him to call his sponsor, even when she was mad she always wanted to do the right thing and admits he grabbed her. He tells Jeffrey he should be proud that Mia didn’t give in to him and come home with him. Ryan informs Jeffrey that Mia wasn’t an intern at the facility – she was a patient!

Ruiz and Cavanaugh arrive at the Ever Fresh Sanitation Services warehouse, where they run into BJ. He isn’t much of a threat as he shows he uses braces to walk. Tommy informs him that one of his workers might know something about a criminal matter. He says there is only one guy who has worked there that long and it would be Donnie. They want to know where Donnie is, but when he shows them he is in the warehouse, Donnie runs; both Ruiz and Tommy chase after him.

They demand Donnie to show his hands and asks them what took them so long? Tommy arrests him as Ruiz finds the bag of shoes. Sara tells Tariq and Josh that they caught him just as he was trying to get rid of the shoes in a vat of acid; both want to take credit for breaking the case as Sara pushes the button for Closed Case.

The surviving victim, puts on her running shoes as the Changs watch the news, showing the man who is responsible for 17 deaths in the Bay area has been arrested. Jeffrey goes to see Alex, confronting her about knowing that Mia was in rehab. He reveals that Ryan and Mia were both patients at the facility, she says she couldn’t tell him because Mia was an adult and he couldn’t have helped her. Alex says she is mad at herself because she keeps getting sucked back in, saying he is going to kill her if he doesn’t let this go and he will end up killing himself.

Jeffrey asks Sara what if they never find him and what if he is chasing a ghost? She says they will search together. She reminds him they just pulled a serial killer off the street, and they will find out the truth about Mia. He shakes her head while she comforts him, saying he’s got this.

In prison, Ochoa worries about the prisoner who was trying to kill him earlier and once again is protected. As he is washing up, his “protector” comes into his cell, saying if he sticks with them he will stay protected; as he shakes hands and hugs him, he repeatedly stabs Carlos saying he should have kept his mouth shut about that girl. Carlos falls to the ground, bleeding out.


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