Blue Bloods Recap 4/13/18: Season 8 Episode 19 “Risk Management”

Blue Bloods Recap 4/13/18: Season 8 Episode 19 "Risk Management"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, April 13, 2018, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Blood Season 8 episode 19, as per the CBS synopsis, “Danny and Baez race to find a missing girl who will die within 72 hours without her heart medication. Also, Jamie and Eddie are on the wrong side of an investigation after engaging in a car chase, Frank, Garrett and Gormley investigate the rise in the settlement of lawsuits against cops, and Sean wins an essay contest and receives a medal from former New York City mayor David Dinkins.”

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Sean Reagan had won a writing competition that his mother talked him into entering on tonight’s all-new episode of “Blue Bloods” and for some reason, he hadn’t wanted to go accept his reward.

Sean had told his dad about the award and Danny had been proud of him. He thought they should celebrate and was looking forward to seeing it however his son also said he hadn’t wanted to go. The teenager said the whole thing had been his mother’s idea and that he would be thinking about her if he did accept the award. Sean admitted to his dad that he would probably be getting teary-eyed if he went and so he decided not to go because he hadn’t wanted to embarrass himself. Sean had been so sure about not wanting to go that he told his father to drop it when Danny tried to fight him on his decision. He said nothing Danny could say would change his mind and Danny eventually came to respect that decision because he didn’t know how to deal with emotions.

Danny had talked to his grandfather about what happened and he told gramps that it was his wife that was better at handling that end of things. Linda hadn’t been afraid to talk to the boys about what their feeling and she also talked them down when necessary, but Linda had passed away and Danny didn’t know how to handle things much less how to handle them on his own. He thought he should allow Sean to make the call and his grandfather had disagreed. Henry thought Danny should push Sean and was more or less advised to mind his own business when Danny said that pushing his son just wasn’t him. He wasn’t that guy that could do everything that Linda did and so he chose to focus on what he could do.

Danny was a successful detective and he had answered a call with his partner when they learned there was a missing child. This child was thirteen-year-old Emily Bennett. She had been staying at home following a heart transplant and her neighbor who was asked to check in on her had gone to the apartment to find Emily missing. The teenager was still weak from her surgery and couldn’t possibly have left on her own accord though both Danny and Baez had had to talk to Emily’s parents to ask a few questions. The detectives wanted to know why Emily was out of the hospital so soon after surgery and her parents explained that their insurance didn’t cover Emily staying at a rehabilitation center.

Their insurance actually hadn’t covered much. It wouldn’t allow Emily the post-surgery treatment she deserved and her parents had had to settle with her staying at home in bed yet they still had to go to work to cover the expenses that were left over from the surgery. So this situation as a whole wasn’t fair. The parents said they cared about their daughter and they begged the detectives to find her within the next seventy-two hours. They said Emily needed to take medication following the surgery that allowed her body to better adapt to the new heart and it seems without the pills the teenager’s body would reject the heart. And that meant the teenager could die if she wasn’t given her medication in time, so Danny and Baez quickly got to work.

The detectives canvassed the neighborhood and had checked all the security cameras within the vicinity but hadn’t found a single thing. They asked if there was anyone that would have helped Emily to leave the apartment and only then the parents remembered Emily’s boyfriend. The same boyfriend the parents didn’t like and the one they advised their daughter to break up. This kid should have been the first person the detectives talked to and so Danny had gotten angry at the parents. He told them that they should have been on this kid from the very beginning and had truly gotten upset when they spotted the boyfriend on of the many surveillance cameras going into Emily’s building.

The kid’s name was Evan Scott and the detectives found him at school. They had taken the kid back to the station with them and had questioned him there about Emily. Emily had been missing for a few hours by then and the detectives warned Evan that she needed to go back home. They said she was still on bedrest and shouldn’t be moving around so much, however Evan hadn’t known what they were talking about. He said he visited Emily that morning after her parents left because he knew her parents wanted them to break up and that all he did when he saw her was talk. He talked to her about getting out of the apartment and hadn’t known she was missing until he learned it from the detectives.

Evan had ben just as concerned about Emily as everyone else and therefore he wasn’t someone that would have snuck Emily out of that apartment. Only if it wasn’t him, the detectives didn’t know who it could be. They hadn’t heard from anyone about ransom and there hadn’t been signs back at the apartment of a struggle. They hadn’t known what happened to Emily and the one thing Danny could think of was that maybe it was the parents. The parents had been under a lot of stress with a sick child and they were clearly struggling financially. Danny questioned if they may have done something to Emily when they couldn’t take it anymore and had later tested this theory when he staked out Emily’s parents.

Emily’s mother had stayed at the apartment while her father had left in the middle of the night and had gone to see a guy Danny knew wasn’t reputable. Danny saw Ryan Bennett meet up with Tommy Flynn and Flynn was basically a hired thug, so Danny waited until the meeting ended and then he brought in Ryan. Ryan who was so concerned about his daughter that he left the house while she was still missing and met with someone that could very well have been paid off to fix a problem. Danny interrogated Ryan about his relationship with Flynn and he pushed until he finally got some answers. He learned that Ryan and his wife had taken a loan with a nasty loan shark and that their payments had hit a snag.

The Bennetts couldn’t come up with the money in time to make a payment and in retaliation their daughter was abducted. She was being held by the loan sharks and those guys threatened to kill her if the Bennetts told the cops about any of it. The Bennetts hadn’t wanted to risk their daughter and had apologized for not saying anything, but they truly had been left without a choice and so Danny promised he could help without risking Emily. Emily still had a few hours to take the medication and so Danny worked with Baez in coaching Ryan. Ryan needed to call Flynn and tell him that he had the money. He was even willing to pay additional fee that the loan sharks had thrown in to hurt the family and so Ryan (with some coaching) pushed for a meeting.

Ryan was supposedly willing to pay the sixty thousand Flynn said he owed and he would pay it all off in one setting if his daughter was brought to this meeting. The other guy said ok and so they set everything up. Ryan later waited for Flynn to arrive and he told the other man that he would hand over the duffle bag if he saw his daughter though Flynn wouldn’t bring out Emily. Emily it seems had been left behind and neither Flynn nor the man he worked for had been willing to give away Emily just yet. The second the cops realized that, they moved in and had arrested Flynn. Flynn was told that if he handed over the girl that he would deal with lesser charges and he hadn’t wanted to play ball. He kept claiming he didn’t know what he was talking about that Baez had gotten frustrated with his behavior. She knew Flynn had the answers and that’s why he later left Danny alone in the room with the suspect.

Danny worked over the guy and they ultimately got Emily’s location. She was being held in some building under guard and the police moved in just in time. They arrested everyone that played a part in the kidnapping and rescued Emily while she still had time to take her medication. Danny had just been so happy to get to the girl when he needed to that he decided to take his grandfather’s advice and pushed. He told his son that he would be going to that award show and had made it known that there was no way Sean could get out of it. The teenager hadn’t liked that too much and had been upset with his father at first yet he had forgotten to be mad at the family dinner. The family loved coming together and often they talked about their latest cases.

Danny told everyone about Emily and both his brother and father shared their own war stories. First, Jaime talked about how he and Eddie saw a carjacking in progress and that they had spotted a car seat in the car. They thought a child could be in there and had done everything by the book when they pursued this car in a car chase. They had followed their suspect and had been on the scene when the other car crashed into someone else. That someone else was a father and son, but the son had gotten injured and the father had blamed the cops. He said his son wouldn’t be in danger if they hadn’t been chasing that car and it wasn’t until both officers had to fight off a suspension that they were able to talk to the father again.

The father had learned in the end why the cops were chasing that car and while there hadn’t been a child in the car that got jacked, the father understood that they hadn’t been at fault for what happened. He had just gotten angry needing someone to blame when everything first happened and so he wasn’t the type of man to carry out such a grudge that would do anything like suing them. No, the person that did sue a couple of officers had been this guy that fell down the stairs while being pursued and Frank hadn’t wanted to settle the case. The police commissioner had wanted to fight the charges and hadn’t been happy when the decision came from above his head to settle the issue out of court.

Frank had thought they should fight and when he eventually learned the man they settled with had been compromised, he gloated. He couldn’t help it and that smile stayed on his face into other areas in his life. Which included being there for Sean when he accepted his award and had thanked his family for always supporting him.


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