Chicago PD Recap 1/17/18: Season 5 Episode 12 “Captive”

Chicago PD Recap 1/17/18: Season 5 Episode 12 "Captive"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, January 17, 2018, season 5 episode 12 called, “Captive,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD episode as per the NBC synopsis, “When Atwater disappears at the house of a convicted felon, the evidence doesn’t look promising with his belongings and his blood left behind. Intelligence rallies to rescue him before it’s too late. And Atwater struggles for survival faced with not only his captor but also a difficult connection to his past.”

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Chicago PD begins tonight with everyone gathering at Sgt Trudy Platt’s (Amy Morton) front desk, planning to meet at Molly’s for her birthday; she says it is a lowkey event because her husband, Randall “Mouch McHolland (Christian Stolte) has the flu so she will make it an early night. Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) tells them he will meet them at Molly’s as he has something to do first when Ada Rusek (Patrick John Flueger) offers to go with him, he says to just go ahead without him. Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) tells Trudy she heard they put a karaoke machine in Molly’s; Trudy scoffs at the idea, saying it attracts the wrong kind of crowd.

At Molly’s, Trudy is singing away, while Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) tries to convince Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) to get up and sing. Adam keeps getting Kevin’s voicemail, but Kim tells him not to worry. Unfortunately, Kevin arrives at the house, and finds the place trashed, someone puts his gun to Kevin’s head, removes his from his back and hits him on the back of his neck, telling Kevin it’s time to pay for his sins!

The following morning, Adam arrives late for the tests and informs them he was looking for Kevin; Sgt Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) is concerned, that he never went home and isn’t there for the test either. Voight says its time to track him down. Adam asks Kim if she knew what Kevin would be “taking care of in Bucktown”, she has no idea. Trudy calls the team over, saying she thinks she got him, as his phone is pinging from Rosewood and gives them the address; they go out to investigate and find his car, there have been calls to him from someone named Michelle.

Inside the car they find an address belonging to Joe Baker (Mekhi Phifer), and the car is parked right in front of the house. They search the house and find Kevin’s badge and ID besides a spot of blood. Voight orders everyone to keep this in-house for now because if this leaks and they find out Kevin is a cop, he is a dead man. There is no connections between Kevin and Joe Baker – no arrests nor CI roles. There are a series of texts between Joe Baker and Calvin Hill.

Burgess and Antonio visit Hill who says he had drinks with Baker on Thursday and he is surprised to learn that Joe is missing and doesn’t recognize Kevin. He talks about drinking at the Slide Bar for the most of the night until Joe saw a woman named Sonya and left with her.

Back at the precinct, Trudy confirms that the blood is a match to Atwater; just then Hailey says she has something. A video has been posted on social media of a man hitting Joe Baker with a pipe, Kevin it chained in the background. The profile is fake, it was created only to post this video; they realize there are two offenders, one doing the filming and another doing the beating. Voight wants an IT guy they can trust working on this and he orders Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) and Antonio to shake down every Latino gang and drug crew associated with Baker.

They zoom in on the video and notice the tattoo is a Mexican flag, gangster style and also there are stained glass windows so it could be a church. Trudy says the good news is that Kevin is still alive and Voight says he is going to stay that way.

Alone, Kevin confronts Joe about the drugs, who insists he doesn’t know them, saying he has been clean since he made parole. Joe tells Kevin he is the one who needs to own up to the truth and feels like he is in hell being chained to the bastard who murdered his son.

Burgess brings a file to Voight, revealing a connection between Kevin and Joe Baker, it is Ronnie Cartwright. 5 years ago, Ronnie robbed a store, killed the clerk, later after Ronnie was on the lam, Kevin corners him, Ronnie pulls a gun on Kevin and “goodbye Ronnie!” Kim admits she was close but didn’t see it, and it was ruled a good shoot. Voight asks what this has to do with Baker, she says “everything” but Rusek interrupts them saying he found Michelle and she is Joe Baker’s sister.

Michelle says she called the police when she was worried about her missing brother, but says they don’t show up when you need help. When Kim asks why she would call Kevin for help after he killed her nephew, she says she doesn’t blame Kevin for what went down. Michelle insists she called because she was worried about Joe and he is no longer in the game; Voight shocks her when he reveals they found half a kilo of cocaine in Joe’s garage. She swears that isn’t true and none of this is making any sense. She doesn’t recognize the tattoo.

One of the offenders returns and questions Kevin, who says he isn’t a cop and that his name is Anthony and his is just homies with Joe. They find a bank receipt and see that Joe has $19Gs in the bank account and he says he got that from the city for killing his son, and they will have to bury him to get that; the man shoots him and says he will not tell him how it is going to be and on Monday he is going to take all the money out.

Antonio shows that someone used Joe’s debit card and maxed out his daily limit, so that gives them 36-hours, Voight sends Jay and Hailey to check surveillance in the area to see if they catch the Perp in the Skeletor mask.

Joe struggles with being shot but talks to Kevin, saying he knows of two people who were there that night, who both say that Ronnie never reached for a gun and Kevin shot him like he was a damn dog. Kevin says he doesn’t know what he is talking about, but Joe says the city paid him $20Gs, that proves he was a murderer.

Kevin looks him in the eyes, says he didn’t become a cop to kill people, especially not his own people, who come from the same place he is from. He thinks about Ronnie every day and he is one of the last faces he sees when he shuts his eyes at night, but he also thinks about the clerk he murdered. He tells Joe, about the clerk, who had a wife and family but Joe says the clerk owed his son money and he was just there to collect. Joe informs Kevin that right now, he has the power because if tells these guys that he is a cop, they will light his ass up. Joe feels since he is going to die anyway, he may as well get some satisfaction seeing him die too.

Antonio and Burgess confront Sonya, whose name is Alisa about being at The Slide Bar. She says Reimundo (Joshua Torrez) came to her, saying this guy jumped him a few weeks ago and stole his drugs and needed her to bait Joe, she drugged Joe and took off with him on the premise of having sex with him; and Reimundo took him. She has no idea about any cop. Kim informs her she is being charged with kidnapping and assault and orders her to stop crying.

Joe is shivering as Reimundo taunts him with water. He then grabs a drill and demands to know where his coke is. Joe says he has no idea where it is but he says Kevin isn’t who he says he is. Kevin says he isn’t a security guard, he is the one who stole his coke. He talks about getting him some real money, saying get them out of there and forget it. Reimundo tells him he doesn’t do forgiveness and begins to drill as Kevin screams out in pain.

Joe tosses a rag to Kevin, who tells him they are just going to kill them. When the other guy comes back into the room, Kevin works him, asking him if he is stupid, saying he could give him tons of money. He offers to get him $100K if he gets him a phone, but he tells Kevin to not be insulting him.

Antonio and Trudy inform Voight that the prints on the brick of cocaine belong to Calvin Hill and Voight orders Antonio to grab him and put him in the cage, asking him if he has a problem with that. Antonio says he doesn’t.

Joe tells Kevin of all the ways he thought about killing Kevin, but feels it wouldn’t have made much difference because it still came back to this – him grabbing Kevin by the back of the neck and squeezing until his eyes go blank. It was his special way of counting sheep while in prison. He talks about how Ronnie would have been 20 next week if it weren’t for Kevin. Kevin finally tells Joe that some of the blame goes on Joe, he was a good kid until Joe was teaching him about the gangs, literally teaching him how to die.

Voight and Olinsky talk to Calvin in the cage, explaining this is where they speak to people when there is special circumstances. They reveal that they know about his calls to Reimundo, the drug dealer he ripped off and he is now holding his friend, Joe and their friend, Kevin a cop hostage. Calvin asks for a lawyer as Voight puts gloves on. Olinsky says it is too late and Voight tosses a gun at Calvin, who catches it.

Voight explains that 2 years ago, a perp was placed in the cage and snuck a gun in, after a few hours, he stuck it under his chin and blew his own head off. Voight asks again where Reimundo lives when Calvin doesn’t answer Voight puts the gun to his chin and Calvin confesses to everything. Voight rushes off and tells Olinsky to arrest Calvin.

Back in the abandoned church, Reimundo talks to Kevin about the money. He hands him the phone, tells him to dial the number and if someone doesn’t answer, he dies.

At the precinct, Kim is worried that 32 hours have gone by, Adam reassures her to stay cool. His CI phone goes off and it is Kevin, they are able to set a location but Kim worries that they can’t get the funds from Denny Woods (Mykelti Williamson). Voight gives Olinsky keys and tells him to get the funds from his place and stick a locating device into the bag. Adam takes the bad to the location as the IU waits for the exchange to happen so they can follow the guy to where Kevin is.

Adam hands the bag over, he checks the amount as Adam asks him to tell “Anthony” he will see him soon. Joe and Kevin continue to struggle with the chains to break free; Joe doesn’t see the point as Kevin says he doesn’t give up. Joe wants to know if Ronnie said anything before Kevin shot him, he has been thinking about this for too long but Kevin says it won’t be Ronnie back and tells him to focus on the now.

Reimundo tells his partner to take the cash somewhere else when the IU finds out, Voight tells them to move in but cautiously because this guy is their only link to Kevin; when they surround his car, he shouts into the phone to Reimundo that its a set-up. He gets out of the car with his gun drawn, Adam puts his gun down and asks him to talk to them; but he raises his gun at Antonio who instinctively shoots back.

Adam grabs Billy, and shouts at him, wanting to know where Kevin, his partner is but Voight stops him, saying he is gone. Adam attacks Antonio saying he just killed Kevin; Burgess jumps in the middle as Adam says he could have shot him in the leg. Antonio defends himself saying what if he missed and Billy shot Burgess, then what? Adam is snapping and Voight tells him that they all get back on the same page; double down on what they go. Grab Billy’s phone and ping Reimundo’s burner phone and search every church.

Reimundo returns to the church and finds both Kevin and Joe are gone, but with both men wounded he quickly catches up to them. Joe is cornered and about to be executed when Kevin jumps on top of Reimundo and they find viciously. Reimundo manages to pull out a second gun from his back but Kevin is able to throw it away; they struggle with the gun they have and Kevin shoots Reimundo twice in the chest, killing him.

Kevin gets to his feet and tells Joe they are “all good” but Joe puts the gun to Kevin’s head, asking him if this is the gun he used to kill his son. He asks how it feels now. He wants to know what Ronnie said just before Kevin killed him dead; he wants to know how it went down. Kevin retells the whole story, saying Ronnie said he would never get on his knees for any man; swearing on everything he loves. Adam arrives and Kevin is able to talk Joe down, saying they are all good.

Kevin is able to walk out but asks Voight to give Joe a break on those drugs he stole. He is relieved to learn that Joe didn’t steal the drugs after all. Burgess rushes behind Kevin and hugs him, saying she is glad he is okay. Kevin apologizes to Trudy for missing her birthday, but she quickly takes him into a hug and holds him tight. Adam apologizes to Antonio, saying he was out of line as he was so worried about Kev and praises him for the shot.

Kevin goes to see Joe at the hospital, admitting he thought he stole the dope and he isn’t proud of assuming that, but he is glad to be wrong. Joe says Kevin has no idea how close he came to shooting him. Kevin asks why he didn’t. Joe says because of Ronnie’s last words… That was something he taught his son, he drilled those into his head every day since he was a little boy, do what he did was on Joe. Kevin watches as Joe’s heart breaks all over again.