Elementary Recap 8/12/18: Season 6 Episode 15 “How to Get a Head”

Elementary Recap 8/12/18: Season 6 Episode 15 "How to Get a Head"

Tonight the CBS series Elementary airs with an all-new Monday, August 12, 2018, season 6 episode 15 and we have your Elementary recap below. On tonight’s episode called, “How to Get a Head” as per the CBS synopsis, “The murder of a religion professor puts Holmes and Watson on the hunt for a killer connected to the occult. Also, Holmes and Watson curate a list of potential replacements for Detective Bell when it looks likely the officer will be asked to join the U.S. Marshal Service.”

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Sherlock comes home to find Detective Grimes coming down the stairs. He waits in Watson’s room. When she comes in he tells her she shouldn’t have had sex with him. He was a contender now that Marcus is leaving.

The local police are walking outside talking to a disgruntled chicken owner whose chicken Irma was taken. While taking a look around on the property they discover a body with no head.

Marcus, Sherlock, and the others look over the body at the coroner’s office. They have discovered he is a professor named Gabriel but they don’t know how he died. They need the head. Gregson thinks this is an occult murder. They head back to the precinct and meet with someone who knew the man. The friend of the victim tells them that the professor was also an expert in the occult. He provided police with help with murders. One case stands out, a man who stole the skull of a man from a crypt. There was a belief that bones have special powers. Sherlock pulls Gregson aside to tell him that he has a Detective Romero who would be great to take the place of Marcus.

Marcus and Watson go to meet the man who stole the skull. He admits he stole the skull but not for any religious reasons or beliefs. He did it to scare bullies away from him. Watson arrives home. While she and Sherlock talk something smashes through the window. It is a glass bottle with a tip to go talk to a local priest. He would know. They visit the Father he says he doesn’t know but the name on the Rum bottle would know. He tells them about a paramilitary group who is trying to unionize, a group that terrorized workers at a plant where Gabriel’s nephew worked. Several people have since disappeared. Gabriel was looking into the situation and the disappearance of a woman named Valentino. Maybe he discovered something he should not have?

Gregson meets with Detective Romero. She is impressed with the precinct but admits that Gregson needs to know something before he talks to her current lieutenant.

Marcus and Watson start digging into the disappearance of Valentino who came to New York to get help from the labor board on how to improve the conditions of the plant. The woman tells them she never made it to their meeting after they arranged for her to fly in. Meanwhile, Sherlock meets with the plant’s CEO. He tells him to get out. Later, Sherlock calls Watson. He has found Valentino alive.

Sherlock and Watson meet with Valentino. She tells them she is pregnant and came to be safe in New York. She had to give up the cause but Gabriel found her. She gave him photos proving that soldiers are on the plant’s payroll. A day later he was killed.

Gregson meets with the lieutenant.  She tells Gregson about how when Romero was green she went along with her partner planting a gun on a man who he shot and killed after he thought the man was reaching for a gun.

That night, Marcus gets a call. Gabriel’s head has shown up, discovered by some homeless people. The man who first came to talk to them is there. Sherlock has a theory, he is the one who killed Gabriel.

The man comes down to the station. Pictures given to them by Valentino features the man with a briefcase. He was interested in the plant because of the alcohol tax. When Gabriel confronted him on this and the fact that he was at the plant he killed him and tried to make it look like an occult killing.  They also have a warrant to compel a DNA sample from him.

Gregson calls Sherlock in. Romero isn’t a good fit. Her lieutenant called her creative which means she blurs the lines and since that is he and Joan’s forte, she isn’t a good match.


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