YouTube Beauty Bloggers Paid To Give Kim Kardashian Compliments On Her Contour Collection

YouTube Beauty Bloggers Paid To Give Kim Kardashian Compliments On Her Contour Collection

Kim Kardashian dropped her new contouring collection. She’s giving little sister Kylie Jenner a run for her money. Kim Kardashian launched her KKW Beauty Line after having a string of failed beauty lines. Luckily for her, this collection sold out immediately. Looks like Kim is finally doing something right. YouTube beauty bloggers have been reviewing her new collection. Some of them were paid to promote the product and to rave about it on their YouTube channels. Others weren’t so crazy about Kim Kardashian’s new contour kit.

There have been rumors about drama going down between Kim Kardashian and YouTuber Jackie Aina. Some people assumed that Kardashian didn’t tag Aina because she didn’t give her a great review. Kardashian took to Twitter to reveal that she didn’t mean to leave the YouTuber out of her tags. Since Kim Kardashian’s makeup line is so popular right now, she has YouTube beauty bloggers raving about it.

That’s only because they received the product for free and were paid for their time with the reality star. It doesn’t mean that Kim Kardashian’s makeup is that good. Let’s not get besides ourselves here. But, not everyone is happy with Kim Kardashian. She invited the beauty bloggers over for a special party. She gave them the makeup before the launch and likely paid them for their time, reports the Daily Mail. Jackie Aina was one of those people who attended the beauty bash. She is a YouTube blogger who has a million and a half subscribers.

Though she received the product for free, she gave it a lukewarm review. She said that she liked some aspects of Kim Kardashian’s contouring makeup, but didn’t like other parts of it. Kim Kardashian posted photos from the even on her social media accounts. Jackie Aina was the only person who wasn’t tagged in the photos. Kim Kardashian told her followers that she wasn’t shading Aida. Meanwhile, Jackie Aina claims that Kardashian left her out intentionally.

Kim Kardashian’s contouring kits went on sale last week. They racked up $14 million in sales in just minutes. They sold out before the end of the day. Kim Kardashian promised fans that a restock will be available at a later date. Before she launched the kits, she invited several YouTube beauty bloggers to her home to celebrate the launch and to get their hands on the kits. They were also paid to promote her products on their respective YouTube channels.

Jeffree Star was one of those YouTubers who rubbed elbows with the television personality. His followers aren’t happy that he’s kissing up to Kim Kardashian. In his review, Jefree Star raved about the KKW Beauty light contour kit, according to Insider. He even gave the product his signature Jefree Star Stamp of Approval. Viewers don’t trust the review and believe he was one of those who was paid to give the product a glowing review. It’s caused so much drama that Jefree Star took to his Snapchat account to defend his review, but he apologized for not discussing the amount of product that’s in the KKW contouring kits.

YouTube Beauty Bloggers Paid To Give Kim Kardashian Compliments On Her Contour Collection

There have been complaints about the cheap packaging and small size. According to the packaging on Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat, each side of the stick contains .032 ounces of product. That’s only .064 ounces per stick. The contouring sticks are so tiny that they can snap in half, as reviewed by Jackie Aina. Kim Kardashian’s contouring kits cost a whopping $48 when major makeup brands charge less for more product. Sounds like Kim is scamming her own fans.

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