Blue Bloods Recap 1/19/18: Season 8 Episode 13 “Erasing History”

Blue Bloods Recap 1/19/18: Season 8 Episode 13 "Erasing History"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, January 19, 2017, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Blood Season 8 episode 13, as per the CBS synopsis, “When Henry is the key witness on Danny and Baez’s case, his meddling pushes Danny’s buttons until he leads them to valuable information. Also, Nicky shocks her family by siding with her activist friend, Chrissie, who defaced the NYPD flag at One Police Plaza, and Jamie and Eddie learn a parole officer is taking advantage of his power over parolees.”

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Blue Bloods begins tonight with Henry Reagan (Len Cariou) leaving a corner store, with a lottery ticket in hand. As he walks down the sidewalk, a car approaches at rapid speed and he is able to pull a woman to safety, but her husband gets plowed into the store.

Officer Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) and Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) speed to a scene where they find arrest a man who ran from them. It looks like he is trying to break into a place, but he swears this is his girlfriend’s place, and she is his everything.

Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) walks with some students who were practicing for interviews; just as Frank is turning them over to Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara), one of the women sprays red paint on the flag and scream out “Down with police brutality; the history of the NYPD is stained with its victims blood!” She is arrested.

Eddie and Jamie question their suspect, who is standing next to his girlfriend. He says that he has to sneak around because his parole officer won’t let him see her. Gabe (Jared Kemp) had a drug problem but puts him in a half-way house a block away from where he used to score drugs. He controls how he spends money and changes his curfew and if he talks to his girlfriend, it is a violation. Liza (Tiffany Robinson) is one of Gabe’s former victims but she insists he has changed and is his rock; but Eddie says if he is forbidden from contacting her, then they screwed up and he is in violation. He gives them the name of his parole officer and Jamie tells him to walk away.

Detectives Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) and Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) arrive at the scene, wondering why collision investigation wants them. CIS Detective (Carman Lacivita) says a witness says it was definitely intentional, and Danny discovers the witness is his grandfather. Danny talks to his “Gramps” who says the driver ran off smiling and insists it is murder.

After Len is checked over and cleared, Danny reminds him that he is a witness and not a cop and asks him tell him what happened. Baez joins them, saying the victim’s name is Jerry Simmons (Steve Rizzo) and they think the perp stole the car as they found a code grabber inside. Henry tells him to dust it and do a background check on the victim because “dollars to donuts” he knows the killer. Danny sarcastically says, “Thanks for the help Commissioner!” Danny reminds him that NYPD’s best detective is on the case; Baez says, “Yes, and his grandson!” Henry laughs.

Frank is furious with Garrett for not thoroughly checking out the college students, especially Chrissie Watkins (Naian Gonzalez Norvind) before allowing them to come and interview him. Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy) informs him that she is cooling her jets in a cell at Major Case, now that they know she wasn’t even a college student and faked the ID. Frank learns that it was his grand-daughter, Nicky Reagan (Sami Gayle) who called the office to ask for her friend to be there.

Danny interviews Whitney Simmons (Genevieve Angelson), wondering if he has any enemies. She says he owns a small real estate firm in Green Point. He encourages her to hang in there and promises to find out who was driving that care. When he rejoins Dt. Baez, she tells him she learned the identity of their killer, Tim “the Streeber” Streebinsky (Matthew R. Staley). Danny says he has hauled him in at least 20 times, he is a degenerate gambler but talks about how funny he is.

They get an address but before they leave, Danny notices Henry talking to Whitney and orders the officer to assist Ms. Simmons home; he reminds his grandfather to stop interfering in his case. Henry wants to know what is going on and Danny patronizes him as Henry continues to question him; Danny denies him coming along for the ride.

Eddie tells Jamie he needs to stop falling for everyone’s sob story, wondering if the Reagans ever did anything wrong. They are interrupted when Don Voorhees (James Le Gros) comes to see them after he heard Gabe’s roommate talk about the “unis” who caught Gabe with his girlfriend. Janko says that was wrong they thought he was jay-walking but he proved them wrong; Voorhees promises to violate him some other way soon. After he leaves, Janko admits to Jamie that he has a point.

Danny and Baez arrives at Tim Streebinsky’s apartment, but when they kick the door open, they find Tim’s body hanging by his neck from the rafters. They search the apartment and Danny isn’t so sure he “offed” himself, feeling he was murdered; Baez doesn’t agree but Danny wants to rule it a homicide and tells Baez to dig deeper into Jerry Simmons.

Frank confronts Nicky about Chrissy. She says she is a friend, who had some troubles by faking a hate crime against herself. She thought she was past the activism and hate crime stuff. Nicky apologizes and Frank wants to know exactly how she played Nicky. Once she explains, Frank reminds her to remember that feeling of being an idiot and learn from it. Nicky feels that Frank is taking this personally as Chrissy is facing court, but Frank reminds her that a flag, just like that one, draped her Uncle Joe’s coffin, so it IS personal to all of them and to both of them!

At the precinct, Danny feels the Streeber was possibly turning over a new leaf, as his paystubs were showing he went legit working for a land developing company a couple years ago. Baez says Jerry Simmons’ real estate firm received financial backing from Vangelis Properties for a development at the Brooklyn Shipyards and then half a million dollars went missing; and Mario Vangelis (Max Weinberg) is not someone you steal money from.

They begin to think that Streeber took a job with Vangelis to pay off a gambling debt and got tapped for the hit on Simmons and got a staged suicide as a thank you. Baez feels Vangelis will lawyer up before they even say hello.

Jamie and Janko are driving when Gabe calls him and wants to meet. Janko is excited that the park is 3 blocks away and wants to see if she can beat her time, turning on the sirens and speeds towards the scene. Jamie shares that he feels Gabe had more to say about Voorhees but didn’t want Liza to hear it.

Outside Vangelis Properties, Danny and Baez run into Mario Vangelis, who agrees to give them 20 minutes to talk, coming to the precinct to speak.

Gabe reveals that Voorhees is making him plant evidence on parolees, so they can violate or just to rip people off. Before he can tell them anything else, Voorhees arrives and arrests him, saying he failed his last urine test, but he swears he is clean and both Jamie and Eddie believe him and feel that Voorhees is trying to keep Gabe from speaking to them.

In the interrogation room, Mario says he came in as a courtesy and their time is drawing to a close but before he leaves; Danny says he really likes him for these murders and when he likes someone for it, he works hard to get it. Mario says he will sleep like a baby knowing that. Baez looks at Danny and tells him he already told him it was a waste of time.

Danny walks out and sees Henry, and is furious that Gramps is meddling in front of the entire squad room. Henry reminds him that in the old days, they accepted help without getting pissy about it, as Danny says he is tired of Henry babysitting him and says Danny loves him but orders him to go home.

During family dinner things are very tense, Danny is angry at Henry but Nicky takes shots at Frank. Danny hopes Nicky isn’t going to defend her “Communist” friend, but Erin (Bridget Moynahan) encourages her to continue. Nicky says she had a legitimate complaint but voiced it the wrong way, but since the NYPD flag has defiled no one at the table will listen objectively. Erin suggests they looked at it as another flag. Nicky intents to ask her friend why she did it and whys he put her in the middle of all it; she is not impressed with the close-mindedness at the table.

Jamie talks to Erin about the Parole officers’ role. She explains that from Voorhees’ side of he allows Gabe to see Liza and she gets hurt, it is on him, but if he plans on taking this on about what Gabe is alleging, he better have some ammo as corrections don’t bow to the NYPD. Jamie asks if she has someone to contact in corrections, she objects, but he is persistent. The next day, Baez makes fun of Danny about family dinner and the feud between Danny and Henry, saying they get under each other’s skin because they are exactly the same.

Nicky finds Chrissie sharing her video with everyone, saying it was total worth it. Nicky says she just wanted the respect to know what she was really doing, and she is her own person, apart from her family. Chrissie asks her if she wants in, and Nicky wants to know what is going on.

Jamie and Eddie knock at Leo Epps’ apartment, but his father says he isn’t there. He informs them that Voorhees arrived there about an hour ago, knocked Leo down to the ground with a knee in his back, saying his drug test came back positive for weed. He overheard that Leo had to go to Riker’s voluntarily to do a “job” inside.

Baez continues to check out the financials between Jerry Simmons and Vangelis Properties. She reminds Danny about what Gormley used to tell them when they first started – go back to your first witness and start over; Danny does not want to go back to Henry as Baez suggests Henry only told them what he thought he knew.

Nicky meets with Frank, feeling she “owes” him. She reveals to him where the next “assault” is going to be, saying there is going to be smoke bombs and ball bearings. Nicky didn’t even think about the horses or how bad it will be; Frank rushes off to talk to some people about it as Nicky apologizes about it all.

Danny comes to see his Gramps at home, admitting he went off the handle a bit, feeling he was being watched by him. Henry won’t accept his apology until Danny accepts his; they start over as Danny asks for his help. He remembers that Whitney, the wife said something about someone will pay, feeling like she was going to seek vengeance herself.

Jamie and Eddie meet with Voorhees, and see that Gabe and Leo are in the same holding cell; they arrest him saying that both parolees have quite the story to tell and they are ending his reign of terror. Eddie takes him to his cell, saying he will get his own parole officer and she hopes he is just like him. Jamie talks to Gabe and Leo about getting a new PO; Gabe wants to know why he helped him and Liza. Jamie says that they love each other and there is no law against that he will ever enforce.

Mario Vangelis is leaving his office when Danny stops Whitney Simmons from putting her car in gear when she sees him. He steps into her car and reveals that he knows, she is the one who stole the money, not her husband. Danny takes her keys and promises that he is going to make Mario pay, with a smile on his face. He escorts her out of her car and tells him to enjoy his freedom while it lasts taking Whitney in to tell him every detail so he can finally nail him for everything she knows.

Erin and Frank are setting up to play poker when Nicky arrives with the whiskey bottle, she brings the third glass, Erin pours her a glass, saying she is 21. Nicky reveals it was not bad intel to Frank as she went back to Chrissie and told her to call off the assault. Nicky admits all the double-dealing made her no better than how Chrissie treated her. She hated how complicated things got and Frank tells her to shut up and deal. Erin is furious as she has no clue what transpired but doesn’t recognize her daughter’s actions.


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