Chicago PD Recap 10/17/18: Season 6 Episode 4 “Ride Along “

Chicago PD Recap 10/17/18: Season 6 Episode 4 "Ride Along "

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, October 17, 2018, season 6 episode 4 called, “Ride Along,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD season 6 episode 4 as per the NBC synopsis, “Politics get in the way as the team tries to rescue a teenage girl kidnapped by a robbery crew. Voight and Platt try to exonerate Olinsky.”

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Chicago PD begins tonight with Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) asking Adam Rusek (Patrick John Flueger) and Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) if they heard that the Detective exams were just announced; Hailey suggests if Kim is taking it, they better start studying now. Adam isn’t so sure about taking it, but knows it’s something Kim always wanted; they are interrupted when Officer McManus tells Burgess that Superintendent Katherine Brennan (Anne Heche) would like a word with her.

Kim joins Brennan in the SUV, who congratulates her on the recent bust, admitting she reads all of their reports. She tells Burgess to not run away from a compliment and needs a favor from her. She met Pastor Aqueela Barnes (Gabrielle Lott-Rogers), whose daughter wants to be a cop. Brennan wants Burgess to take her out on a ride along herself, not really giving her an option.

Kim comes down in her blues, as Sgt Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) reminds her that when she has a civilian in the car, she is not to engage under any circumstances and to bring her back a latte. She introduces herself to Kendra Barnes. On their ride along, Kendra says she wants to be a cop because she is tired of people being shot and wants to make a difference. She isn’t like her mom, she believes in God but doesn’t believe He can fix Chicago all by Himself.

A call comes in for a robbery a couple blocks away and Kendra wants to see what is happening, pleading with Kim, who drives to the scene and gives Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) the heads up that she found the car, but no sign of the suspect; but before she can get out of the area, shots are fired. She orders Kendra to get down, draws her gun, calling for back up and EMS. Burgess exchanges gunfire with the suspect but he manages to escape, when backup arrives, Kendra is gone from Kim’s truck.

Adam and Dt. Cullen go through the scene, and they believe this is the same crew that has been hitting the Gold coast the past few weeks. Jay is outside talking to the wife, who hit in the bathroom when the shooting started. Sgt. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) catches up on everything the IU knows so far about the scene. Adam says the wife revealed her husband is the one who opened fire on the Clay Young guy and the stray bullet is what hit the civilian, and the other offender is the white tall guy in the grey hoodie who was shooting at Burgess.

Burgess runs up to the IU, and Voight learns that Kendra was in the car when this happened. He tells Kim to find the girl and they can talk about everything else afterwards. Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) catches up with Kim at a cafe, worried about her. She reveals she had a ride along with her that ran from the shootout; Kevin offers to help her find Kendra.

Kim and Kevin find Kendra at home and Pastor Barnes is upset that Kim would drive smack into a shootout with her daughter in the car; Kevin interrupts her saying that his partner was doing the right thing trying to save a man’s life. Kendra denies seeing the suspect.

Back at the station, the IU they have information on the shooter, his name is Trent Stow and he is a repeat offender and a junkie. Young and Stow were busted 10 years earlier for a robbery while still in university, Stow was a pro quarterback, and since the Judge was an Alum, he only got probation and has skated on all charges for every crime since. Kim confesses she only saw a hoodie at the time of the shooting. Voight feels Kim only did what she felt was right and advises her to only tell the review team the truth.

Adam and Dt. Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) take the front door while Kevin and Burgess take the back. Adam wants to kick in the front door, but Trent’s truck pulls up while they are there. They surround the truck but no one has eyes on who is inside as the windows are fully tinted, a woman come out begging them not to shoot, saying Trent is out of town. Her name is Shelby Jarvek and she has quite the record, but insists she is only there to feed the cat. Adam says they can do a blood test on her right now if she is tweaking, but Antonio says unless she tells them where Trent is; and she reveals he is with his brother Vince.

They arrive at the address, but a kids’ birthday party is taking place. Vince asks Adam if they can do this later as he has a lot of business colleagues there; Adam asks him if he wants to do this really quiet or they can play it really loud and everyone will know what is going on. Vince agrees for them to talk to Trent, but only if he is present as his lawyer.

Inside the house, Trent says he was at an AA meeting that morning as Kim demands to know if he owns a grey hoodie. He’s told not to answer that and Vince says he is the coach of a football team but when asked to come in to do a line up since he is such an innocent man, he would want to prove his innocence. Vince says they are done talking and tells them to not disturb his guests on their way out.

Kim is called to Brennan’s office, who says the man she helped is going to survive and reminds Burgess to accept a compliment. Brennan worries about the review board jamming up Kim for engaging with a civilian in the car, even though the city sees her as a female hero. Brennan doesn’t want that narrative destroyed by a technical violation and wants Burgess to lie about Kendra being in the car.

Voight can’t believe they can’t get Trent in for a lineup, even though he is their lead suspect. His alibi pans out, but he has plenty of time after his meeting to get to the scene, they want to work the stolen property angle; just as he finishes talking, Antonio thinks he found something. He reveals 10 suspected cleaning houses, including an auto repair shop that Trent’s truck was outside of 3 times in the last month, each time the day after a robbery; John Randall is the owner of the shop who also has a long rap sheet for felony of stolen property. Voight tells them to get John Randall and rip the place apart.

John runs the second he sees the cops, Antonio hurts his shoulder trying to jump the fence; but Hailey manages to tackle him on top of a moving car. Adam asks her of she is good and when she says she is. He smirks and says, “yah, you are!” Once they have him in custody, Adam wants to make sure Antonio is okay, not questioning whether he would place him in jeopardy or not. Antonio tells him not to keep it out of the report.

Kim goes before the review board and lies that she was asked to assist on the Explorer’s program, that is why she was alone and her partner was back at the station. She is told she did the city proud and she is excused.

Kevin and Voight interrogate John Randall, showing him the jewelry that belongs to John McCaffery who bled out in front of his wife. He also claims he doesn’t know Trent Stow as Voight explains he is looking at murder charges since he is part of the conspiracy where Stow and Young do the robberies and John does the washing of the items.

John says he only buys the things from a woman – a runner, a pretty blond who is always high as a kite. He recognizes Shelby as the woman who sells it to him and the IU think she is in the wind but Jay says there is an open air drug market close by where her phone pinged last. Kim is called downstairs by Trudy as someone needs to speak to her. Its the woman who was at the cafe who helped Kendra, get onto the bus; but she startles Kim, revealing that the girl she helped ran into the shooter and was carrying a backpack with a K on it.

Voight comes down as Kim leaves to follow up on the “lead”, he asks Trudy if there is something off with Burgess and what was the outcome with IRT. Trudy doesn’t know what happened as she hasn’t seen any paperwork. Kim immediately goes to see Brennan saying she came to talk to her first as she didn’t mention Kendra like Brennan suggested; but she denies it, saying she is confident Kim will figure out a way to solve this case without involving Kendra.

Jay and Hailey go to the drug area, where they are told where to find Shelby. Hailey kicks in the door and they search the abandoned store, finding Shelby overdosed one of the back rooms. Adam and Antonio reveal to Voight that the ME is ruling Shelby’s death a homicide; their theory is Trent knew Shelby talked to them and he cooked up a hotshot and killed her. Voight feels Stow is the luckiest guy alive, with three homicides on him and he is still on the streets.

Adam and Antonio dig through a dumpster when Antonio says his shoulder is healing through acupuncture. Suddenly, Antonio notices a security camera pointing in the alleyway. Kim sees the video and it is obvious that Kendra was face to face with Trent; Voight tells Kim and Kevin to go talk to Kendra. Kim feels she screwed up, revealing to Kevin that she didn’t tell IRT about Kendra because Brennan told her not to. He tells her not to beat herself up over this, but she says this is all on her.

At the school, Kendra denies seeing anything; but Kim tells her to level with her – cop to cop. Kevin says that she didn’t see anything, and thanks her for speaking to them. Just before they leave, Kendra says she saw him and she can try to ID him. They bring her to the precinct and do a photo lineup, with Voight closely watching, Kendra is able to ID him; thanks to the skull tattoo on his hand.

Voight has to talk to Trudy in private about Burgess. He reveals she is in a tough spot, saying she talked to IRT but never told them about Kendra; Trudy knows she needs to talk to Luisa Chen.

IU arrives at Vince Stow’s house, when Jay knocks on the door announcing Chicago PD is there. Kim finds a severely beaten Vince on the back patio. She calls for EMS, saying she was right as he thought his brother was trying to get sober. Kim tells Vince not to worry about that right now. They regroup and Jay tells the team they found Vince’s car crashed with blood on the driver’s side but no sign of Trent and that was about 20 minutes ago.

Kim and Kevin arrive at the accident scene and hear gun shots; Kevin orders the other officers to the hotel, where the hotel manager is shot after he found a man in room 208. Cicero Police help IU surround the hotel as Kim and Kevin breech the room, a woman is able to escape as there is one room left. She runs out saying she he’s crazy. Kim and Kevin see Trent in the other room. Kim kicks Trent over and over, ordering him to get up. He is covered in blood as Kim finally says she is calling the ME. Kevin finds a pulse, but it is really weak, he leaves the call up to her. She walks out of the room and asks the Cicero officer if he is carrying Narcan and revives him. Kevin places him under arrest but privately tells Kim he wouldn’t have blamed her if she let him go.

Kevin says when it all falls down, she needs to remember he has her back. Adam wants to get a shot of vodka with Antonio, who declines, but as soon as he gets in the car, he takes a pain med. He calls his doctor, revealing his pain is really bad and needs a refill on his oxycodone.

Burgess goes to Voight’s office and says she told Chen the truth, thanking him for cleaning up her mess. He says its not his job as he knows what he told the IRT; he doesn’t care who she listens to but she is to never compromise a case again. He is furious that she sat on the fact that Kendra was a witness and if she ever does something like that again he will bury her. He slams the door behind her.

In the change room, Kim repeatedly slams her locker door as Trudy comes to see her. Trudy reveals that Chen and her go way back. Kim is ashamed, but Trudy tells her it wasn’t a hard sell and no one is trying to take down a cop who is catching fire; but next time if its between Voight and Brennan, always choose the cop! She tells her they need to go get that latte and she is buying.


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