Zoo Recap 8/17/17: Season 3 Episode 8 “Stakes on a Plane”

Zoo Recap 8/17/17: Season 3 Episode 8 "Stakes on a Plane"

Tonight on CBS Zoo continues with an all new Thursday, August 17, 2017, episode and we have your Zoo recap below.  On tonight’s Zoo season 3 episode 8 as per the CBS synopsis, “Abigail holds Jackson prisoner in order to extract information from him that is critical to her secret master plan. Meanwhile, the team faces a mid-air crisis when their plane experiences an electrical malfunction.”

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ZOO begins tonight in Copenhagen, Denmark with Abigail (Athena Karkanis) waking up her captive brother, Jackson Oz (James Wolk). She tells him where they are and he will find out why soon enough. She says she dreamed of meeting him several times but says he is such a disappointment; he wants to understand why she is helping the hybrids.

He taunts her that his father, Robert never told him about her and he tells her its not too late to stop her plan and he will help her. She says he isn’t there for a heart-to-heart, he is there only for his ability to communicate with the animal kingdom.

Mitch (Billy Burke) and his father Max (Robin Thomas) carry Jamie (Kristen Connolly) to a bed, Mitch tells Isaac (Jesse Muhoozi) that Jamie can’t really hold her liquor and that is why she is unconscious. Max wants to know what is going on, Mitch tells him if the team knows what he has done he will lose everything including his daughter, Clementine (Gracie Dzienny) and Jamie.

He makes Max promise not to say anything when he tells him for the last 10 years, he was not in the tank the whole time and someone used him, controlling his brain and do “bad guy” stuff. He won’t risk wiping his mind clear and explains the bio drive but Max says he can take care of it and knows just how to do it.

Abigail says the bio drive she attached to Jackson’s head tells her when he is lying; when he denies knowing what she is talking about; she pours antelope blood on him and releases a tiger that hasn’t eaten in 3 days. When she opens the cage, Jackson looks at the tiger which retreats to its cage. Now that he has proven her point she says they will begin.

Outside Boulder, Colorado at the IADG Command Center – Barrier, Logan (Josh Salatin) is welcomed to the barrier that keeps track of all hybrid activity all over the globe. He will be working on Black Forest, Germany where 4 hikers died from massive hemorrhaging and hybrid DNA was found in their lungs; and that is the mystery he will be solving.

Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, Abraham “Abe” (Nonso Anozie) and Dariela (Alyssa Diaz) dress after a passionate night together. He says it was good and she admits that was never the problem between them. He says everything is back to normal, Isaac is back and they can begin to be a normal family again. He says once Jackson comes back they are one step closer to solving the sterility and promises they will go home; Isaac jumps into bed with them and they play and tickle each other as Dariela looks on concerned.

Max acknowledges that Mitch isn’t a half bad scientist. He is thinking EFP might work with the bio-drive in Mitch’s brain; Max admits he has never done this on a living human before. Jamie wakes up with a pounding headache, grabs her tablet that suddenly warns her of problems with the plane.

Dariela jumps to find Jamie while Max tells Mitch it will hurt, the first two times it hurts him but before he could shock him again, Mitch can’t see anything; Max says its a minor side effect. But due to the plane’s problems, Max is unable to shock him again and Mitch says something doesn’t feel right. Jamie tells Dariela the plane is trying to conserve its battery, meaning it will continue to circle until the problem is resolved.

Abigail tells Jackson to tell her how he controls the animals or she will hurt his friends. She is alerted that Mitch’s bio-drive has been initiated and says its an unexpected development as she smiles. Dariela and Jamie find a green slime and decide to keep going. Abigail shows him a diagram of the airplane, saying if he doesn’t tell her what she wants to know, she will bring down the plane killing everyone on board. Jamie finds a snake hybrid on the plane and tells Dariela they have a problem.

Abigail reveals that her hybrid is causing irreparable damage to the electrical system but he continues to insist he doesn’t know how he does it. Everyone on the plane is called to the galley because there is a hybrid on the plane; Mitch tells Max not to reveal his condition to anyone. Dariela gives Abe a sample of the secretion they found and Jamie tells them if there are no other issues they will have power for another 2 hours.

She needs to reboot the system but can’t do it with the creature wrapped around the battery. Abe suggests they draw the creature out into the open, but Dariela feels its too dangerous. Dariela and Jamie say they will come in from the vehicle bay and kill it but Abe wants it alive so he can get some spinal fluid from a live subject; Jamie says none of this matters if they can’t keep the plane in the air and gives everyone a task so they can save the plane and their lives.

Jamie asks Mitch what happened last night, as she can’t remember anything, he says its weird and she tells him to look her in the eye, he says he is but Max interrupts them before Mitch’s condition is exposed. Suddenly, there is another malfunction and Jamie says they need to move. Jackson doesn’t believe Abigail saying she can do what she wants with him but leave them out of it. She says its bigger than that, all the hybrids are across the globe just waiting to be awakened.

Mitch asks Max to get his eye balls working again, he learns that the blood vessels are constricted and it could take hours before they start working again; Max carries blood thinners with him and goes to get them while Abe explains to Isaac they are going to fix the plane and he needs to stay in their room, and as soon as its fixed, they will be back. Isaac misses home and asks if they can go back soon; Abe promises to talk about it when he gets back.

Dariela is upset that Isaac is in danger again but Jamie says they are all just working to make sure there is a world for Isaac to grow up in. Suddenly after they open a tunnel, the hybrid disappears but locks them inside the vehicle bay, another malfunction happens and the bay door opens as Jamie yells for Dariela to hold onto something.

Logan, at the barrier, learns the DNA doesn’t match any hybrids they know of and he suggests that maybe its not from a hybrid; at least not exactly. He reveals a case he worked on years ago and believes the hikers died from inhaling airborne toxic spores but now the question is where the spores come form.

Abigail wants to know what Jackson is doing, he almost manages to knock her out by twisting her in between his legs. Jackson realizes she wants him to wake up the tiger so she can figure out the frequency; she wants his rage instead of his fear and by the time they are done, he will have given her everything she needs.

Dariela and Jamie struggle to close the emergency lever, Abe hears their screams and tries to open the door, while Mitch is slowly regaining his eyesight. Mitch feels guilty for what he did to Jamie and Max tells him to tell her the truth as it will catch up to him anyway. Mitch’s vision comes back and he learns that Logan is their narrator now for the IA. Abe manages to cut the wires and close the bay door. Mitch says his earpiece was broken and then Jamie tells them they need to get down to where Clementine is before she loses power too.

Abe and Mitch argue because Mitch wants Clem out of the tank but Abe warns him that he must not do that because she still needs the blood transfusion and the baby might die. He says he loves Clem but his son is on the plane too, and this is bigger than both of them. Mitch sarcastically responds to Logan’s suggestions that were programmed years earlier.

Abigail says his friends are resourceful but the only action that will save them is in his court. They are able to reroute the power, but the plane is in more trouble with full engine failure in 10 minutes; Abe is given 5 minutes to get the hybrid but they no longer have firearms, Dariela finds knives and axes to use instead. Jamie kisses Mitch and promises him everything will be fine and they do an entire system reboot.

Abe and Dariela stand by as the hybrid will be coming straight for them, they are to tell her as soon as they see it. Abigail tells Jackson to be the hero, use his anger and waken the tiger to rip her apart. She shows him that she knows one of his friends and has her bio-drive in his head and has made him do things through the years, including making the beacons and develop the hybrids.

She says he could almost say he is her partner, he can be changed into Mr. Duncan by the flick of a switch. She asks Jackson if he is ready to meet him and flips the switch. Mitch drops and tells his dad the bio-drive is back on and he screams for him to take it out of his head before he hits Max over the head and he falls motionless to the ground.

Mitch talks to Abigail and he asks her to help him as Jackson tries to talk to him but Abigail tells him Mitch is gone and this is Mr. Duncan. She says everyone there is lying to him and he is Charles Duncan not Mitch Morgan. Abigail says he needs to make sure that plane goes down as Jackson begs for him to focus on his voice. Abigail says she made Mitch hers and Jackson says he is going to kill her.

Jamie says the battery is back on, as Abe is attacked but the octopus. Jamie tries to contact Mitch but the voice says the master switch is still in the “off” position. Jamie rushes off.

Abigail says this is a familiar story for him, the failure and talks about his tragedy, watching his wife and son dying in the truck fire. He wants to know how she knows about his son as she calls him entirely “helpless”.

Jamie sees Max on the ground and tells Mitch they need to reboot the plane right now and he tells her to stop calling him that and his name is Duncan; Jamie realizes last night it was him, she orders him to move so she can throw the switch, he refuses to move.

Logan says the spores are like the seeds of a dandelion and shows him what they believe is the hybrid nest and the eggs are the source of the spores. They checked data world wide and found it in various places and if the eggs hatch the barriers won’t matter; he is ordered to burn the nests down.

Abigail tells Jackson it was entirely his fault; that he can’t save his friends because he couldn’t even save his own baby; the tiger begins to growl. Abe stabs the hybrid and falls to the floor. Jamie says if she doesn’t throw the switch they are all going to die and Mitch says that is the whole idea.

Jackson tells Abigail to shut up and that he thought their father was a monster, but he laid his life down for him while Jackson watched his own son, Conor burn to die. Dariela and Abe battle the hybrid, cutting it up until its dead. They rush to be with Isaac as they only have 90 seconds left before crashing. Jackson snaps and the tiger attacks, Abigail thanks him for handing her the secret on how he controls the animals and it was the last thing she needed to use for the beacons to allow the hybrids to rise.

Mitch and Jamie fight for the switch, he continues to insist that Mitch isn’t there any more. She screams that he is going to get them all killed while Abe, Isaac and Dariela sit in their seats with the safety belts. Mitch is blown away as Jamie holds on for dear life.


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