Empire Finale Recap 5/23/18: Season 4 Episode 18 “The Empire Unpossess’d”

Empire Finale Recap 5/23/18: Season 4 Episode 18 "The Empire Unpossess'd"

Tonight on FOX their blockbuster drama Empire airs with an all-new Wednesday, May 23, 2017, episode and we have your Empire recap below. On tonight’s Empire season 4 episode 18 finale called,  “The Empire Unpossess’d” as per the FOX synopsis, “The Season 4 finale: As the Empire ownership bid presentation nears, Lucious must make a difficult decision to save the future of the company and his family, while Eddie shows no signs of backing down. However, Cookie reveals a potential upper hand in the power play for Empire, after doing a little digging into her past. Meanwhile, Andre makes a power play of his own.”

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Eddie is visiting Cookie and Lucious. He tells them that he is the reason Empire had so many doors opened for them. Things get heated. Lucious reaches for a knife, Eddie pulls a gun.

Andre, Thirsty, Cookie, and Lucious all brainstorm how they could get leverage on Eddie. Cookie has an idea, a way that disgusts her just thinking about it.

Jamal comes in to see Tori in the studio on the piano singing. Meanwhile, Cookie goes to visit Anika at a restaurant. Cookie offers her money, a career for the scarf. Anika laughs at her. She isn’t interested. She cannot wait to see Cookie and the rest of the family squirm after what they did to her.

Jamal finds Tori on the floor of the studio. She took pills.  Later, Tori wakes to Jamal humming. She is in the hospital. He asks her what she was thinking. She tells him she hurts too bad. She can’t do this all anymore.

Lucious meets with Cookie’s mother who was expecting to see Cookie. They get to talking. Lucious asks her not to judge him, he has never judged her. He asks her to respect their decisions.

At home later that night, Cookie and Lucious talk. He is going to turn himself in. Cookie just wants to find leverage on Eddie. Thirsty and Andre arrive. Lucious asks Andre to speak alone. He tells him that he is going to turn himself in. He wants Andre to make a bid to buy Empire back. And make sure he gets on the throne. Andre tells him he will take the fall. Lucious tells him he needs to take care of Cookie. Andre promises he will.

Cookie, Lucious, and the boys are all eating dinner. Lucious tells them that Eddie is blackmailing him. He admits that he killed Shyne. They cannot believe it. Hakeem gets upset. Jamal thinks maybe they should let Empire go to save Lucious. He disagrees.

At the board meeting the next day, they accept the bids. Eddie puts in a bid for $700 million. Cookie bids 0. Eddie wins the bid. Later, the family meets. Cookie has the scarf. She tells Lucious that is what she gave the company away for. Lucious is angry. She didn’t have the right to do that.

Alone, Lucious sits and plays the piano. He thinks about the past. The next day, Eddie watches as they cut down the Empire sign. Cookie and Lucious stand outside. They laugh that they no longer have a car. Jamal heads to see Tori. He finds out that she has died. She had a seizure.

Cookie comes home to see Jamal. He is packing. He needs to get away for a long while. Cookie begs him not to. He asks her to let him go. He loves her.

Anika is thrilled out the press conference. She cannot believe her luck. Andre comes to see her and tells her he wishes her the best of luck. He needs to move on. She does too. He knows what it is like to have a guilty conscious. He offers her champagne. He calls for a truce. He walks away. She wishes him luck before he goes.

Cookie sits and talks with her mother. Her mother cannot believe she let Empire go. Lucious comes in. Cookie’s mother leaves.  Lucious gets down on one knee and proposes. He wants to start over. He opens a box with a large diamond ring. She is speechless. She tells him she needs to first from now on. She tells him yes. He wants to call the judge.

Tiana comes to see Hakeem. He has not been answering her phone. She tells him she has been al switched up. She tells him she is pregnant. He is in disbelief. He kisses her.

At Empire’s press conference, Anika speaks at the microphone. She starts to feel strange. She stumbles on her words. Eddie steps up to ask her if she is okay. She sees Rhonda. She freaks out and leaves the press conference. On her way out she sees Rhonda and runs into a glass wall falling over the edge and on top of a table.

At the courthouse, Lucious and Cookie exchange their vows, speaking from their heart. Lucious calls her his everything. For Cookie, she just needs him by her side.

Hakeem, his protégé, Tiana and the baby head to the car. A man with a gun comes out of nowhere and shoots.


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