90 Day Fiance Recap 11/25/18: Season 6 Episode 6 “Flirting with Disaster”

90 Day Fiance Recap 11/25/18: Season 6 Episode 6 "Flirting with Disaster"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance airs with an all-new Sunday, November 25, 2018 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance recap below for you.  On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance season 6 episode 6 “Flirting with Disaster,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Olga is upset with Steven’s attitude; Leida tells Eric’s daughter to move out; Colt and Larissa look at wedding venues; Ashley confronts Jay about his untrustworthy behavior; Fernanda meets Jonathan’s skeptical mom; and Kalani tests Asuelu’s parenting ability.”

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Colt finally did something sweet for Larissa. Larissa missed home and Debbie’s cooking wasn’t really to her taste, however, Colt solved all of that when he took his family out to a Brazilian restaurant. Larissa wanted to introduce Debbie to some of her own culture and food definitely helped with that. It was flavorful and it actually required salt. Larissa was so happy to taste food from home that it gave her the idea that they should have their wedding reception at the restaurant. She mentioned it to Colt and Debbie and neither of them had been into it. They thought the restaurant was too expensive and had tried to tell Larissa that, only she thought they were making a fuss over nothing.

Colt and Larissa tend to fight whenever they bring up finances. Colt wanted Larissa to know that he’d take care of them and their family, but Larissa didn’t always believe him when he told her he couldn’t afford something. She assumed that Americans were rich and that Colt was simply being cheap. It was also just going to be Colt’s family at the wedding and so Larissa wanted to celebrate things her way. She wanted the expensive Brazilian restaurant and she told both Colt and Debbie that she still has to look into other things before she could decide on anything for the wedding. And so both Debbie and Colt wanted her to slow her roll because Colt and Larissa need to know if they can live together before they get married.

Over in Russia, Olga and Steven were still arguing. The two of them thought the other was acting like an ass and even as they discussed it they both remembered something different from their argument. It eventually resulted in Olga crying and only then did Steven back down. He felt bad about making his fiancée cry and they each wondered if its bad now then what’s it’s going to be like later on? They were young twenty-year-olds who wanted to do what was right for their son and had different opinions on how to do it. The first thing to come to an agreement on was feeding their son because one of them thought Richie could wait to eat while the other knew that the babies needed to eat when they’re hungry and not on anyone else’s schedule.

Jay meanwhile was facing something of a depression. He wasn’t used to being away from people he knew or having to be stuck at home. Jay was a young man that used to be out having fun and if nothing else he had tattoos that he used to do. He still had clients that reach out to him about when he was coming back because they wanted a tattoo and he was texting one of them when Ashley got upset. She wanted to know if this client was a woman or a guy and she had lashed out when she learned it was another woman. Ashley thinks this woman was using the tattoo as an excuse to maintain tabs on Jay and had asked Jay not to be in contact with any other woman if they weren’t family.

Jay thought that was ridiculous. He didn’t want to ruin a relationship over jealousy and so he and Ashley got into an argument because they both check the other’s phone. Ashley has some trust issues because both of her previous engagements ended because of cheating and so she didn’t want to give too much leeway because she remembered how he was a player back in Jamaica. He was also rumored to have to cheat on her and, despite saying how it didn’t bother her, Ashley never forgot about it. She was willing to end things with Jay if she ever found out he cheated on her and she wasn’t afraid to bring this up with him. Jay knew how Ashley felt and that’s why he sometimes lashed out at her by going through her phone as well because he doesn’t quite trust her either.

Eric and Leida said goodbye to her family. The family was still concerned about Eric because they weren’t as sure as Leida that he’ll be good at providing for her and so they were all hoping that Eric came through on his reassurances. He said that his future wife and stepson would never go without and he was willing to do whatever it took to get his relationship with Leida to work, but Leida thought about going back with her family. She hated Eric’s apartment and wanted his daughter to move out because the girl was messy with no respect for their home. Leida also expected a lot of things from Eric like him stopping child support payments and buying her everything she could want. And Eric has yet to tell her that was never going to be possible.

Kalani had wanted to do something for Asuelu after she blew up at him over the whole car seat thing. She remembered that Asuelu didn’t know how to ride a bike and thought she could teach him with her brother’s help. Nick and Kalani got Asuelu a bike and taught him over an afternoon how to ride it. Asuelu even felt confident enough to ride it on his own and as he was off riding around – Nick brought up the wedding to Kalani. Kalani revealed that she hadn’t really planned on anything. She said she loved Asuelu and that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to marry him because she wasn’t sure if she trusted him. Asuelu had struggled with being a father. He was doing his best to learn and so Kalani was more upset that he wasn’t doing it the way she wanted him to do it.

Kalani told her brother that she didn’t trust Asuelu with their son. She also said that when she’s there she sort of takes over and so she wanted to test what would happen if she wasn’t there. Kalani asked her brother to watch Asuelu and Oliver together because she trusts her brother. Nick would step in if he saw something he didn’t like and he also wasn’t going to be quick to judge Asuelu because of how Asuelu and Kalani got together. He was the perfect choice to judge Asuelu’s parenting and Kalani was counting on them because she needed to know if Asuelu was best for her son. If he wasn’t, then Kalani had no problems with calling the wedding off and she knew her siblings would back her up with their parents.

Jonathan and Fernanda met up with his sister and her boyfriend. Jackie and Patrick have been the only ones to reach out to Fernanda when they learned about the engagement and so she’s someone that Fernanda actually got to know. They face-timed and sent text messages as well as email because they both wanted to know everything they could about the other, so Jackie and Fernanda have developed a relationship. They might even be considered friends and that’s why Fernanda hadn’t wanted to shake that up when they finally met in person. Jackie was a source of support to Fernanda and Fernanda had been a bundle of nerves about the meeting because she didn’t want Jackie changing her mind.

Only she didn’t need to worry. Fernanda was afraid that Jackie would still have some misgivings she wouldn’t tell her about and Jackie hadn’t been like that in the slightest. She admitted that she was worried her big brother was marrying someone younger than her and she said part of the worry had been because the family was blindsided. Jonathan had said to someone that he didn’t see himself getting married one day and he said this a month before proposing to Fernanda. Fernanda hadn’t known that Jonathan never mentioned their relationship to anyone. He kept her as a secret and he was the reason why his mother was so against the relationship. His mother thought engagement came out of the blue and Jonathan was rushing things.

Larissa and Colt did go around to check wedding venues. They went to a nice restaurant and Larissa would have enjoyed her time there if she hadn’t gotten upset with Colt. Colt had been nice to the hostess and that angered Larissa because she thought he was fighting. He did tell the young woman that her glasses looked nice and that might have been considered flirting because Colt wasn’t someone that worshiped his fiancée. He didn’t compliment her all the time like she was expecting him to and he didn’t treat her as the prize. Colt more treated Larissa like he could leave her or take her and Larissa wasn’t expecting it. She thought Colt would cater to her and she became argumentative when that didn’t happen.

It’s why Larissa got upset when she saw him pay attention to someone else. He had complimented someone and he had been courteous. Larissa took that as flirting and told Colt point by point what he should have done when they came into the restaurant. He should have pushed Larissa to the forefront and ask if they could look at something that his fiancée might like to try. Larissa also said that Colt could tell her when she looks nice and pays more attention to her. She wanted to be the main focus of their appointment and it took Colt a while to concede that she deserves that as they plan their wedding. The two still needed to work on their communication and it was going to be a while before they decided if they do in fact want to get married.

Olga and Steven got around to be nice to each other. Neither of them wanted to argue around the baby or bring their son up with parents that couldn’t stand the other, so they made peace. They said they had to talk about things and that the other couldn’t freak out. Steven needed to learn patience as well. He was living with a woman that recently had surgery and was a first-time parent. Olga was going to feed the baby when he was hungry and she was going to be quiet when he was being rocked to sleep. Steven, on the other hand, didn’t really believe that babies could hear or that they need so much and so raising their son was going to experience for him. He was going to have to adjust to someone else’s needs being first.

Eric did come through on some of his promises. He found a one-family home and it was much bigger than the apartment. Eric said that they could move in the near future and that upset Leida because she wanted her son Alessandro to have his own room. He was sharing with a room with his parents and was sleeping on an inflatable bed. Allessandro was at a young age in which he didn’t mind where he slept and so the one that minded was Leida. She wanted her own space and she thought that in the meantime Eric should kick his daughter out. Leida thought Tasha was technically an adult and could live on her own. Leida didn’t understand why Tasha had to keep living with them and she asked Eric to kick out his daughter.

Eric tried to explain to Leida why he would never do that to his own child and so he thought Leida got it. She didn’t bring it up again and it had seemed like Leida had let it go until she met Tasha. Tasha came home and was immediately confronted by Leida. Leida demanded to know why Tasha had left the place a filthy mess and when she didn’t find Tasha as apologetic as she wanted her to be – she asked Tasha to move out. Tasha said she couldn’t do that and she reminded Leida that she was on the lease. Tasha thought her father would come to her defense and instead he agreed with Leida because he reminded Tasha that she wasn’t paying any of the bills. She used to pay half of everything and then that trickled down to nothing because Eric wanted Tasha to start saving her money.

Eric thought that Tasha had enough savings to move out on her own. When she said she didn’t, he said that he could help out for a while and that she could try saving money then. Tasha said that it still didn’t matter because she wouldn’t find a place anytime soon and so she went to her room because it was unreasonable for her to move out on such short notice. Only Eric and Leida talked with Tasha out the room and Leida hadn’t known that Eric was busy paying all the bills himself. She thought that was something else that Eric had withheld from her and so Leida began to truly question Eric’s finances. She asked for more honesty going ahead and at the same time, she wanted Eric to step up more.

Asuelu had a day out with baby Oliver and Nick. The guys went to the mall and bought some clothes for Oliver yet Nick found himself stepping in a lot to correct Asuelu. Asuelu was on the immature side and he liked to do things his way. He put baby up on his shoulders and he didn’t like being told that it was dangerous. Asuelu had defended his actions by saying he had a good grip on Oliver and so he went back to the house with the complaints. He thought Nick was overbearing with his criticisms and told Kalani how he felt, but she hadn’t sided with him because she asked Nick to watch Asuelu and she told Asuelu what she did. She wanted someone to watch Asuelu as he was watching their son and Asuelu didn’t understand why she would do that if she trusted him.

Jonathan and Fernanda later met with his mother. His mom was against the marriage from the beginning because she didn’t think Jonathan was ready and she went on to show that she still thought that when she questioned everything. She questioned the relationship and the age difference. She kept telling Fernanda that she was too young and refused to give advice or any words of encouragement because it didn’t seem like she was ready to let go of her son.


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