90 Day Fiance Recap 11/04/18: Season 6 Episode 3 “Rough Landings”

90 Day Fiance Recap 11/04/18: Season 6 Episode 3 "Rough Landings"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance airs with an all new Sunday, November 04, 2018 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance recap below for you.  On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance season 6 episode 3 “Rough Landings,” as per the TLC synopsis,“Ashley and Jay land in the U.S.; Steven and Olga prepare for their baby’s arrival; Larissa meets her new roommate; Fernanda has a talk with Jon’s friend Dani; Leida’s sister Reina questions Leida’s future with Eric; Asuelu meets Kalani’s dad.”

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The couples were still adjusting on tonight’s all-new episode 90 “Day Fiancée”

Jay was ready to move to the states. He’s always wanted to go and his mother was already living there, but it seems Jay’s been dragging his feet about moving because he knew he was going to miss his father. His father’s name is Conroy and everyone calls him “Skinz” because he’s such a ladies man. Jay has always admired his father and the two were close. They weren’t that way at first because his parents split up when he was young and so getting to know his father as an adult was very important to Jay. Jay wanted his dad to stay in his life and he regrets that his father is such a Jamaican man because he knows Conroy won’t be leaving Jamaica anytime soon.

Steven finally reached Russia. He had a tough time navigating around because he had to travel from Moscow to where his fiancée Olga lived and so it was traveling on top of traveling until he arrived at the train station to find Olga waiting for him. She had wanted to surprise him and that’s why she met him halfway. Olga was in her ninth month of pregnancy and it was getting pretty hard for her to travel however she wanted to be there to greet Steven and he had been very happily surprised. The two of them got together for summer fun and while their relationship truly developed after they became pregnant – they were both excited about being parents and were now in love.

Meanwhile, things between Leida and Eric have gotten better. It was rough at first because Leida and her family have never been to the states before and so to skip New York City entirely hadn’t made sense to them. Instead, they found themselves stuck in the cars for hours on end because Eric wanted to introduce them to Philadelphia. He thought taking them to Philly would help introduce them to Wisconsin down the line and in a way it did. They got used to him making them breakfast and they got to see what malls were like in the states. The only thing that seemed to have gotten into the way was Reina. Reina didn’t approve of Eric for her sister and she let everyone know it.

Colt soon came to have doubts about inviting Larissa to Las Vegas. She was critical of everything from the heat to the fact that his car didn’t have air conditioning. Larissa complained the whole way back to the house and then for one brief moment she had been pleasant when she was introduced to Colt’s mother Debbie. The two hugged and then Debbie had shown Larissa the house. The house was bare. It didn’t have any furniture in it and Colt said that they were waiting for her because they wanted her to pick out the furniture she wanted to live with. They thought that would make Larissa happy and it didn’t because she said she wanted to move.

Fernanda was feeling a little stir-crazy. She was at home all day while Jonathan went to work and so she tried reaching to some of his friends. His friends had been very nice to her when they were all introduced and Fernanda had liked meeting Jonathan’s friend Dani in particular. She knew that she could talk to Dani about the things that bother her and so she discussed what happened with Jonathan. He had some of his ex-girlfriend’s underwear still at his place and seeing them had torn down Fernanda’s self-esteem. She wanted to know if she should be worried because she gave up everything for this man and she didn’t want to be made a fool of. Only Dani swears that Jonathan was just dumb and there wasn’t another woman in the background.

Asuelu was also having a hard time adapting. He was expected to take care of his son and that’s something that he didn’t grow up. Asuelu said that where he came from it was usually the woman’s job to look after the babies and so changing diapers and even just getting clothes on his five-month-old son was a learning experience for him. He didn’t think that he’d be dropped in such a situation or at least not so soon after coming to the states and so finding out that his marriage was going to be different as well was going to be something else he needed to learn, but he was happy to be with his family. He wanted to get his future father-in-law’s approval and he said that if he didn’t get it that he wouldn’t know what to do.

Back in Russia, Olga and Steven talk about their plans. Steven had planned on staying for two months and so he thought was going to be there for the baby’s birth plus the first 1 ½ months with the baby. He also thought that Olga would go to the hospital when her labor begins and so she had to inform him that things were different in Russia. He was going to need special permission in order to be allowed into the delivery room and Olga was informed that she could go into labor at any moment. Her doctor wanted to play it safe and so Olga was going to be going in two days to await the birth of their child. And so Steven has no idea what to do to get into the delivery room much less be there for Olga.

Things were getting worse by the minute with Larissa. She hated the house so much that she told Colt that they should be a new house with a pool and that it should be bigger. Larissa then went on to prove how nasty she could be by making fun of the décor and that included the last gift Debbie ever received from her late husband. So Debbie hadn’t liked Larissa and the feelings had been mutual. Larissa thought Colt was a Momma’s Boy and she snubbed everything about his life in Vegas. She hadn’t wanted to eat the stew that Debbie made for them and she had shut herself up in the room upstairs with the excuse that she has tired nevermind that it was also rude. Debbie ended up regretting that Larissa came and so the only one that thought they could be one happy family was Colt.

The rest of Leida’s family came on a later flight. The parents wanted to see that their daughter Leida and their grandson would be happy staying in the states however they were misled about a few things. They didn’t know that Eric wasn’t rich. He claims he never said that he was rich and so it was more like he didn’t tell the truth in the beginning. Both Eric and Leida know that money matters to her family and that’s why they didn’t want him paying child support. They didn’t have that in their country and even Leida thought she could talk Eric into giving that up. They thought that Eric simply wanted to play an active role in his children’s lives and so he needed to inform them about the laws in the states. And how child support could become compulsory if he tried to get out of it.

Part of the reason Fernanda was having such a hard time in the states is that she doesn’t have her family with her. She was especially close to her little brother Gael and so she couldn’t help crying when he said that he hadn’t said goodbye because he was dreaming that she stayed. Her whole family misses her and they can’t even come up for the wedding. With the way things are between the United States and Mexico, her family would never be given the approval to come up and see her wedding. She was getting married in Chicago because that’s where Jonathan was from and where his family located. And so it was difficult not being able to plan her wedding with her mother and sister around to help. It’s not how she envisioned her wedding to Jonathan when they first got together.

Jay and Ashley eventually got on their flight to the states though Ashley had been nervous. She knew that there were several laws she was going to have to explain to Jay and she had been scared about the reaction they would get back home. Ashley’s neighborhood was predominantly white. She and also Jay has addressed the issues they were going to face because they were a mixed-race couple. Jay had joked that he had to be on his best behavior or the white people were going to call the cops on him and, well, he had been trying to laugh off what could happen to him just for being black. His fiancée also had concerns because she wasn’t sure how people would treat them and so she worried about the neighbors might say or do.

Larissa had tried to turn things around on her second day. She had cooked breakfast for everyone and, while she had initially lied about her cooking skills, she still tried to cook for everyone as a way to make up for what happened on Day 1. Colt had been apprehensive about Larissa cooking because he had been worried about his mother and how she would react because usually its Debbie that cooks everything yet his mother had seemed okay with Larissa cooking breakfast. She told Larissa how Colt doesn’t eat bread in the morning and she mentioned all of his favorites because she thought she could teach Larissa how to pamper Colt. Except that’s now what Larissa wanted to do. She thought Colt was spoiled enough and that he should learn moderation.

Steven tried to spend as much time with Olga as he could before she went to the hospital and so they went shopping together. They picked up things they needed for the baby and Olga wasn’t paying attention to how much the stuff cost. She didn’t look at a single price tag and Steven hadn’t wanted to tell her that they couldn’t afford it because he wanted her to know that he was capable of taking care of all of them. The first shopping trip had still been on the expensive side and Steven had had enough to cover it, only they didn’t know what the future held. Steven was a waiter and he used his savings to get to Russia. The family couldn’t rely on Olga either because she was still in school and so they were two twenty-year-olds with no savings and were about to have a baby.

Also, Asuelu finally got the chance to meet Kalani’s sister and father. The father hadn’t wanted Kalani to sleep with a Samoan and he had been upset when Kalani not only slept with something but also came home pregnant. He adored his grandson and so little Ollie should have been the icebreaker only he still held what happened in the past against Asuelu. Asuelu needed to get a job and fast. Kalani’s family didn’t want him using Kalani just to get to the United States and so they wanted Asuelu to step up. He had to prove that he was trustworthy to the father and he had to work against the sister’s hard feelings. She was apparently the “dad” for Oliver’s first five months and so she didn’t want Asuelu believing he could be Oliver’s father without earning that right.


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