Blue Bloods Winter Premiere Recap 1/5/18: Season 8 Episode 11 “Second Chances”

Blue Bloods Winter Premiere Recap 1/5/18: Season 8 Episode 11 "Second Chances"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, January 5, 2017, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Blood Season 8 episode 11, as per the CBS synopsis, “When a journalist disappears while working on an exposé about an innocent man serving time for murder, Danny and Baez hope that reexamining the original case will help find her. Also, Frank reluctantly speaks out against an initiative led by Erin’s office to consider drug abuse as a disease first, and a crime second.”

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Inside the Precinct, Dt. Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) is introduced to Jessica Geismar (Manini Gupta) who is making a documentary on Ethan Goodwin when Danny attempts to brush her off, she tells him that she has a source saying Ethan is innocent. Danny informs her that Ethan confesses and it is an open and shut case; she says she isn’t there for a debate but because her life is being threatened ever since she started working on this project. Danny is very defensive, feeling she is questioning the integrity of his case but she wants him to know in case some thing happens to her; he still dismisses her.

Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) visits Dr. Brian Mcbyrne (Dan Bittner), hoping to lend his name in support to an initiative to speak out and tell the public on why they need to change how they deal with addicts. She says his father, Lee Mcbyrne was a prime example who should have went to rehab instead of prison. Erin is there to change how they do business so they can prevent people like his father just being dumped in the prison system but Brian is unable to locate his father as he started using drugs again 6 months ago. He suggests Erin help find his father because the position he is in now, is partly her responsibility.

In the Police Commissioner’s officer, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy) and Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara) watch the press conference, where Frank challenges the lawmakers and justice system to decriminalize possession and use of all narcotics, across the board to dismantle the nanny state, once and for all, and give the right to choose back to the people; which is just and the American way! They turn off the TV and Frank says “SOB!” Detective Abigail Baker (Abigail Hawk) wants to know who could do this, but it is obvious with today’s technology anyone could have altered the conference.

Frank says he wants to be at the next arrest and look the suspect in the eye because he worked his whole life to earn the trust of the people he has served. He understands that they will write a statement but to him, this is personal! Meanwhile, Dt. Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) and Dt. Danny Reagan arrives at Jessica Geismar’s apartment, find the door has been forced open and the place is trashed.

Baez asks Danny if Jessica said where the threats were coming from, but notices that Danny had brushed off her concerns earlier. Baez wonders if she was right and Goodwin was innocent but Danny feels it simply might be that someone didn’t want her sticking her nose where it didn’t belong.

Erin comes down to see Anthony Abetemarco (Steven R. Schirripa), asking him to find a Dr. Lee Mcbyrne. Anthony reminds her that she didn’t give him the heroin while he was in prison, but makes her promise not to blame him for whatever he finds.

Back in Frank’s office, Sid and Garrett inform Frank the guy who did this was Colin Taylor, ex-Navy, who worked Intelligence there. He is a partner in a company that works in digital manipulation. Currently, they cannot give Frank a reason why other than he could be a guinea pig. Frank doesn’t buy it, strongly feeling this is personal somehow. Sid suggests that Frank shouldn’t be at the arrest as it sends a bad signal since he isn’t at all the other collars they make.

Danny and Baez go to see Jason Bevan (Shez Sardar) who also encouraged Jessica to stop chasing the story as it was dead. Ethan himself still insists he is guilty and his own family wanted her to stop, so Baez and Danny wonder who her possible source could be and go to see Ethan in prison. He admits that he visited with Jessica a few times, and kept telling her that he is just trying to do his time and get out. His daughter says the only thing they are about is getting him moved to a closed prison. Ethan learns that Jessica is missing and swears he knows nothing about it. He tells Danny that he put him in there and there is nothing more he can do to him nor make him do and orders him to get out and let him and his daughter be.

Anthony and Erin arrive at a local neighborhood bar where they find Lee Mcbyrne. He talks about going to rehab 4 separate times and how it doesn’t work. Erin asks if he cares about his son, and he tells Erin that all he cares about is for his son to move on with his life and take responsibility for his life like he is doing for his. Erin apologizes for her role in helping him down the heroin route, he begins to cry and asks her to let him be.

Erin tells Dr. Brian Mcbyrne that she found his father and all he can do is make jokes about him. Brian admits he knew where his father was, but wanted Erin to find him so she could see what she did to him by sending him to prison. She tells him to do his job as a doctor and help his father.

Back at the precinct, Danny finally admits to Baez that maybe he was too quick to take Ethan’s confession back then; but Baez says if he confessed no one would have looked much further anyway. She finds footage of Jessica going into a building with a man behind her, later on he comes out but she doesn’t. Danny recognizes the rings and it belongs to the gang that was around at the time of the murder that Ethan presumably committed; Danny calls gang unit to see if they can put a name to the face.

Frank comes into his office and greets ADA Reagan, instead of Erin. He admits he is being a big baby about the video, she understands that but he feels he should be tougher than that. He feels violated over this. He hates the camera and bites the bullet with this job and when something like this happens, he feels vulnerable. He leans in and warns Erin that he plans on coming after her office. She says the initiative is a good thing but he feels it leans in on normalizing drug use. He doesn’t want it to happen, and any story she has to say is not going to change his mind. She says the Frank on that video made some good points that he should really pay attention to.

Danny and Baez enter a bar looking for Mason Grant (Yaegel T. Welch), the bartender and everyone inside says they have never seen him nor heard of him but one man takes off outside. Danny chases him outside but he instantly vanishes. Danny calls his sons, Jack (Tony Terraciano) and Sean (Andrew Terraciano), saying he will be home late from work, but promises to be home for the game.

Baez begins to interrogate someone from the bar, simply asking for Mason’s number so they can all go home tonight. At home, Danny struggles trying to convince Sean to do his homework instead of watching the game, but both are concerned for Jack who comes in the door beaten up, and broken glasses, with a note for Danny saying “Stop your investigation and nothing will happen to the girl.”

Baez thinks someone must have recognized Danny from the initial case and chase after the location of Mason Grant’s phone. Danny shoves him against the gate and tells him to stop playing stupid and tell him everything he knows about Jessica. Anthony tells Erin she is wasting resources trying to find a guy who doesn’t want to be found for a son who doesn’t care about finding him. Suddenly there is a knock at the door, and it is Dr. Brian Mcbyrne who has an idea where they might be able to find his dad.

Abby comes to see Frank in his office, saying she understands what he is feeling and that Gormley is asking to see him in his office. Once there, he is introduced to Colin Taylor (Derek Goh). Colin insists this wasn’t anything personal but Frank learns that he has a brother whose throat was slit by a drug dealer, he downplays this saying he has great lawyers and will make this out as a prank but Frank turns around and promises he can make this look like treason and will come at him with everything he has.

Danny and Baez continue to talk to Mason, who insists he was meeting with Jessica in secret, and he is the source for her documentary. Danny is angry that these are all conspiracy theories, Mason says he was there when it happened, that it wasn’t Ethan who committed the murder but his daughter, Lauren and the Hellions had nothing to do with it, it was a neighborhood beef.

As Erin and Anthony wait to see if Lee will show up, there is a report of a robbery in progress at a local pharmacy; Dr. Brian Mcbyrne agrees with them, saying he should have done this a long time ago and they head towards the scene. Brian wants to talk to his father but NYPD is hesitant. His dad says he shouldn’t be there as Brian says they can walk away together, Brian grabs the gun as the police rush in and separate them and arrest Lee. Brian begs them to take it easy on his father, looking at Erin.

Danny and Baez return to the prison, demanding the truth from Ethan. Danny says his son has been assaulted from this and Jessica has been taken and he will never see Lauren again unless he tells them where she is. They manage to untie her before Lauren rushes in with the gun, when she realizes the jig is up, she drops the gun and jumps ou the window to her death.

Frank comes to see Erin at her office, and she doesn’t feel like begin nice to him, explaining how the man she should never have sent to prison is back in prison, its the circle of life. Frank tells her that he canceled his press conference denouncing her program, but when she makes a snide remark he tells her to be nice. He feels that the middle ground has gone missing and isn’t sure how to get it back, but they will figure it out.

Danny and Baez return to the prison to see Ethan, who blames Jessica for investigating all of this. Jessica says she is there because she has all the facts to prove he is innocent and get him out of prison; Danny says as a police officer he cannot let that stand and he needs to be released. Ethan says his life outside was for his children, and without them, there is no “out there”. Danny wants him to be out in time for his daughter’s funeral and encourages him to say “goodbye” the right way.

Family dinner happens and they are talking about tough love. Jamie (Will Estes) talks about a case where a woman called the police on her own son and then planted Italian seasoning in a Ziploc bag to frame him for drugs. She cries admitting she set him up but just can’t handle living with him anymore. The kid comes home, runs up the stairs all worried about his mother after seeing the police cars, and they realize he isn’t a kid, he is in his late 30’s. The mother and son start fighting, they are separated but clearly, the son didn’t get the hint when his own mother was trying to frame him from drug possession.

Jamie just wants to know from everyone at the table, is there a line they wouldn’t cross when it came to the family? Everyone at the table says “NO” and Frank says they should simply make a deal to never test if that line ever truly exists.


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