Zoo Finale Finale Recap 9/21/17: Season 3 Episode 13 “The Barrier”

Zoo Finale Finale Recap 9/21/17: Season 3 Episode 13 "The Barrier"

Tonight on CBS Zoo continues with an all new Thursday, September 21, 2017, episode and we have your Zoo recap below.  On tonight’s Zoo season 3 episode 13 as per the CBS synopsis, “Season 3 ends with the team racing to stop the hybrids from breaching the barrier wall by shutting down the last beacon that draws them in.”

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Zoo begins tonight at the Barrier, where Jamie Campebll (Kristen Connolly and Mitch Morgan (billy Burke) walk around IADG headquarters and learn all but one of the beacons have been activated, the US beacon in St. Louis. Dariela (Alyssa Diaz) and Logan (Josh Salatin) inform them the area is free of hybrid’s nests but they will all attack the barrier if Mitch and the switch don’t work as that is their last hope with 48 minutes to go.

Abe (Nonso Anoziw) finds Tessa (Hilary Jardine) on the rooftop watching out for Jackson Oz (James Wolk). Abe promises to keep trying to call Jackson but the good thing is the diversion Sam aka Connor (Clayton Chitty) has created seems to be keeping the hybrids away from the border too.

Inside, Mitch says he has found where to cut the power but Dariela warns him that he cannot do that because the last time they did it, it caused a massive explosion in Tokyo; he hopes he can divert the power. Both Jamie and Mitch learn that the IADG has a contingency plan, Jamie tries to reason with him but he is informed that all the Generals are on the line. Mitch hits the “execute” button and orders Dariela to get Isaac on the road and to keep traveling North until the roads run out and vanishes without an explanation.

All the beacons are shutting off, as the IADG is celebrating, both Dariela and Jamie wonder where Mitch went; suddenly at 28 minutes the St. Louis beacon is activated and Jamie wonder what Mitch as done. Tessa and Abe observe a massive smoke wall headed towards them which appears to be a stampede of hybrids with Jackson driving right in front of them, he shouts for Sam to hang on as the barrier prepares for them.
Clementine (Gracue Dzienny) is holding her baby boy, when Mitch rushes past the line of armed officers. He tells Clem she needs to go anywhere by here, saying every single hybrid is coming. He is interrupted by the IADg commander; Mitch tells him he redirected the power to the Barrier as they are the most protected in the world and they can handle the fallout there.

Jackson is able to drive in, screaming for help for Sam, who wants to know why Jackson saved him. Tessa hugs him and Abe wants to know what happened out there. They are distracted by the hybrids ramming into the barrier and he says they all need to pray the barrier can hold up against all the hybrids racing their way. On top of the barrier wall, the soldiers are shooting at the influx of hybrids attacking them.

Mitch begs Clem to leave, who says she isn’t going without Sam. Logan says the wall is taking a hit but this is still the safest place for them to be right now. Mitch and Jackson argue over his decision to endanger everyone there and Clementine stops them saying she is staying right there until Sam is stable; she orders him to stop worrying about her and to start worrying about the beacon. The IADG says if they can’t take the beacon offline, they will take if out by force but Jackson is worried the rest of the people can’t get out of the blast area in time. He is told they don’t have a choice unless they can find another way; Jackson shakes his head at Mitch.

Jamie finds Mitch trying to figure out the “perfect” system Duncan created, using Mitch’s brain. He says if anyone is going to stop this thing it will be the guy who made it. Jamie says she is going to stay with him (Mitch) and they will figure it out together; they kiss as they get to work.

Abe works with Clem and the baby to create the cure for the sterility. Abe tells Clementine if he is going to save the world people are going go to want to call him something and she asks if they have picked a name for him. She says she has a few ideas, mostly family names. She looks at Sam who is laying very still on his cot and says they didn’t decide on a name and maybe now they never will; Abe reassures her that things will be okay.

Jackson refuses to leave Sam’s side, so Abe comes to see him saying Jackson is very brave to save the man who was working against him and isn’t sure he would do the same. Jackson says he would definitely done the same. Jackson says he did it for himself, explaining that Sam is Connor, his son! Abe sits down as Jackson tells him this was all Abigail’s (Athena Karkanis) plan and shows him the proof Abigail gave him; Abe is in total shock. Jackson questions how he is going to make this right for his grown son?

Dariela confirms that whatever Mitch did is still working; the IADG commander comes to see Mitch who says he doesn’t have any good news. The team returns with a piece of the St. Louis beacon, they are told to get patched up at the infirmary but Mitch wants to know how long they can hold up the barrier; when he doesn’t get an answer Mitch demands that they get Clementine and the baby out of there to safety. He agrees to move Clem and the baby further East but the rest lies on Mitch’s shoulders.

In the “war” room, the IADG worries about the generators and loss of life in the different sectors. Dariela says they are stretched too thin and they need to prioritize where the power is going because if they lose power they are done. The order to evacuate all non-combatants is issued reminded they cannot win this fight, all they can do is hold the line and pray they can shut down the beacon before the monsters find their way in.
Abe walks through the infirmary and finds Clementine is gone as Mitch discovers there are two different frequencies for the St. Louis beacon. Jackson realizes the one is frequency Abigail recorded off of him but he doesn’t know why she would do that and he is sure the other frequency came from Abigail; and together they are creating a sonic barrier like the one in Tokyo and if that is the case, he may be the only one who can get past the beacon defenses.

Mitch says he figured out how Duncan created the beacon and has found a flaw. Mitch tells Jackson it will still hurt like hell to get that close to the beacon but if he can get to it, he can make a device to attach to the beacon, giving them remote access to it. Jackson says if he makes the package, he will make sure it gets delivered.

Abe and Jackson are furious that Mitch took Clem away. Abe says if the baby misses his next dosage, this whole cause is lost but Mitch says its his family and his call. Jackson says this isn’t how the team works and he isn’t the only one who has a personal stake in this. He orders Mitch to make the device and better hope Clem and the baby are fine. After Jackson storms off, Abe reveals Sam is Jackson’s son, Connor Oz.
In St. Louis, Jackson and Tessa arrive with the device Mitch made. Tessa says the beacon is massive, Jackson says there is no use standing around and Tessa wants to go with him; he appreciates that she has saved his ass more times than he can remember but this one he has to do on his own. He is able to walk in the sonic barrier, but stumbles, Tessa walks in with him and he orders her to go back. Jackson continues to walk towards the tower.

Mitch, Jamie, Dariela and Abe watch with the IADG command unit as Jackson makes it further than anyone else, the power flickers and Dariela orders the Major and his troops to not fall back as they need to protect the generator; they can hear as the soldiers are taking on too many of the hybrids. Mitch says if they lose power it won’t matter what Jackson does. The Commander orders every able body to come with him, Dariela promises they will keep on the power for as long as they can, leaving only Mitch in the room; but Jamie returns saying the last time she left him alone in a hybrid attack, she didn’t see him for 10 years.

The razorbacks are attacking inside the building as Logan drives Clem and the baby to another military fort. Clem says Logan has always looked out for her, even when she was living with him and Jamie. He is happy to be looking after two of them now, but asks if she has a name for the little guy or are they all just going to keep calling him “Barrier Baby”. Clem laughs as Logan says she better come up with something before that sticks.

She says “Samuel” but Sam for short; she frets that Sam is not going to wake up but Logan says he will. Clem demands to know where Sam is when she realizes his ambulance isn’t right behind them. She orders him to turn around, but they are quickly under siege by the flying hybrids, Logan is taken from the car and dropped dead on the hood. Clem jumps into the front seat but is knocked unconscious by Abigail who smiles as she hears the crying baby.

Dariela and Abe fight the hybrids and she reminds him they are fighting for their son Isaac and all the grandbabies they are going to have. Jackson struggles to reach the beacon, screaming in agony, but manages to place the device on it, saying package delivered; the line goes dead after that. Tessa is held back as she notices that Jackson is not moving. Mitch announces that he did it and they reconfigure the power source.

Suddenly the hybrids begin to retreat and Dariela says they must have shut down the beacon. Mitch calls out to Jackson saying he did it; Tessa rushes to his side and tells him he did it, begging him to open his eyes, pleading for him to come back to her. He wakes up and she kisses him.

In the infirmary, one soldier removes his gear and hugs his K-9 partner, saying they did it, knocking the hybrids on their asses and they saved the damn world. He couldn’t have done it with out him, cuts off his collar but the dog wakes up and is now a hybrid and savagely attacks him.

The team is reunited, celebrating in their victory; Mitch says he was cutting it a bit close out there and Tessa jokes that a little suspense never killed anyone. Abe bear hugs Jackson who asks how Sam is; Jamie confirms that he is safe. Dariela says with the beacon down they are pushing back the hybrids and once they have secured the perimeter, Clem and the baby will be brought back. Abe says this is world wide when it comes to the hybrids.

Garrison calls everyone back in the command center right away revealing they just found Troy torn to pieces in an examine room, and soldiers had to corner Troy’s dog to put him down. He says the dead dog came back as a hybrid; Mitch says that isn’t possible but they are told whatever the thing is, they need to look at it ASAP. They worry that Abigail can create a whole army of hybrids returning from the dead.

Clem comes driving in like a maniac, Mitch runs over and learns the baby is gone. She says the hybrids came out of no where and Abigail came and now the baby is gone; she also reveals Logan is dead. Jamie freaks out on Jackson saying if he had put a bullet in Abigail when he had the chance, none of this would be happening. Dariela calls the command center announcing the baby is gone and to get eyes in the sky ASAP.

Abe snaps saying Logan would be alive if Jamie and Mitch would have kept Clem and the baby with there where they would have been safe. Abe says if he doesn’t administer the drug within the next 4 hours, they will lose the cure to the sterility. Abigail calls Jackson, saying the baby is fine and beautiful, she tells him she wants the same thing she has always wanted; her hybrids to run free and everywhere. She tells him if he gives her that, she will give him the baby back. He refuses, but she reminds him that his friends are very resourceful and they can find a way.

Jackson returns to the group saying he can get the baby back and it was Abigail who just called him willing to make a trade. They want to know what she wants in return, he is using the tablet to control the plane. The plane begins to move and he tells them she wants her hybrids to get through the barrier. Jamie wants to know what he is doing with the plane navigation tablet, everyone raises their gun as Dariela says that barrier is the only thing keeping all the hybrids from infecting all the animals but Jackson says they have to get the baby back and this is the only way.

Mitch says if he does this, he is no better than his dad or his sister; Tessa points the gun at Mitch saying Jackson is nothing like them. Jackson says the baby is the cure and the only thing keeping mankind from extinction and he is in the hands of a monster. They argue among themselves, Clem says Logan died protecting the baby and she says, “Let’s get my baby back, Jackson!”
The plane begins to move, as Mitch pleads with Jackson to think about it, every animal in North America will become a part of her hybrid army. Jackson tells him one problem at a time! The plane crashes through the barrier.


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