Elementary Recap 7/2/18: Season 6 Episode 10 “The Adventure of the Ersatz Sobekneferu”

Elementary Recap 7/2/18: Season 6 Episode 10 "The Adventure of the Ersatz Sobekneferu"

Tonight the CBS series Elementary airs with an all-new Monday, July 2, 2018, season 6 episode 10 and we have your Elementary recap below. On tonight’s episode called, “The Adventure of the Ersatz Sobekneferu” as per the CBS synopsis, “Sherlock and his father, Morland Holmes (John Noble), attempt to repair their strained relationship upon learning of a death within their family. Also, Holmes and Watson discover a link between their latest case and the world of Egyptian antiquities when they search for a killer who tried to mummify his victim.”

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Morland Holmes came to visit Sherlock on tonight’s all new episode of “Elementary”. The older man wanted to see his sole remaining son because he only just learned that his other son Mycroft was dead. Morland it seems had relied on Mycroft outliving him. He thought his oldest son would be the one to give the eulogy at his funeral and Mycroft also happened to the sole heir to his entire estate, but with things being the way they are, Morland will have to make other arrangements and that’s why he wanted to speak to Sherlock. Sherlock also thought his brother would outlive them both and so he asked his father about his other “activities”.

Morland had been working on unraveling Moriarty’s network and he was still doing it. He was going about things slowly because he didn’t want to alert anyone until it was too late for them and so Moreland wanted to whittle down the syndicate until it was a shell. He was in the middle of discussing what would happen in the aftermath when Sherlock received a call. Morland realized it must have been from work and told Sherlock that they’ll talk later. Sherlock wasn’t sure he had wanted to talk because he knew it would concern money and so he used his reprieve from his father to take a lot at the current case.

A group of people were rummaging through old buildings when they came across a man standing over a dead woman’s body. The guy that guy get away from them yet he left behind several unusual pieces at the scene. Sherlock took one look at them and realized the man had been attempting to mummify his victim. The victim was Mischa Farrell and the antiquities professor they brought in for this case had thought maybe Misha hadn’t been murdered because he said the last time someone tried to forge a mummy they had just stole a body from the hospital. Sherlock on the other hand knew it was murder.

Sherlock detected Mischa was killed by a reproduction of an ancient sword. The hieroglyphics that had been found with the body showed someone had tried to forge the mummy of a legendary female pharaoh who mysteriously died and Sherlock said the real pharaoh was most likely murdered. She had killed her brother to assume power and her nephew in turn killed her for the same thing. It was the nephew’s historians that claimed no one knew how she died and so she must have been killed violently by the new regime. Sherlock said that must mean there would be marks on the body and so someone would have to recreate it. Hence the reproduction sword!

The real weapon would have been made from bronze and bronze deteriorates over time, so someone must have had the weapon recreated. Sherlock gave this information to Bell and Bell followed the lead. He found out someone had had an ancient Egypt sword recreated and that they had charged it to a work account at a place that teaches people how to work to fight like old sword masters though it could have been the man that owned the place because he was too tall. Bell believed it must have been one of the teachers because he noticed the man had been paying close attention to his conversation with the boss, so Blaine Geary tried to attack him and he pulled his gun.

A gun will always win in a sword fight. Bell was able to arrest Blaine and he didn’t need to apply pressure because Blaine couldn’t stop himself from talking. He said he wanted a deal. Blaine admitted he killed Mischa and that he had been hired to do it. The person that hired him was called the Theban and that he never met him. They talked through a messaging system that deletes the message over a long period of time and so that’s how Blaine got his jobs. He told the cops that before he was just told to go after people of Middle Eastern descent, their sex, and their height. With Mischa, the Theban handed over her name and a picture of what she looks like.

Blaine didn’t know why she was different and he also couldn’t offer them anything credible on the man that hired him. The Theban was known as a master forger and no one had seen him or even heard his voice, so the real question was why this master forger went after Mischa. Mischa didn’t fit the profile and she was taller than the average ancient Egyptian woman. Her death therefore was a hit and so the police looked into her life to find out if anyone held a grudge. They soon learned that she sued Mr. Venetto for sexual harassment and they went to talk to him. He was an older man that worked at a very rich auction house and he said he got help after he paid out to Mischa. Mischa was graphic designer and she had designed several of their auction book covers.

While she was working, she was relentlessly sexually harassed and so that’s why she sued. It just didn’t explain why she was continuing to receive payment. Venetto said he really was a changed man after the incident. He went to therapy and that he settled with every woman he harassed over the years which included the women that hadn’t sued him. Venetto said that he was so changed that Mischa had even continued to work with him and she designed the latest cover for his auction book. He showed both Bell and Joan that auction book because he said he could never have hurt Mischa or anyone although he did admit he was shocked they hadn’t asked about Mischa’s ex Ricky. The breakup had been bad and everyone at the office had known about it.

The next step therefore was to see this Ricky. Ricky was an artist and she said that sure thing ended badly because she had owed Mischa twenty grand after they broke up, but she said Mischa had reached out the other day because she was willing to forgive the debt if Ricky helped her with something. Mischa was writing a nonfiction about a master forger she called VanFaux and she had needed Ricky’s help because Ricky had a special talent. Ricky could detect which artist painted what based on the breaststrokes. Ricky had looked at several paintings for Mischa and she detect which ones were fake and which were real. This VanFaux was a great forger. He managed to recreate artwork believed to be lost during WWII and Joan for one couldn’t detect how he did it.

Joan had been alone with Bell because Sherlock had finally taken over financial matters with his father and, so when he came back, she never expected Sherlock turning down his father estate wouldn’t be the most shocking part. Sherlock had also admitted that he spotted someone following his father after their meeting and that he suspected it was an assassin. He said he didn’t share it with his father because he wanted to see what the assassin would do next, so after he finished scaring Joan he took a look at the paintings that were all faked. Sherlock believed that VanFaux was able to fake his paintings so well because he was painting over other Dutch artworks and so they found the one man that buying up all of the unknown artwork from that time.

They found Jasper Wells and he admitted that Mischa was working on uncovering him however he could never kill Mischa because she was his daughter. He met her mother at a party back when he was an up and coming artist, so Mischa came about nine months later. She grew up in her father’s art studio and so she knew her father was a master forger only she hadn’t wanted to send him to jail when she wrote her book. Mischa had wanted her father to get the credit he rightly deserved as an artist and she pleaded with her father to come forward for the credit as well as the fact that he wouldn’t even see jail time if he cooperated with the police.

Mischa knew her father went into forgery to pay for child support and her schooling. She thought it her turn to take care of him and so she told him about the many forgers that went on to become mainstream artists. Only Wells didn’t want to come forward. He said there was a seedier side to the art world because oligarchs and despots used art to move their money, so Wells begged his daughter not to poke the hornet’s nest. He thought she could be in danger if she revealed the truth and he had broken down when the police told him that she died. They mentioned to the father that Mischa had been killed by the Theban and Wells had heard about him. He said that only thing that could possibly help them find the Theban was the fact that man could allegedly fake carbon dating.

Both Sherlock and Joan knew that impossible. Still, they checked around and everyone had heard this rumor meaning the Theban might have started it himself in order to hide how he was able to verify his forgeries. The two looked into the forgeries that Wells knew for a fact were fakes and they found out that it had been all been verified by Professor Hausman of the Egyptian antiquities. He was the one that thought Mischa wasn’t murdered and so now they knew he was covering his tracks. They went looking for him to arrest and unfortunately they were too late because someone killed Hausman before he could be questioned. And so everyone thought the Theban was cleaning up house except Hausman turned out to the antiquities forger.

The Theban had hired someone to kill Mischa and the fact he was then killed meant someone must have hired him to hire the hit man. The Sherlock and Joan hashed things out and they realized someone must have sold both Hausman as well as Wells’s work. They needed an intermediary to sell their forgeries and the man that acted as so for the both of them was actually Armand Venetto. The detectives caught him when they arranged a sting. They had Wells sell his latest forgeries to Venetto on tape and the account he used to wire money to Wells was the same one he used with Hausman that hired Mischa’s killer. Venetto later admitted that he had no choice because he sold to dangerous men and they would have come after him if they found out their artwork was fake.

But while catching Venetto’s killers had been rewarding, Sherlock couldn’t get answers out of the hitman hired to kill his father and the man had actually killed himself rather than reveal who hire him. Sherlock couldn’t figure who it was and so he told his father only Morland wasn’t surprised. He knew that Moriarty was back and that she wanted her old syndicate returned to her. He figured she would go to war over it and that’s why he hadn’t wanted to tell Sherlock. He didn’t think his son should get involved and now things were out of his hands because Moriarty revealed she wasn’t afraid of killing Holmes men to get what she wants.

Morland Holmes returned to New York to see Sherlock on tonight’s all new episode


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