Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Week of April 16-20 – Chad Catches Stefan and Gabby Making Love!

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of April 16-20 tease that some huge shockers are on the way. DOOL fans know that Stefan (Tyler Christopher) and “Gabby” are holding Marlena (Deidre Hall) hostage in the DiMera tunnel. It turns out they’ll add a couple more hostages later this week. It’s clear that they’re losing their grip on this crazy situation.

Nevertheless, Stefan will refuse to give up on his dream of being with “Gabby” permanently. He’s convinced himself that she’s a different person than Abigail (Marci Miller), but that’s obviously not true. Abigail’s still in rattling around in that brain of hers. She’ll do her best to put the clues together and break free from her mental prison this week.

In the meantime, Days spoilers say Stefan and “Gabby” will plan to leave town. Their getaway scheme will be derailed when Vivian (Louise Sorel) discovers what’s happening. She’ll put her foot down and forbid it, but Stefan won’t listen to his livid mother. He’ll just throw Vivian down there with Marlena and keep his goal intact.

Other Days spoilers say Kate (Lauren Koslow) will catch a glimpse of the mystery woman. She’ll spot her in the mansion and decide to get a closer look. Kate will be taken aback when she realizes it’s Abigail in a dark wig. Before Kate can call the cops, “Gabby” will bash her in the head just like Marlena. Kate will be hostage number three, so they’ll have quite a crowd!

Once the Kate awakens, she’ll discuss what she saw with Marlena and Vivian. At that point, Days of Our Lives spoilers state that Vivian will have a confession to make. She’ll reveal that she already knew about Abigail’s DID. Stefan convinced Viv to keep quiet to avoid suspicion regarding Andre’s (Thaao Penghlis) murder.

Of course, “Gabby” herself was the real reason Stefan pushed for Vivian’s silence. He’s completely infatuated with her, so their twisted romance will take a giant step forward. Days of Our Lives spoilers say Chad (Billy Flynn) will make a startling discovery. He’ll walk in on Stefan and “Gabby” having sex!

Chad will see the dark wig, so he’ll know this is the mystery woman. He’ll insist that she needs to turn around right now. It looks like Chad will face several bombshells at once, so stay tuned for all the drama. We’ll give you updates as other DOOL news comes in. Stick with the NBC soap and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers, updates and news.

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