90 Day Fiance Recap 10/28/18: Season 6 Episode 2 “Young and Restless”

90 Day Fiance Recap 10/28/18: Season 6 Episode 2 "Young and Restless"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance airs with an all new Sunday, October 28, 2018 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance recap below for you.  On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance season 6 episode 2 “Young and Restless,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Colt heads to the airport to meet Larissa. Asuelu has a special surprise for Kalani. Steven prepares to go to Russia. Ashley heads to Jamaica for Jay’s visa interview. Eric is nervous about impressing Leida. Fernanda and Jon have dinner with his friends.”

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Colt was worried about Larissa’s trip. His girlfriend was from a Brazil and she probably thought Las Vegas was just the strip, but its actually much more than that and so part of the reason Colt was worried was about whether or not she would like his home. Another thing that was freaking him out was Larissa’s reaction to his mother. Colt was firmly attached to his mother Debbie. Its been the two of them for a while now and Colt said that it was hard letting other people in.

His mother was his best friend and the two talked about everything which included Larissa. Larissa has spoken to Debbie in the past and Debbie seems to like her. She has no problems with Larissa and so it was more that she herself was concerned that she would left feeling the third wheel more than anything else. And so things were going to change between Colt and his mother.

Jonathan had a different set of problems. He and Fernanda had fallen in love and they were going to be married however Fernanda flew up on the fiancée visa and the first thing she came across was a piece of women’s underwear in Jonathan’s things. He said it belonged to an ex and that he wanted to devote his life to Fernanda, only she had been hurt when she found something he ex allegedly left behind.

She thought that if Jonathan truly cared that he would have removed anything that belonged to his ex and so she blew up at her fiancée. Fernanda doubted whether he was telling the truth and she had given him the cold shoulder. Only Jonathan continued to apologize for what happened and he said that he wasn’t used to living with him someone. He was a bachelor for a while and so considering fiancée was something he still had to work on.

Steven didn’t need to worry about putting his old away seeing as he was already stepping in more ways than one with his own fiancée Olga. Olga had been in the states for a summer when she and Steven got together though in that summer they got pregnant. Steven had wanted to be a part of the baby’s life and, after talking with Olga, they decided to get married. They applied for the fiancée visa with the hope of getting Olga to the states before she gave birth and unfortunately the current politics between the two country meant Olga’s visa application landed in limbo.

Neither of them had heard about what to do next and now its too late for Olga to fly. She’ll give birth in Russia and Steven was leaving the country for the first time in order to be there for his family. He knew that he would go through something of a culture shock when he landed in Russia and so he’s been trying to prepare himself.

Kalani’s own nerves were nothing compared to what her family felt. They raised Kalani to wait for marriage before having sex and not only did she not wait but she also came back home pregnant. She had her son Oliver by herself and, while she got support from her parents, she really wanted her fiancée Asuelu to come to the states because she says only then would her family be complete.

She believes he would offer the support that only he could provide and that might have been too much pressure. He comes from a different culture and things between them came off on the wrong foot when he publicly danced for her at the airport. It was a traditional dance that Asuelu wanted Kalani to be proud of and instead she had been left feeling embarrassed. Kalani wasn’t someone that liked being the center of attention and so she hated that the dance made people stare at them.

Eric couldn’t wait to marry Leida. Leida was from a prominent Indonesian family and her family wanted a lot for her. So much so that they doubted someone like Eric would be best for her. They wanted someone that could provide for Leida and her son Allessandro though Eric claimed he was that man. He even wanted to formally adopt Allessandro and so he wanted to build a family with Leida.

Leida had even been nervous about coming to the states with just her son and so she brought along her sister Reina. Reina doesn’t quite approve of Eric and therefore this trip was more than just welcoming Leida and Allessandro to the states. He also had to win over Reina and, when he wasn’t doing that, he had to contend with a very spoiled Leida. Leida had kicked up a fuss when Eric was putting all the luggage in the back of his car because she said it had to be put in proper. And kicking up a fuss isn’t an euphemism, she actually stomped her feet and complained until the bags were put away.

Ashley was flying to Jamaica to support her fiancée Jay. He had one final interview before his fiancée visa was given the all-clear and so Ashley wanted to be there for him as he prepares. They were the sort of couple that ended up spending more time apart than together and Ashley was happy to be with him again. Jay was the man that likes to say that everyone knows he’s with Ashley for the right reasons because he was a handsome man and he could easily attach him to a fat slob, but if anything he wasn’t the biggest concern in their relationship.

It was Ashley that made people nervous because she had engaged twice before and those hadn’t panned out. They were also in a long-distance relationship until the visa cleared and so whenever they got together they do the one thing they believe makes their relationship stronger – they have sex like rabbits because intimacy is the most important to them.

Meanwhile Larissa finally landed in the states. She later saw Colt waiting for her and she had been disappointed when he had come to greet her with nothing in his hands. Larissa thought he would at least get her flowers and so she tried to tell him that. She asked him “why no flowers?” and at first he tried to downplay it. He hadn’t thought of flowers and so he sort of hoped that Larissa would drop it, only she didn’t. Larissa spotted a machine at the airport that sold flowers and tried to get her flowers that way. Only Colt didn’t want to spend so much money on flowers and so he mostly ignored the outright demand Larissa had for flowers. She had thought when she landed that he would at bring something and he hadn’t even come to greet with her chocolates. And right off, Larissa had been disappointed with her first time in the states with Colt.

Kalani had eventually gotten over her embarrassment. She became excited again about having Asuelu in the states finally because she wanted him to bond with their son and she wanted to get on with being a family however Kalani’s family weren’t happy that Asuelu came to the states. Kalani had been living with her sister until Asuelu and then she had to move into an Airbnb because her sister didn’t want to see Asuelu or have him in her house. The sister was still pretty upset about Asuelu cheating on Kalani and so she was settled with pretty much hating him. Then there was Kalani’s father who thought Asuelu was just using his daughter to get to the states. With most of Kalani’s family against the idea of Kalani marrying Asuelu, the only that agreed to meet him was her mother who was trying to be fair in this whole thing.

Jonathan wanted to show Fernanda how important she was to him. He had never bought a girlfriend around his group of friends and so bringing Fernanda was a first for him. Jonathan thought his friends would welcome Fernanda and they did although there were some tense moments. The friends brought up Jonathan’s bachelor days and how much younger Fernanda was. Fernanda also mentioned the political situation between Mexico and United States. She considered a simple difference of opinion and she backed off his friends who said love knows no borders because she said that’s how she feels about Jonathan. Jonathan, on his part, was aware that things were going to be difficult for Mexican girlfriend in North Carolina and he just hoped that no one sought to judge before getting to know his girlfriend.

Eric had run into some roadblocks with Leida. Leida was used to living a lavish lifestyle and so Eric tried to introduce to his lifestyle as slowly as possible. He brought her and her family to a cabin Pennsylvania where she could stay in a house like his apartment in Wisconsin and that had been a disappointment to Leida. She wanted to know why they couldn’t have stayed in New York and didn’t quite understand Eric when he said it would have been expensive. Leida also didn’t understand why Eric was the one cooking breakfast for all of them the next morning. She told him that she never cooked and that she was used to having a maid do that. Leida then suggested that Eric get a live-in maid and again she didn’t understand how certain things would be too expensive for him. He offered to raise Alless and Leida was grateful about that because she said he would help, but Eric also has three daughters of his own and he’s paying child support.

Steven was finally getting on his flight. He had his grandparents drop off and as they were giving him a ride, they asked him about what it was like becoming a parent so young. He and Olga were only twenty and he had no idea how he was going to cope with parenthood much less get married. Only his grandparents got married at seventeen and had his dad not long after that. Steven was hoping that they would have some wisdom to pass on and they were actually honest with him when they said you jut get through it. There was no real way to prepare for a baby and the first baby was pretty much trial and error.

Ashley as it turns out didn’t have to worry much. Jay passed his final interview and so now everything can truly begin. He can move to the states and soon they’ll start planning the wedding with. Ashley had been concerned before because she knew that if he hadn’t passed that she couldn’t have moved to Jamaica and so putting all of that behind them was something she looked forward to. She says things were different with Jay and maybe it was. Either ways she was happy to going home with her future husband.

Colt got off on a rocky start with Larissa. Larissa was expecting more from him as a man intent on wooing her and she was expecting a lot more from Las Vegas as well. She was disappointed by the sights because it was nothing like the movies and she had hated the heat. Las Vegas has a dry heat and Larissa had complained about it for a while because it was hotter than Brazil. There hadn’t been a single moment in which Larissa hadn’t complained and so Colt began having doubts of his own.


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