Blue Bloods Recap 2/2/18: Season 8 Episode 14 “School of Hard Knocks”

Blue Bloods Recap 2/2/18: Season 8 Episode 14 "School of Hard Knocks"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, February 2, 2018, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Blood Season 8 episode 14, as per the CBS synopsis, “When a student is shot by a rival gang member in his high school courtyard, Danny and Baez try to get a grasp on the situation to prevent a reoccurrence, but the principal recklessly takes matters into his own hands. Also, Erin tries to help a friend who is mixed up in an illegal gambling ring; and Gov. Mendez tries to frame Frank after one of his top legislative aides is shot by an NYPD officer”

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Blue Bloods begins tonight with Dt. Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Dt. Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) who are returning to a school where a couple months ago there was a school shooting in the cafeteria; today there is a student named Hector Alou (Antonio Ortiz) shot in the leg when the first bell rang. Baez reveals that Hector runs with the gang called the Warrior Kings; he tells Danny that this is Warrior King business and he doesn’t need any cops.

Danny says get him in the ambulance, as Principal Darryl Ward (Ernie Hudson) says no one there trusts the cops because the Ace Double Trades and the Warrior Kings began recruiting at the school about a year ago and he has had a gang problem ever since, but the gang unit at the NYPD is not interested in the kids in high school. He has requested metal detectors and updated security cameras over 14 months ago and it would be nice to get them before someone gets killed.

Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) is greeted by Anthony Abetemarco (Steve Schirria), who says he called her immediately when he learned it was Cochrane Morrow, it was one of their lawyers who was cut up pretty good. It was Mickey Ridansky (Raphael Sbarge) who found the partner, he found the place trashed and Erin offers to drive Mickey home.

Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) walks into his office for a meeting with Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy) and Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara). Apparently, the Governor Martin Mendez (David Zayas) made the calls himself and he wants to know if there is a threat level he needs to know. Sid explains about a shooting that happened at a gastro-pub earlier and it hit a bystander named Lawrence Cob, who is a top-legislative aide to Governor Mendez.

Danny and Baez bring in Jojo Reese (Terayle Hill) in for questioning, regarding Hector Alou. They have him on video running from the scene after Hector was shot this morning. Jojo smiles, saying they have nothing on him but Baez tells him they have a playground full of witnesses. Jojo says if this is gang business, there is no one getting in the middle of it and suggests they charge him or let him out of there.

Erin smiles when she tells Mickey she feels he sold out when he went with James to expand into white-collar crime. Mickey doesn’t feel James had any enemies and kept all that cash on hand for cash bonds for their clients who were in trouble and any number of their clients would have known they had that kind of cash was around.

Garrett and Frank meet with Governor Mendez, who says the press will hear it from him that this man was wounded by a cop’s bullet. Frank asks to speak to him in private, asking him what would be the point of making that public but the Governor doesn’t like that the NYPD likes to whitewash these types of incidences and wants the cop that shot his guy fired and charged. Frank informs him if the Grand Jury indicts his officer, he could be terminated. Mendez says they all want to protect their people but in the natural order of things, his people come first and Frank better not forget that.

Dt. Reagan and Dt. Baez meet with the students from Ms. Chavez’ (Flor De Liz Perez) class. Danny calls the gang members “knuckleheads and says they might think they are tough but they are not. He says they hide out in gangs because they don’t have guts to stand up on their own, and in order for them to make this place a better and safer place, they need to stand up on their own. He reminds them that they know what is at stake if they come forward and will keep it confidential. Outside the classroom, the teacher said she would be very surprised if anyone comes forward because none of them trust the cops because the only times’ cops show up is when someone gets shot and stabbed; but she promises to try and help them.

Mickey meets Erin and Anthony at dinner, where they inform him they got a call from their rackets bureau. Anthony asks if he’s ever heard of a high-end gambling outfit called “Max Money Down”? Erin demands to know why he never told her that they represented a known gambling syndicate. Mickey says they were James clients and he begged him to drop them, he never told Erin because he didn’t want to drag James’ name through the mud. Mickey says he wasn’t gambling at all and Erin swears she is taking down the gambling syndicate and as long as Mickey is telling the truth, he will be fine.

Danny and Baez return to the school to find that one of the students, Theresa Jones (Shenell Edmonds) beat the hell out of Ms. Chavez. Danny learns from Principal Ward that Anna Chavez was jumped from behind; he feels he is responsible for the safety of his staff and doesn’t even understand why he is even at the school anymore.

At the hospital, Anna Chevez, says this happened to her because she talked to her students about doing the right thing and after class, two students stayed behind to talk to her, but then she was jumped from behind. Baez reveals Theresa Jones is in custody and Danny says if she can identify her as the assailant they can take care of the rest; Ms. Chavez says she won’t do that because she knows what will happen to Theresa if she ends up in the system. She says Theresa is a good kid, and retribution is not her department.

Anthony has been looking over the books for Cochrane Morrow and he has been able to verify every account, except for one. There has been rapid cash flow, big money and wire transfers from all over the world; it is a personal account listed to James Morrow. Anthony has the FBI look into it and it belongs to Max Money Down the gambling syndicate. Erin realizes there is close to 30 million dollars going through the accounts and the law firm is laundering money for the gambling syndicate. She orders Anthony to bring Mickey into the office immediately.

Danny and Baez bring Theresa out of her holding cell, telling her all about her new place in Rikers Island. She admits she messed up and she loves Ms. Chavez and the only person who ever tried to help her. She reveals hurting Ms. Chavez was part of her initiation, saying when they recruit you, you either join or they come after you. Theresa tells them once she saw Ms. Chavez on the ground bleeding, she wishes she took the beating herself.
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Anthony brings Mickey in to see Erin, who orders him to sit down and tells him he has the right to an attorney as he is looking at several felonies. Mickey claims he didn’t know they were laundering the money when he took the job, then says James didn’t want to be part of it but he was in over his head. Anthony says when he found out, he still play ball.

Mickey tries to play on Erin’s sympathy saying he was never a star like she was at the DA’s office, but she isn’t biting. She tells him everything will go away unless he testifies against Max Money Down. He says Janice will leave him and take the kids; he begs her to help him.

Frank is on the phone, talking about Sunday dinner when Dt. Abigail Baker (Abigail Hawk) comes in, apologizing for interrupting as Governor Mendez is on his way up. Mendez tells Frank they have a serious problem, but Frank says it is any but as the Grand Jury refused to indict his officer as they found it was a justified use of force.

Frank asks the Governor to calm down and when he asks Frank when he is going to do, Frank says internal Investigations agreed with the Grand Jury and the case is closed. Mendez insists that he wants the officer gone; Frank says she will not lose her shield on his watch. He apologizes that his man got shot but he will not punish a good officer to satisfy his beef on how this went down. Mendez leans in and tells Frank he either fires this cop or he will order the Attorney General to drill down on every questionable police shooting in the past 10 years. Frank tells him that is his right, and everyone loves a circus!

Danny returns to the school and has the security cameras and metal detectors installed. The Principal says with these security measures in place, it makes it easier for him to leave. Danny confronts him, saying he is just feeling sorry for himself by leaving.

Erin meets with Monica Graham (Tamara Tunie), she doesn’t want to use Mickey as a star witness, saying he has given them everything they need and one of the other lawyers can testify but Monica says since Mickey is a friend of Erin’s he needs to testify because they can’t have any favoritism and if he doesn’t want to go to prison, he needs to “sing for his supper.”

At family dinner, Danny talks about the problem at the school. Jamie (Will Estes) says he once thought about becoming a teacher and Danny suggests he give a talk to the teachers at the school, as it sounds very similar to what it’s like being a cop. Later that night, Erin talks to her dad about what the Governor was threatening him with earlier in the day. Frank says there is nothing he can do; Erin reminds him there is a solution, he just hasn’t found it.

Danny and Baez just arrive at the precinct when he gets a call that there is an armed hostage situation at the high school. They rush over to the school and learn the hostage situation is in the special ed class where Jojo Reese is in. Danny finds out the person with the gun is Darryl ward, the Principal. He calls him and begs him not to do this, but he says he needs to talk to them in a language they understand and hangs up on Danny. NYPD have a sniper with a clear shot on Ward, they agree to give Danny 5 minutes to talk to him.

Erin talks to Mickey, saying they take him into custody and after he testifies they will put him into witness protection. Mickey wants to tell his wife alone, but Anthony doesn’t trust him.

Danny approaches the classroom and walks in, telling him there is still a way out of this. No one is hurt yet. Darryl Ward tells Jojo Reese to come to him, saying he is willing to die to bring attention to what they go through on a daily basis. Darryl says all he wanted to do was make a difference, he hands Danny the gun and Danny says, “you just did!”

Monica barges into Erin’s office and demands to know where Mickey is, as he was supposed to meet with her 2 hours ago. Erin swears that Mickey would not flee, but Monica feels Erin let her personal feelings cloud her judgment and questions whether this was by accident or she let him flee on purpose. Monica demands her to do her job and get him into protective custody.

Danny and Baez are talking about how Darryl is looking at prison time for what he did, but Baez feels it isn’t right as he took a risk walking into the school every day. Ms. Chavez visits them at the precinct and thanks them for believing in Theresa. She is ready to go back to work on Monday, planning to take the principal’s exam to take over for Principal Ward.

Frank comes to see Governor Mendez, he informs the Governor that his Aide was out drinking with a married woman the night he got shot; and it turns out she is married to the Governor’s Chief of Staff. Mendez didn’t know and says too bad it missed his nuts, now that would have been justice! Frank smiles and says, if this gets out, the circus comes to Albany but right now this is safe in the notebook; but if this investigation goes away neither of them is shoveling up after this circus and no one will know. Mendez wishes the Commissioner a good evening and Frank wishes him a good night as well.

Erin meets Anthony, asking him if he found Mickey and he confirms they found him 20 minutes ago. She sees a car and she asks what happened and Anthony says they can’t be sure but it looks like Max Money wanted to take him out before he had the chance to testify. Erin approaches the car and finds Mickey dead in the front seat; she says this is her fault. Anthony holds her shoulder, saying he made his bed; apologizing to her friend.


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