American Ninja Warrior Recap 8/6/18: Season 10 Episode 10 “Indianapolis City Finals”

American Ninja Warrior Recap 8/6/18: Season 10 Episode 10 "Indianapolis City Finals"

Tonight on NBC their obstacle course competition American Ninja Warrior returns with an all-new Monday, August 6, 2018, episode and we have your American Ninja Warrior recap below! On tonight’s “Indianapolis City Finals,” season 10 episode 10 as per the NBC synopsis, “The Indianapolis City Finals feature the top 30 Ninjas from the qualifying round. Obstacles include the “Cane Lane” and “Spider Trap.” Competitors include Brian Arnold, Jimmy Choi, Jesse “Flex” Labreck and Season 7 champion Isaac Caldiero.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great season 10 episode 10, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior at 9 PM – 11 PM ET! While you wait for our American Ninja Warrior recap make sure to check out all our American Ninja Warrior news, spoilers, recaps & more!

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“American Ninja Warrior” was back in Indianapolis for the City Finals! There have been several new obstacles this season and tonight there were quite a few for our beloved ninjas to contend with. The obstacle course was once again broken into two parts with the first part of the obstacle being the Archer Steps, the Fly Wheels, the Wheel Flip, the Block Run, the Spin Hopper, and then the Warped Wall but the second half of the obstacle course was just as hard with the Salmon Ladder, the Clacker, the Cane Lane, and lastly the Spider Trap. The last obstacle was a thirty-five-foot climb to the buzzer and not everyone made it to that obstacle much less made that climb. The athletes that didn’t finish their course run will have to rely on their timing as well as how far they made it through the course to see if qualifies them for the Vegas Finals.

With options open to all of them, the first ninja had had an impressive run. Mike Wright worked as a Diving Coach and was known as the “Speedo” Ninja for his iconic speedo he continues to wear. He had no problem with the first part of the course and had even defeated the obstacle that knocked him out during the Qualifiers. Mike’s problems began in the second half of the course. He had made it as far as the Cane Lane when his arms eventually failed him. Mike had had to rely on upper body strength throughout most of tonight’s run and was tired out by the time he made it to the Cane Lane which managed to weaponize his own body weight until it dragged him down into the water. And so Mike will have to wait to see how high he placed because it will determine if he made far enough fast enough to make into the next round.

The next ninja was Madelynn McNeal. She was a rookie that had quickly become a fan favorite just for her sunny optimism. Madelynn always had a smile and, despite revealing how rough it had been for her growing up, she revealed how she was now helping people with depression. So everyone had hoped she would make it far tonight and unfortunately, she once again fell on the fifth obstacle. The Spin Hopper knocked out a lot of good ones during Qualifiers and as it showed with one ninja it was still just as dangerous the second time around. The next ninja to make it past that obstacle was Tyler Yamauchi. He had fallen during the Qualifiers and had learned from that mistake. He went on to the second half of the course and was doing quite well until he too fell victim to the Cane Lane. Tyler was doing until he lost grip on that last obstacle.

The ninja that went after him had been Jonas Duncan. He had shown himself to be a promising rookie and everyone had had high hopes for him yet Josh surprised them all by losing his grip on the third obstacle – the Wheel Flip. He had made it to the last flip and would have gotten close to dismounting when he suddenly lost his hand placement. It was a bitter disappointment to an otherwise promising career and so maybe he’ll make it further next year. Now, the next ninja was Mario Brown. He was a rookie making his run this year in honor of his childhood friend that had been murdered some year ago and, for his first time, he had made been quite impressive. He had struggled through every obstacle and somehow had held on when so many would have just given up.

Only Mario managed to hold onto until he made it to the Spin Hopper. It was where he fell the last time and he had tried to do better the second time around but that’s his luck ran out. He fell again and despite not making it far enough to qualify for the next part – it had still been impressive. The next ninja, on the other hand, had had a lot to prove. Rigel Henry was part of the Hair Ninjas. They were the Ninjas with all the hair anyone could ever want and they had already suffered a setback with Jonas’s early departure. So Rigel did his best to make it to the end. He started out strong and had learned from hitting his face last time what he should do on the Spin Hopper. Rigel made it past that, had tackled the Warped Wall right away, and had been his usual carefree self when he came to the Spider Trap.

Rigel hadn’t had enough traction on his sneakers to help him with his climb and so it had been a struggle for him to climb his way up to that buzzer. There had been several times when the crowd thought he would fall and somehow he made it to the top to become the first finisher of the night. With one down, many tried to join Rigel as a finisher and many failed along the way. The next ninja had been Michael Bougher who was young and new at this. He made it past where he fell on the Spin Hopper and had reached as far as the Cane Lane when he just slipped right off the cane. Then came Jeri D’Aurelio and once again her father had shown up with his drums which he played until his daughter eventually fell once again on the Spin Hopper. And then came Trevor West who was the youngest competitor of the night.

Trevor was short and skinny when he was a kid, so a lot of people started to bully him for that and he wouldn’t say anything even as his parents saw all the bruising. His parents actually weren’t sure what to do to help when one day they were watching the show as a family and they had been wowed at how strong the ninjas were. Well, that had been enough to inspire Trevor to become a ninja and eventually the bullies were forced to leave him alone. They hadn’t wanted to deal with a new Trevor that had muscles and it was that same strength that was propelling tonight. He raced through the first half of the course and had had no problem with some of the trickier obstacles in the second half. He made it past the Clanker and the Cane Lane. And was racing up that Spider Trap so fast that he beat Rigel Henry’s time by a full minute.

The next ninja to make it as far as the Spider Trap had been Dan Polizzi. He was part of the Towers of Power and had been making the climb when he foot lost the grip on the walls. Dan fell because of how he placed his legs. If he had stretched them out just a little bit more, he could have made that climb and been the third person to finish though luckily his place in Vegas is ensured because of how far he made it through the course. The next ninja to make his run had been Kyle Schulze. He quickly became the Signing Ninja for his support of sign language as well as the way he inspired all those around him and so Kyle had the audience on their feet before he had even begun the course. He had come out fast out of the gate and had made it to his first Warped Wall. And so it had seemed like he would be one of the few to make it to that buzzer yet he couldn’t have foreseen the difficulties of Cane Lane.

It sounded like a sweet name and instead, it had wiped out so many seasoned ninjas. Kyle had admittedly made it farther than most because it tricky navigate and so it wasn’t until he had to hop across with just a cane that he ended up falling. His timing had still been good and that meant his place in Vegas was secured but his fall had truly been the most stinging. After Kyle, it had been Ethan the Swan Swanson’s turn. He came out as fast and had no problem with any of the obstacles. So he went on to become the third person to past the Cane Lane obstacle and ultimately became the third person to press that buzzer. And while everyone thought they didn’t need to worry about the veterans, it was Isaac Caldiero that had shocked them all. The first ANW champion had come out of retirement and everyone thought he would win another million dollars only Isaac ended up falling.

Isaac fell on the Block Run and that automatically disqualifies him from the rest of the competition. No one saw that coming! Not even Isaac had thought he would get knocked out so soon else he would have been faster with his timing and so after he abrupt exit – Isaac admitted that he might need a little more practice than before he could make another go in the future.

But while that had been hard to process, everyone got their hopes up again for Jesse Labreck. She wanted to become the next woman to make that climb in the Spider Trap and had made it as far as the Cane Lane when she too fell victim to one of this year’s hardest obstacles.

Jesse’s timing as well as how far she made it through the course was still pretty close and so, while she didn’t finish like she wanted to, she will still be going to Vegas!


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