Wisdom of the Crowd Recap 11/12/17: Season 1 Episode 7 “Trade Secrets”

Wisdom of the Crowd Recap 11/12/17: Season 1 Episode 7 "Trade Secrets"

Tonight on CBS their new crime drama Wisdom of the Crowd  airs with an all-new Sunday, November 12, 2017, episode and we have your Wisdom of the Crowd recap below.  On tonight’s Wisdom of the Crowd season 1 episode 7 “Trade Secrets,” as per the CBS synopsis, “After Sophe users uncover recent security footage of a domestic terrorist missing for 20 years, they daringly track his every move, even as federal agents threaten to shut the platform down. Also, Tanner’s former company files an injunction against Sara forbidding her to work with Sophe or communicate with the staff.”

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At Superior Court in San Francisco, Jeffrey Tanner (Jeremy Piven) talks to Carlos Ochoa’s lawyer, told him that he might have some information on w ho killed Mia Tanner (Abigail F. Cowen), but he was attacked before they could finish the conversation. His advice to Jeffrey is to move on because he has clients call him with this kind of nonsense all the time. Jeffrey pleads with him but he says the only time to help is during the trial, IF there is a trial and tells him he needs to get to court, reminding him they don’t even know if Carlos is even going to wake up again.

As the court begins, Jeffrey remembers when the jury read out their decision on Carlos Ochoa and whether he was guilty or innocent on the death of Mia. Jeffrey leaves the courtroom with a puzzled look on his face.

Dt. Tommy Cavanaugh (Richard T. Jones) comes home to his son, Jordan, using a blowtorch to make steak for dinner. Tommy says Jordan is exactly like his mother, as he calls and orders two pizzas; his other phone receives an alert from Sophie, showing a murder suspect seen on camera. He cancels the pizza and takes his son with him. Tommy goes to the crime scene where Dt. Elena Ruiz (Ion Overman) is, he tells her he isn’t staying but shows her a photo of the murder suspect from this crime that happened less than 3 hours ago.

Josh (Blake Lee) and Tariq (Jake Matthews) call Tommy and inform him that Sophie users did this one on their own, and are trying to explain that no one should care how they go the information but be impressed by who they found – it turns out to be Jack Foley (Brad Carter), a militia member of a group that blew up a federal government building. Everyone went to prison, but Jack, who was believed to be the “money guy”. Tommy comes outside into a heap of trouble when Jordan’s mom is furious that he brought him to a crime scene.

Jeffrey talks to legal eagle Mike Leigh (Malachi Weir). Who says Sara Morton (Natalia Tena) is not allowed to be there because basically she is a walking trade secret and she belongs to them. Mike is sure they can get around this but the judge issues a temporary restraining order and Sara has to stop work right now; Mike promises it will be for a week at the most. She thinks he is joking but says no contact at all as there will be investigators watching her 24-7. The only way Jeffrey and Sara can communicate is through Mike, and she is ordered to leave.

Jeffrey tries to reassure Josh that they can survive while Sara is gone for a few days but wonders why the domestic terrorist information is on fire only in the public forums and not on the main platform. The owners feel they are running the case since they found him so are choosing to use the forums over the platform. They suddenly discover that Jack Foley has a son named Sam Calder (Calum Worthy) at a local school; Jeffrey tells them to update Cavanaugh.

Tommy meets with Sam, who identifies him as his father and until 4 minutes ago, he thought he was dead and now is one of the most wanted men in American. Sam says he could do without this whole “Sophie” thing right now, as people are harassing him in his dorm these days. Mike gives Jeffrey more bad news, that someone he knows at All Sourcer is being subpoenaed by Alex Hale’s (Monica Potter), his ex-wife’s committee. He suggests Jeffrey call his ex-wife to find out if this is because of something he has done, he tells Mike to leave it alone.

Sara returns home, dumps out the rotten fruit and stares at the pile of mail at her door. She opens the French doors that lead to her piano room. Jordan serves Jeffrey and his dad some tacos; Jeffrey says he is a talented kid, joking, asking if he really is his kid. In the hive, Tommy says he talked to Sam, swearing he doesn’t know anything and wonder if they can do anything to stop the people harassing him. Tariq says this is way more aggressive than they thought it would be. Mike rushes in, followed by a US Marshall, who tells them they can stop doing what they are doing immediately; revealing that Foley is part of the Federal Witness Protection Program, saying he rolled over on the guys who blew up the building and the murder in the liquor store was a setup. He tells Jeffrey if they don’t shut down this machine they will get him killed!

The US Marshall Hunter (Mark Valley) says the people who want Foley dead are more than capable of manipulating the website to find him and kill him. Josh says, even if they do shut it down, the users will know how to keep it go through channels of their own. Jeffrey says if they shut down the discussion boards, people will go elsewhere to talk and then they will not be able to track it. He protests and Jeffrey tells Josh to inform users Foley is in Witness protection and tells Tariq to make sure they have contact with the confidential tip line; Tommy calls to get Sam picked up so he is protected too.

The Marshall jumps down Jeffrey’s throat acting like all he cares about his Mia’s killer, but Jeffrey reminds him that he lost track of his own snitch and that isn’t on him. He threats Jeffrey, saying he will ruin him in the press if something happens to Foley.

Mike delivers laundry to Sara, asking to talk to her for a moment. Mike reminds her she can’t go n Sophie, even as a user. She asks about Jeffrey, and when they drink tea he asks if they can tell Jeffrey that she is a mess and she agrees. He wants to talk to her about the All Sourcer case, that they want to use her as a bargaining chip against Jeffrey. She’s there on a visa and without a job, she can leave. She scoffs and says, on the bright side, England is nice this time of year.

Tommy gets a call from Sam, saying the guys who want his dad have found him and they chase after him in a truck. They begin to shoot and as a man throws him into the van and he says he isn’t part of this, he looks up and sees that it is his father; Tommy hears him call out his father’s name before there is silence. The US Marshall continues to order them to shut it down, but Jeffrey says they need to increase the delay of information, the posts are slowing and users lost track of the van.

Jeffrey runs over to Mike and says they need Sara back, all he did was put bubblegum in the hole of the boat. He orders him to call her, or he will. At home, Sara is playing piano, going from a classical song to metal until she is just banging the keys. Her phone rings, she smiles and says, ‘Thank God,”

Back at the hive, She takes over immediately as the Marshall asks if anyone speaks America. She tells Josh and Tariq to make dummy accounts and go on forums and make it okay to disagree with people, try to get into arguments; to let people it is okay to stand up to a bully. Tommy and Sophie invite Jordan to join in and bully. Jeffrey tells Marshall to apologize to Sara but he refuses, saying this was their mess but Josh runs in and says Sophie may have just found Foley.

Jeffrey apologizes for his harsh words before as Sara praises them for a good job. Tommy takes the Marshall to go get Foley as Jordan stays with Jeffrey in the hive. Tariq asks him what it is like being Tommy’s kid. Josh feels something isn’t right, shows Tariq who plays it off like nothing is wrong but as he leaves with Jordan he tells him to get Jeffrey right away.

They realize that Dt. Tommy Cavanaugh is walking into a trap as the Marshall is in on the attempted killing of Jack Foley. They arrive in a parking garage, where the Marshall tells Foley to come out, as it is all safe. They both approach the van, which is empty. Jeffrey calls Tommy and warns him but Hunter figures it out and holds him at gunpoint; police are too far to help; Sara quickly looks for which Sophie users are in the area.

Meanwhile, Jordan is completely oblivious to what is happening to his dad. Jack points his gun on Hunter as Cavanaugh tells Jack the truth that the Marshall is working with his enemies. Tommy tells Jack to think of the son he just reconnected with as Hunter suggests they split the money and simply disappear. Sam runs up behind his father as a truck shows up shooting at them. Tommy tells Jack to take care of Sam, grabs the gun off the ground and chases after the truck. He informs Jeffrey and the hive that Hunter got away; Jeffrey is about to get a user to contact security who is diverting security to the same exit the police are at.

The police are out front by the street, while Marshall and the men in their pick up truck are in the middle, with Tommy behind; everyone in the hive cheers as Jordan knows Tariq was trying to protect him. At the parking garage, everyone is arrested as the US Marshall give jack Foley a minute to shake hands with his son Sam, telling him to take care of himself. He is led away back into protective custody, new city, and a new identity; Sam doesn’t feel it is fair. Tommy makes him feel a bit better, knowing that his dad had nothing to do with blowing up the building and like it or not, a dad will always look out for his son.

At home, Tommy thoroughly enjoys the incredible steak Jordan made. He is upset that Jordan has to go home tomorrow. He apologizes that they will miss the basketball game; Jordan says he doesn’t like basketball but today he got to finally see what his dad does for a living; saving a kid’s life. It’s not a competition either, but Tommy worries that his mom gets him more than he does. He disagrees.

Jeffrey pours a glass of wine as Mike informs them that the judge is pissed and wants them in court first thing in the morning. She worries about losing but he assures her, they will beat it together, promising her they will be fine.


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