Blindspot Recap 3/16/18: Season 3 Episode 15 “Deductions”

Blindspot Recap 3/16/18: Season 3 Episode 15 "Deductions"

Tonight on NBC Blindspot airs with an all-new Friday, March 16, 2018, episode and we have your Blindspot recap below.  On tonight’s Blindspot season 3 episode 15, “Deductions,” as per the NBC synopsis, “The team must decide whether to trust a prisoner who warns them of a dangerous plot. Zapata (Audrey Esparza) is caught between the FBI and the CIA. Roman (Luke Mitchell) and Crawford (Special Guest Star David Morse) butt heads over how to handle a volatile situation.”

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A CIA transport plane crashed in the East River on tonight’s all new episode of “Blindspot” and Zapata believed it might be connected to one of Jane’s tattoos.

Jane has a tattoo of Ride of the Valkyries on her lower back. The team hadn’t understood what it meant or what kind of awful truth it was going to reveal, but they knew it was there and Zapata was suddenly reminded of that when she saw Valkyrie written on a crashed plane. The plane had been carrying a wanted criminal when it crashed for some unknown reason and there didn’t appear to be any survivors. If there had been then they would have gotten into contact and so someone that survived the accident wouldn’t have a reason to run or hide unless they were a wanted man. Like Cade for example!

Cade had been on that plane. He was a prisoner that was being transferred from a blacksite and he hadn’t been the only prisoner. There were several other criminals on the plane and they all managed to escape when the plane crashed. As it turns out the plane was crashed on purpose by one of the men’s friends or allies because they needed one of the prisoners to be freed and so Cade merely took advantage of the opportunity because had his own agenda. He had been kidnapped off the street when he went out to get diapers for his son and so all Cade wanted to do was go home to his family.

Cade broke into Jane and Weller’s apartment following the plane crash and he had asked them for help. He wanted to be released from CIA custody and therefore he wanted the immunity he had been promised. Cade had given the FBI information on Sandstorm because they had promised he could go home afterwards and so that’s all Cade wanted. He wanted to go home and to let his family know that he hadn’t abandoned them however the couple first had to turn Cade in. He had escaped CIA custody and had to be handed back to Keaton. Only Keaton was proving to be a problem. The CIA Agent hadn’t wanted to give Cade a deal and he had chosen to keep several things hidden.

Keaton had known that the CIA used a secret airline called Valkyrie and so Zapata questioned why he didn’t know Valkyrie planes were built by Crawford. Crawford had a hand in everything and Reade had tried to get the US Attorney to prosecute the billionaire except the US Attorney refused to take on Crawford with circumstantial evidence. He said he would need more to take down someone that powerful and so Reade thought the team might have stumbled across that when they found out about Valkyrie. The secret airline was a direct connection between a prison break and Crawford.

Keaton of course had denied knowing anything about the airline or Crawford’s involvement though Zapata didn’t believe him because she remembered how he reacted when they heard about the crash. He immediately wanted to cover up what happened and the only reason he didn’t was because Zapata had been realistic. She told them that couldn’t cover up a crash from the other government agencies and so that had convinced Keaton to let Zapata report the incident to her team. Her team had been kept in the dark on so many things that they had been frustrated with Keaton when they found out about the crash.

They hadn’t known Keaton had gotten picked up or that he was being held without a trial. They thought he was free until finding out otherwise and so they were willing to cut him a deal because he had info on the other prisoners. The other prisoners on the plane were the worst of the worst and so Keaton went to talk his superiors about the case while the others had deiced to give Cade what he wanted. He wanted to see his family and so they brought his son to him. His husband on the other hand hadn’t wanted to see him because he hadn’t known he had been married to a terrorist until he had a little chat with the CIA, so Cade only got to see his son.

Cade’s son had been a baby the last time he saw him and sadly the toddler didn’t recognize Cade. Cade had tried to tell him that he was his daddy and all that did was make the poor baby cry. The child didn’t understand what was going on or he was in a room with strangers and so Cade told his handler that he could bring the child back out, but he had been so disheartened that he hadn’t wanted to keep up his end of the deal. He had told the FBI that if he let them see his son that he would tell them about the attack that the other prisoners were planning and, not that surprisingly, he hadn’t cared what happened once he saw that he lost his family forever. Cade was willing to let the attack in the city happen for all he cared and so Jane talked to him.

Jane told Cade that there were a lot of other families in the city that could be torn apart during an attack and so she reasoned with him to tell her what he knew. Cade unfortunately hadn’t known as much as he pretended to. He said that someone had approached him at the blacksite and that she had guided them all into escaping. So that meant this woman that orchestrated everything was CIA. The team had looked into the lead and the one CIA agent that was on the plane was Quinn Bonita. She was a highly skilled operative and was rewarded several honors throughout her long career, so it hadn’t made sense that she would turn against the country.

The team dug a little deeper and they found out that Quin had been married. Her husband had also been CIA and he had been in the Middle East on a mission when his own people disavowed him. They claimed he was just a Graduate student and so ISIS later beheaded him live for all the world to see, so the team realized why Quin turned. She had blamed the CIA for what happened to her husband and the attack was going to be on the CIA office for operatives. Zapata hadn’t known the location, yet she was able to put several pieces together to find out it where this offsite was. It was at a research facility at Belmore University.

The CIA all had covers that were connected to the University and so FBI broke into the place just as Quinn was making her move. She was going to execute CIA officers on live tv because of what happened to her husband and the team’s only way of stopping her was to kill Quinn. She would never have stopped and so the FBI took her down as well as the prisoners she had enlisted. Unfortunately, they then had to deal with Cade. Cade wanted to be released and returned to his family only the CIA wasn’t going to allow that. They were holding onto all Sandstorm agents and so Zapata had been told to lie.

She went into Cade’s room and had lied to him. She told him that he was going home, but he saw the lie for what it was and had tried to take Zapata prisoner only Jane had shot him. He was a danger to Zapata and so Jane hadn’t hesitated. She just wished things hadn’t ended that way. Jane understood Cade wanting to go home to her family and, after everything blew over, she talked to Avery. Avery had been told that her adopted father wasn’t a good man and that he had killed someone, so Avery hadn’t wanted to believe that. She thought her father was a great man and she didn’t question that until she asked to see the file on him.

The file held nothing back and it showed that Crawford had cover up her father’s crime. So Avery was realizing that everyone close to Crawford were tainted.

Meanwhile in Rio, Roman covered up the fact that Crawford had kidnapped his own daughter and her friend because he had wanted to gain leverage in a business deal.