90 Day Fiance Recap 12/16/18: Season 6 Episode 10 “Backed Into a Corner”

90 Day Fiance Recap 12/16/18: Season 6 Episode 10 "Backed Into a Corner"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance airs with an all-new Sunday, December 16, 2018 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance recap below for you.  On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance season 6 episode 10 “Backed Into a Corner,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Ashley & Jay elope in Vegas. Colt & Larissa argue in front of friends. Steven applies for Richie’s American passport. Leida meets with Eric’s ex-wife. Jon upsets Fernanda by staying out late with a friend. Kalani & Asuelu get news that changes everything.”

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A wedding isn’t a wedding without someone overreacting. The person that Jay and Ashley needed to be worried about was her former best friend Natalie. Natalie accused Jay of cheating on Ashley and Ashley chose to believe her fiancé when he said that he never did it. There was also no proof of this cheating and so Ashley had tried to get Natalie to drop it, but Natalie wouldn’t. She got in Jay’s face and continued to harass until Ashley felt like she had no other choice than to pick a side. Ashley chose Jay and so she has kicked Natalie out of the wedding. Ashley also ignored Natalie’s phone calls and text messages. She wanted nothing to do with Natalie and thought she had heard the last from her when Natalie suddenly turned up on her door.

Natalie didn’t just ring the bell. She rang the bell several times and banged on the door until she got everybody’s attention. Natalie had heard that Ashley and Jay were going to elope and so she came to the door all angry because she thought Ashley was being naive. It turns out Natalie thought Jay was only marrying Ashley for a green card and she was of this belief because she claims everybody from Jamaica are taught to use people to come over. Natalie also tried saying things in a Jamaican accent which was even more offensive. So the problem isn’t Jay! Jay was never going to be worthy of Ashley in Natalie’s eyes and it’s not because he came from Jamaica. Its because she’s a hater with some serious racial issues.

Jay and Ashley demanded that Natalie leave and they were even considering calling the cops if she didn’t stop coming around. They were set on getting married and the happy couple believed everything would be placed once they get to Las Vegas. Only Vegas didn’t seem to be the answer for Colt and Larissa. Larissa eventually picked up her ring and put it back on however a simple apology didn’t faze Colt in the slightest. He accused Larissa of being rude and had considered booking her a flight back to Brazil. Colt told Larissa what he was going to do and so that just redoubled her efforts. She kept trying to find ways to get Colt to forgive her for how she acted when she got upset that she practically begged Colt not to send her home because she said they were in love.

Meanwhile, things in Russia were only getting worse. Steven and Olga went to get Richie’s passport photo and it had been a cute moment for the family yet Steven soon ruined the good vibes when he finally let Olga in on his plan. He told her that if her visa didn’t come through that he still wanted to take Richie back to the United States. Steven said that once his son is an American that he should grow up in America and he didn’t really care about Olga’s opinions or how it will feel for her to give up her son for an undetermined amount of months if not years. Olga tried to tell Steven that a newborn baby deserves to be with his mother and that hadn’t changed Steven’s mind in the slightest.

Steven was going to take that baby back to the states one way or another. He didn’t want to come to visit the baby if Olga had to stay in Russia because he said he shouldn’t be separated from his son and so not only was he a jerk, but he was also a hypocrite. Steven talks to Olga and even treats her like he doesn’t care about her. Olga wants to have a family and to give Richie that except Steven only cares about having Richie not the part about actually taking care of Richie. Richie is a nursing baby who needs his mother and she’s the one that answers the baby when he cries And Steven was still the boy that thought babies could wait to eat. He had no idea how to care for the baby alone and so taking Richie away from Olga was basically ignorance meets arrogance.

Asuelu at least acknowledges that his son needs him. He wasn’t always used to taking care of babies because that has traditionally been considered as women’s work though Asuelu hadn’t back down from the challenge. He helps take care of the baby and he doesn’t step on Kalani’s toes. She was very attached to their son and she later became upset when she found out she pregnant again because she thought that would interfere with her relationship with baby Ollie. Ollie isn’t even a year old and he was constantly outgrowing everything. It was super expensive to raise a baby in the states and so Kalani didn’t want to have another one because she thought it would take away from Ollie. Asuelu didn’t really get in because things are different back in Samoa and so he had been happy with their pregnancy news.

Asuelu’s happiness had been another black mark against him. Kalani thought he didn’t understand how hard it would be for them to take care of two babies and so she talked about it with her mother. The mother couldn’t stop herself from questioning if Asuelu was just happy because he thought another baby would help keep him in the states and Kalani said she thought of the same. She and her family like to demonize Asuelu as if it doesn’t take two to make a baby. Kalani had access to contraception that she didn’t use and she could have not slept with Asuelu seeing as she always likes to complain about him. And she loves to throw around how she wasn’t sure if she was going to marry him, so why still sleep with someone you complain about half the time?

Their relationship sometimes fails to make sense and the same went for Eric and Leida. Leida had forced Eric to choose between herself and his daughter Tasha. Tasha didn’t clean up her room. She was on the lease and had asked Leida not to go into her room however Leida ignored Tasha’s requests because she had been looking for a reason to kick out her stepdaughter. She had wanted the second room to go to her son because she believes her and her son should be the priorities in Eric’s life. He was only “allowed” to pay child support once Leida understood the laws in the States and so she was the one running things. She gets whatever she wants and she was able to make unreasonable demands by threating to leave Eric if he didn’t comply.

Eric later talked about what happened with his father and his father told him that he shouldn’t have given in to Leida. Leida was a spoiled brat who got in between him and his daughter and so he should have chosen the daughter. Eric’s father understood this and he tried to get his son to see it as well. The two of them talked away from Leida and grandpa said no one should have come before the child. Tasha will remember what her father did and probably never speak to him again. So this had to be explained to Eric because Eric believed that his daughters will understand why he did what he did and that they would forgive him for choosing Leida. And it wasn’t surprising how only Eric was under this impression.

Colt and Larissa had tried to make it through a day without fighting and that just seems impossible for them. They once got into an argument about how Colt doesn’t compliment Larissa because he noticed something about the waitress and had complimented this other woman. Only he again failed to compliment Larissa after she spent two hours getting ready and so they got into an argument about that. There had been other people there that time that noticed that Larissa was a little insecure and that she needed her fiancée to pay her some attention. They had explained this to Colt and so Colt did compliment his fiancée in the end yet the fact he had to be pressured into doing something he knew would undercut the fight to begin with – shows that Colt and Larissa will always be at each other’s throats.

Jay and Ashley finally arrived in Las Vegas and not a moment too soon. They had been talking about how different things were going to be once they were married and Jay had been especially concerned because he said he heard how married people have less sex. He was still quite young and so he wanted sex almost constantly. Jay did his best to convince Ashley that they could have more sex and even implied that’s why men cheat but he was quickly forced to shut up when Ashley threatened to cut his genitals off if he ever cheated. She believed that they had sex more than enough and she wasn’t joking around when she said she wanted to marry a man, not a boy. Its young boys that think believe that sex was the most important thing while men understand things like respect and not making comments about what cheaters would do.

Back in Russia, Steven got Richie his American citizenship and he later suggested again that he could take the baby with him to the States. He kept repeating how he didn’t grow up with his dad and how he wanted it to be different with his own son though he never brought up how it will be taking his son away from the mother. Olga was a parent too. She wanted to be there as her son grew up and so she again reminded him of their original plan. They originally agreed that the baby would stay in Russia with Olga and the baby being a dual citizen meant there wasn’t going to be a problem with that. The baby could wait until he was a little older and just come over with his mom. Richie was still a newborn and wouldn’t even remember what his first couple of months were like. And so there was no reason for Steven to believe that his son will remember him not being around.

Then there was Eric’s family. His ex-wife had wanted to know what happened between Tasha and Leida and so she asked Leida to meet with her. She thought the situation was superficial and that it could be resolved if she talked to Leida alone yet Leida didn’t care about how to hurt Tania was or that the other children were upset. The kids were all threatening to not go to the wedding and Leida’s response to that was “fine”. She claims to care about Eric and then refused to repair his family. His kids all want them to break up and they’re not going to want anything to do with their dad if Eric continues to support the arrogance and selfishness of his fiancée. Leida wasn’t respectful to Eric’s daughter, his ex-wife, or even of the relationship he has with his family as a whole because they didn’t matter to her.

Jonathan and Fernanda weren’t having an easier time either.  Jonathan had apparently gone out after work and he hadn’t mentioned it to his fiancée because he thought that he should be allowed to get away for a while. He had gone to get a drink with his friend and he ignored the phone calls as well as the text messages from Fernanda. Fernanda hadn’t known where he was and he hadn’t answered his phone. He instead got upset at Fernanda because he thought that she shouldn’t have let him have a drink without blowing up his phone and so he and Fernanda got into a fight when he got back home. She was upset because all she has is him and so she said he should have been at home with her while he was upset that she was threatening to go back to Mexico.

Jonathan reminded Fernanda about all the things he’s done for her and so he was asking her to be more grateful going forward.


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