Blindspot Recap 3/23/18: Season 3 Episode 16 “Artful Dodge”

Blindspot Recap 3/23/18: Season 3 Episode 16 "Artful Dodge"

Tonight on NBC Blindspot airs with an all-new Friday, March 16, 2018, episode and we have your Blindspot recap below.  On tonight’s Blindspot season 3 episode 16, “Artful Dodge,” as per the NBC synopsis, “A CIA source threatens to tear the team apart. Rich’s place in the FBI is called into question. Roman and Crawford spend a day together under strange circumstances.”

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Roman managed to infiltrate Hank Crawford’s inner circle on tonight’s all new episode of “Blindspot” and with a closer relationship to the man himself, Roman was able to send Jane new intel.

Roman learned that his “girlfriend” Blake Crawford was throwing another fundraiser. She was the charitable sort and her father didn’t usually attend such events, but he had agreed to this one because he had business in the area and so Hank was returning to the states. He tended to do business in Europe or the Middle East and that had allowed the FBI the chance to investigate him without raising any red flags. They spoke to the people that hired him, they’ve also spoke to his friends, and they’ve been secretly looking through finances all without giving the game away. And so that was at risk when Hank decided to return to the states and Roman tried to give the guys a heads up about Hank.

Hank however kept a close eye on Roman. Roman was rarely allowed the opportunity for privacy and that had made his health issues that much harder to hide. He had been forced to admit to Hank that he was having headaches that he was checking out with his doctors and he had said that he was handling it except Roman was in a rush and that was making take bigger risks. He would have usually waited on things before acting on them and tonight he later took a photo of some paperwork on Hank’s desks without second thought. Roman just assumed that they were important and so he sent pictures of the file to Jane. Jane, for her part, had gotten the message and had tried to get Patterson’s help on decrypting it.

They both noticed that Roman’s encryption was stronger than before and so they were finally putting the pieces together. They realized he was escalating his encryption because he was worried his phone could be at risk and they were thinking of what that could mean when a tattoo pulled them away. Rich had connected the dragonfly tattoo with a secret message board in which two people were communicating using Dragonfly164 and Atlantic17 name tags. The Atlantic 17 nametag took messages from Dragonfly and so its tis Dragonfly164 that the team believed they should be worried about. They learned by reading the messages that Dragonfly had been overseas for some time and had recently as well as suddenly arrived in New York.

The team believed that Dragonfly arriving in their city meant it was in danger and so they had wanted to figure out who those two people were yet Zapata told them they didn’t have to keep looking. She told them that she was Atlantic17 and that Dragonfly was Borden. Borden was alive and the CIA has known about it since the explosion. They had found Borden badly injured and had agreed to help him as long as he agreed to become an asset of theirs. They had already shutdown Sandstorm and so Borden couldn’t give them intel they were going to learn all on their own. They told him that if he wanted to be useful that he would have to go back out in the field and that’s where Zapata came in.

Zapata was assigned to be Borden’s handler and she had to give up the position when she rejoined her friends at the FBI, but the man that had taken over as Borden’s handler was later found dead. Agent Conover had disappeared and so the CIA had gone looking for him only to find him in a ditch. It had looked like a hit job and security cameras picked up Borden leaving the area not longer after Conover’s body had gotten dropped off only Borden had looked right at the cameras. He wouldn’t have done that if he wanted to get away with a crime. On the other hand, he could have done it if he wanted the FBI to realized that something went wrong and that he needed to speak to Zapata again so the team arranged a meet.

They hadn’t liked it or that Zapata kept such a secret to herself though they agreed to back her up in her meeting with Borden and that meeting went south instantly. Borden had gone there to meet her and unfortunately he was followed. The people that were employing him hadn’t trusted him and so he almost along with Zapata. Luckily, the FBI was there and they were able to take prisoners. Borden was arrested and the FBI wanted to keep him in custody while the CIA wanted to continue to use him. Zapata had told her friends that Borden could help get one of the people they captured to talk and so she convinced them to allow her plan to happen. She got Borden placed in her custody and had sent him to talk to a drugged out terrorist.

Only that didn’t work. The terrorist was on too much drugs and the team didn’t want to torture the information out of him, but Patterson remembered with Rich’s help that there was something else they could use. She remembered the encryption that allowed her to unlock a message that revealed who was planning an attack and where. It was the terrorist Gorovich and he apparently brought several nukes to New York because he wanted to level cities, thus the team were able to use the information they found to track down Gorovich. He was using a base off of Staten Island and they got him to before he detonated New York City. And so Zapata later had Borden’s deal with the CIA revoked.

She hadn’t wanted to give him the chance to get out again and so she revoked his deal yet that hadn’t mattered to him. He said all he wanted was to speak to Patterson and, well, Patterson didn’t want to speak to him. He tortured her and she never wanted him back in her life which was why she later pushed away Zapata. Zapata hadn’t thought of Patterson when she agreed to become Borden’s handler and so Patterson told her that right now they could only have a business relationship. And because that hurt her, Zapata went out drinking and had accidentally revealed to Reade in her drunken state that she was in love with him. And that was a little late. Like two years late because Reade had pursued her and she told him that she didn’t see him that way.

Their relationship was now forever changed because of her bender and the two still would have to work together to meet with Crawford when he came to New York.