American Idol Recap 3/12/18 : Season 16 Episode 2 “Auditions”

American Idol Recap 3/12/18 : Season 16 Episode 2 "Auditions"

It’s another exciting night of American Idol on ABC tonight with an all-new Sunday, March 12, season 16 episode 2 called “Auditions” and we have your weekly American Idol recap below. On tonight’s American Idol season 16 premiere as per the ABC synopsis, “American Idol” heads to New York, Savannah, Los Angeles and New Orleans as the search for America’s next superstar continues on its new home on America’s network.”

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It was the second night of auditions on tonight’s episode of “American Idol” and the cast and crew began their day in New York City.

Ryan enjoyed being in New York and he went out to mingle amongst the hopefuls as well as their families, but tonight he found out that one woman had named her goldfish after him and that had been an honor. He said he never had anything named after him and so he had enjoyed hearing about the goldfish right up until he found out the poor goldfish died. Ryan had laughed that one off and he continued to hopeful until eventually he met the first act. He met fifteen-year-old Mara Justine who was actually younger than American Idol and she had loved Ryan. Ryan had put a big smile on her face that hadn’t wavered and so she went into her auditions with it.

The teenager had made everyone feel old. They realized that she was born in 2002 and that had had made Katy Perry want to hide from her, so the other judges had to convince Katy from coming out from under the desk before they could get things started and once they did the judges had been wowed. Mara had a powerful voice and she knew how to use it. She could hit the really high notes and the judges had loved her. And so Mara had been one of the first ones to get a golden ticket and she hadn’t been the old young kid with an old soul. There had been teenagers that knew how to play the guitar and the piano.

There had been one young lady that managed to sing with braces and rubber bands that somehow didn’t snap when she hit those particularly powerful high notes. She had admitted that she had been afraid they would snap though it had been surprising when they hadn’t and so the judges ended up meeting a set of wonderful characters. They had even met someone named William Casanova who was a smooth talker that worked in women’s footwear and he had had a voice to back up some of that cockiness. He had a great voice and hadn’t been afraid to touch Katy’s feet to get his golden ticket.

After William, the show picked up and went to Los Angeles. LA was where everyone went to make it big and so being back had brought up a lot of memories for the judges. They remembered when they were just starting out and so they had wanted to support someone else that was on their way. The first one up was Michelle Sussett and she described herself as more than just a singer. She said she also wanted to entertain people and so the judges let her entertain them. Michelle sang in Spanish and she had a danced across the stage which got the others to get up and dance as well. So the judges had loved her and the audience came to love her too when she got Katy to dance.

Katy had been doing fairly well until she tripped on her heels and fell over because that’s when everyone could see right up her dress. She had a well placed American Idol sign that blocked that audience at home from seeing what was happening however the other judges had seen more than their fair share and they had done their best to shield her as struggled to get back up. That alone had been enough to ensure Michelle got her golden ticket and she had danced her way out of there. Then following Michelle, there had been Misha Gontar and he had sung a Ukrainian song that while catchy didn’t exactly fit American Idol.

The judges still liked Misha and so they told him that he hadn’t been American Idol just yet which left the door open for him to come back one day. Now the next artist had been described as the best young male singer they had seen so far. Brandon Diaz had learned all there was about music from his own father who was a signer and so Brandon dedicated tonight’s performance to his dad. And he had been very good. He had a falsetto that was just right and so the judges had no problem with handing him a golden ticket because Katy said he had the potential of being in the TOP Ten, so Brandon joined the others with making into the golden ticket club and some of the judges picked up on a theme.

Lionel and Luke had realized that Katy liked to flirt with some of the singers and so they had been rooting for her when Trevor Holmes came in. He was young, handsome, and it turns out he could actually sing. He had a unique voice and the judges eventually voted to give him the gold ticket to Hollywood, but not before Katy had her fun. She had asked Trevor if he was engaged and had been disappointed when he said he had a girlfriend. And then she had perked right back up when she found out Trevor had a crush on her. He said he’s had a crush on her for the longest time and so Luke and Lionel had tried to hook those two up.

However, it just wasn’t meant to be. Katy had to say goodbye to Trevor after he had won the golden ticket and the guys had done their best to cheer her up. They brought her to New Orleans where Lionel promised that the singers were truly authentic. Much like Laine Hardy! The teenager had grown up in the bayou and he knew how to talk fishing with Luke. The guys had enjoyed their conversation so much that no one else knew what they were talking about and so the conversation moved back to the singing. Laine had an old soul and had reminded them all of a young Elvis with both his looks and his voice.

The judges loved Laine and thought he was talent though a little secret about Laine was that he hadn’t started singing until a year ago. His parents said that one day he just decided to do it and he’s been wowing them ever since. Especially as he was once really shy! So Laine received the golden ticket and not a lot of people in New Orleans had lived up to Lionel’s prediction. There had been singers that tried to sound like the other stars and it came across as fake. And they were also others that just couldn’t sing. They thought they could sing and were then left surprised when the judges either interrupted their performances or just flat out told them goodbye.

There had even been a young man who hadn’t been given a golden ticket and his family had been surprised that they kept throwing out F bombs until he reminded them that he was still mic’d. In that case, the parents had perhaps been too encouraging and that wasn’t a problem for Gabbi Jones. Jones had all the confidence in the world and had been told by her dad that she could try out singing for thirty days before he pulls the plug on the whole thing. So Gabbi being Gabbi had done everything possible to make it within the thirty days and she went to American Idol with an Ariana Grande song which was difficult because Ariana could hit high notes like few others could, so Gabbi put her own spin on things.

Gabbi rearranged the song and had given it almost a rocker feel that the judges ended up loving, so she managed to prove her father wrong. She got a golden ticket and had gotten one step closer to making it within her deadline. Not everyone was like Gabbi so there were still a couple of duds in the bunch, but the judges went on to meet some incredible people like Thaddeus Johnson. Johnson had first tried out for American Idol back in 2010 and he had made it far just not as far as he would have liked. And once he did lose out on his chance, it had sent him into a depression. Johnson said he had considered suicide in some of his darkest days and its fortunate that he hadn’t gone down that road.

He instead got himself better and had even started eating healthier which is how he lost so much weight he had on him. Therefore, he chose “Don’t You Worry Child” for tonight because the song had sort of become his theme song and so Thaddeus Johnson showed this current round of judges just how talented he was. And it came as a shock to no one when he won the golden ticket again. He hadn’t let go of his talent when he was getting better and now that he’s older he could probably make it further. The last time he had been kid and so this time he was entering the competition as a man.

Following Johnson had been a young woman from a small town and had been shy about performing in front of the judges. Rissa Watson lived in a town so small that she knew everyone and she still had had a problem with performing in front of them for the Appalachian Idol, so Rissa hadn’t thought she could do it this time around while her family did believe in her. They had seen how far Rissa had come with her music and she was talented. She had a strong voice and had a dream of one day leaving that small town and family owned business behind. And so her family came out to support her as she gave American Idol her best shot.

Rissa chose an Adele song and, while she had doubted herself, the judges on the other hand had loved it. They saw how far she could go and they gave her the golden ticket to Hollywood. So Maybe Rissa will start having faith in herself after this. And after Rissa had impressed the judges, there was Garrett Jacobs. He was a tall, handsome, and heartthrob worthy singer. He chose it’s “A Man’s World” which was a powerful song and so Lionel had been impressed before Garrett even showed off his chops. And he did have chops. He could sing and the judges saw potential in him, so he moved onto the next round as well.

The last act of the night however had been the one that sent everyone into crying. David Francisco had moved to Nashville to pursue his dream and within a week someone had run a red light and had hit him. He had been on his bicycle one minute and had woken up in the hospital the next. And sadly David had been left paralyzed. He hadn’t had any feelings in his legs and had thought his life was over. Except his old friend Christie had heard about the accident and had reached out, so from there he had had her in his corner. The two had reconnected and eventually stated dating. And so Christie had come with him to his audition.

She had helped him even as he got some mobility back and tonight she had been in the room when he sang “Isn’t She Lovely” for his audition, but really the song had been for her and everyone in the room had gotten emotionally from just hearing it. They were crying and had all wanted to hug David, so he moved on to the next round because his talent had moved people without even trying to.