90 Day Fiance Recap 12/30/18: Season 6 Episode 13 “Make It or Break It”

90 Day Fiance Recap 12/30/18: Season 6 Episode 13 "Make It or Break It"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance airs with an all-new Sunday, December 31, 2018 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance recap below for you.  On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance season 6 episode 13 “Make It or Break It,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Ashley learns Jay’s secret.  Kalani & Asuelu worry her Dad will stop their vows.  Steven has to leave Russia.  With the 90 days up, Colt & Larissa face their issues.”

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Ashley was upset and she had every right to be! Ashley found out her new husband had started messaging people on Tinder the day they flew back from their elopement. He didn’t even wait a day. Jay was just so wrong with what he did. He told Ashley he would never cheat on her, he claimed all the stories about him were false, and he would never have admitted to the Tinder thing if his wife hadn’t caught him. But she did! Ashley was left alone his cell phone alone and that made her curious because she could see that someone was trying to reach him but it was late at night and so she answered it. She wanted to know if something was wrong and boy was there something wrong when the woman on the other end said she didn’t know that the Jamaican guy was married.

This other woman also spilled the tea. She told Ashley about when she was first contacted by Jay and how they talked. They luckily never met in person or Jay might have found himself murdered by his wife but he still lied. He lied during his vows and he tried to back away from the Tinder thing as well. Jay had tried to downplay it and so Ashley confronted him with pictures of his text messages to this other woman. He was basically cheating on her online and it might have turned into something else if he hadn’t been caught. Only then did Ashley apologize. He claims that he wouldn’t have met up with the woman and that she had contacted him first. Jay said that he never reached out to another woman and it wasn’t a big thing because he was only messing around.

Jay failed to grasp that what he did was cheating and how horrible the whole situation sounded to his wife when he couldn’t be faithful for a day,

Kalani and Asuelu, on the other hand, were left panicking when Kalani revealed she informed her sister about the pregnancy. For some reason, this pregnancy has everyone in Kalani’s family triggered. They seem to think that Asuelu did this to force Kalani to marry him but this happened in a relationship, not from rape. Kalani has more than her fair share of responsibility in her own pregnancy. She wasn’t some kid and was actually older than Asuelu. Kalani could have put her foot down and demanded that they use birth control. She could also have said that they weren’t going to sleep together while they were having problems or maybe she could withhold sex as she ponders whether or not she wanted to be in a relationship with him.

Kalani was the problem here. She kept going back and forth about what she wants. She claims that she wasn’t sure that if she wanted to be with Asuelu and that he might be too immature but then continues to sleep with him and then complain about it with her family. Her family was a problem as well. They were a little too involved in Kalani’s relationship with Asuelu and the one person that seemed to hate Asuelu the most was her dad. This was the same dad that Kalani said would cancel the wedding if he heard about her pregnancy and if that didn’t seem unreasonable enough he also appeared to hate Asuelu for being from Samoa. The older man wasn’t white and even looked like he could be from Samoa himself. So maybe some of that self-hatred was rubbing off on everyone else.

Either way, Kalani shouldn’t have been worried about what her dad thinks on the day of her wedding.

Meanwhile, it was time for Steven to leave Russia. He agreed that he shouldn’t take the baby with him back to America because Richie was still a newborn and he needed to be with Olga but he also came clean about a few things. He told Olga that he hadn’t been sure about their relationship in the beginning because they were forced to move so quickly when she found out that she was pregnant and how that’s why he hadn’t applied for the K-1 visa when he said he did. Steven had to hold off on the visa until he was more sure about their relationship and if he hadn’t done that then she would have been over in America when she gave birth. Olga herself had been wondering about this visa for a while and so it turns out her suspicions, as well as her friend’s, had been partially right.

There had been some lies and deceptions, but Steven came clean eventually. He told Olga he wanted to be with her and that it wasn’t just about the baby anymore. Steven also stopped being so mean to her. He usually has Olga in tears for the offensive things he says and so him leaving was one of the few times she was crying because of the occasion and not him. Steven describes how he had to grow up when he came to Russia and that he still needs to work on himself. He even said that he was going to go to school and save up more money for when Olga came over with the baby. So sure, Steven was now thinking ahead and making plans. That’s a start! He still had a long way to go before he could fully say he grew up and until then Olga was in Russia raising her son.

Good Luck to them!

Jonathan and Fernanda were also getting married. There have been a few bumps on the journey to the altar, but they still seem to love each other and they were working on their communication issues. Jonathan understands how lonely Fernanda has been feeling in America without her family and so he promised to be more considerate going forward. He knew that he really was all Fernanda had left now and that meant the world to her. Fernanda had thought that she could feel at home with Jonathan’s family and it hadn’t actually worked because his mother had been standoffish at first. The older woman eventually came around in the end and she had wanted to be there at the wedding only her mother was sick.

The happy couple had been a little upset that Jonathan’s mother couldn’t make it, but they were so happy to finally be getting married that it hadn’t mattered who else was there.

Larissa and Colt were getting married tonight as well. It wasn’t how Larissa wanted to be and she didn’t even get her dream dress. She had loved a dress that was a thousand dollars and both Colt and his mother Debbie had thought that was too much to spend on a dress she was only going to wear once. They later took Larissa to Goodwill and she found a dress there. She said it was just as beautiful and so Larissa seems to have come around to Colt’s cheap ways. But Colt was pushing things on their wedding day. He had invited his cousin John after John yelled at Larissa and called her a bitch. It had been such a disgusting attack that came out of nowhere that Larissa had disinvited him and so there really was no reason why Colt chose to ignore her.

Larissa often complains how Colt doesn’t think about her or consider her feelings. She was considered rude when she said she didn’t want to live with his overly involved mother and she was called a bitch when she stated that she wasn’t marrying Colt for a green card. There was nothing Larissa seemed to do that was right with either Debbie or Colt. Colt said that he wanted to invite John to his wedding because John was family but he didn’t care how Larissa would feel. She had no forewarning and had been walking down the aisle when she first saw John. Larissa chose to ignore him because she couldn’t wait to get married and so Colt had claimed that he was happy that Larissa hadn’t lost control. As if she was some animal that couldn’t control herself.

That was Colt’s problem. He was very condescending to a woman he was supposedly in love with and he tried to claim most of their arguments happen because of Larissa. Like she’s the problem! Colt said that Larissa was being unreasonable when she was hurt and he called her dramatic for merely wanting him to compliment every once in a while. It was all her fault, her fault, her fault and it was never him. It didn’t even matter in the end because Colt and Larissa weren’t happy for long. They had enjoyed their wedding and had already begun to drift apart in the limo back to their reception because of some secret that Larissa had been keeping from him. And so when she finally was at fault for something, it wasn’t surprising when Colt proved how fickle he was.

Colt threatened to call the police on his new wife before long.

Everyone was finally getting married. Eric and Leida had been next and there had been a few glitches at first because Eric had misplaced his clothes and didn’t know where there were. Only he found them in time and the wedding went ahead despite the delay. They had a beautiful wedding and Leida had shown off her silly side at the reception. She was laughing around and making jokes. She truly learned how to relax and so she didn’t see why Eric was so upset. His older two daughters hadn’t come to the wedding and he said that he’ll try to repair his relationship with them in the future because he wants his daughters to be around more. His wife, on the other hand, thought it was fine that just one of his daughters showed and so she still not getting it.

Leida thinks the family she’s bringing and the children she’ll have will make up for Eric losing his daughters, but she’s wrong.

Ashley considered her options with Jay. Jay had emotionally cheated on Ashley and she didn’t know if she could forgive him. She talked to a trusted friend about what happened and even the friend believed that Jay would never stop cheating on Ashley. This, in turn, made Ashley think about an annulment. She spoke to a lawyer and learned that she could annul the marriage and have Jay deported back to Jamaica. Once he gets deported, he’ll never be allowed to return and so Ashley wouldn’t have to worry about running into him. Ashley also thought about just putting Jay out of the house and that was impossible because as long as he was here on the K-1 visa then he was technically her responsibility.

The truth is Ashley questioned if she could ever forgive Jay for what he did and before she could answer that she has to figure out if she even wants to forgive him.

And regardless of what anyone else thought, Kalani and Asuelu were married in a sweet ceremony that they hoped would be just the beginning of a very long marriage.


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