Empire Recap 11/14/18: Season 5 Episode 7 “Treasons, Stratagems, and Spoils”

Empire Recap 11/14/18: Season 5 Episode 7 "Treasons, Stratagems, and Spoils"

Tonight on FOX their blockbuster drama Empire airs with an all-new Wednesday, November 14, 2018, episode and we have your Empire recap below. On tonight’s Empire season 5 episode 7 called, “Treasons, Stratagems, and Spoils,” as per the FOX synopsis, “Lucious plays nice with Jeff Kingsley so that their companies can get TBD back on the map. Meanwhile, Jamal grows frustrated with Cookie when she tries to steal his London artist, Wynter, out from under him, Andre works with the mother of one of his old inmates to help free her innocent son and Cookie realizes her sister is in danger.

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Now that Cookie and Lucious are managing TBD they want Jeff to supply marketing money. He tells him that Empire no longer does that. Lucious gets angry, Cookie drags him out of Jeff’s office.

Hakeem meets up with Tiana at the park to take the kids. Meanwhile, Wynter comes to see Jamal and Kai. She has come from London, surprising them. She wants to finish her album.

Outside of Jeff’s office Cookie talks Lucious down and into brokering a deal with Jeff while Gisele works on Jeff. He and Lucious shake hands after agreeing to help the ladies as a team.

Andre has just left the court with Terry. She is upset because Quincy’s appeal isn’t going well. Andre promises to make it all work out.

Cookie tells Wynter she needs to sign with the Lyons after hearing her sing. Jamal tells her to politely back off.

Later, Jamal is venting to Kai about how Cookie operates. Kai tells him he lets her take control, he needs to be his own man. He doesn’t need permission. Back at the house, Jamal tries to talk tell Cookie to calm down. Wynter is his. And he is sick of being called “boy.” He is a man and he’s engaged now. She cannot believe it. But she is happy. He tells her to politely back-off.

Cookie notices her sister Candace has grab marks on her wrist. Cookie confronts her. Candace tells her she isn’t being beaten and she needs to mind her business.

Terry tells Andre about Quincy’s father. Maybe if she let him stick around Quincy would have had street smarts.

Hakeem tells his friends he needs to wrap it up early. He has the kids in the morning. They see a notification. It looks like Blake has released a diss track against Hakeem. They all watch as he bashes Hakeem for being a bad father and boyfriend to Tiana.

Hakeem decides his family is more important, he isn’t going to retaliate. Meanwhile, Andre goes back to the prison where he was to ask a friend on the inside for a favor.

Cookie apologizes to Candace. She is just concerned. Candace snaps at her. She’s fine. Cookie asks for help with her Instagram. Candace’s husband shows. He cannot get into their house because she changed the locks. Candace’s son gets upset. He doesn’t want his father in the house. They both leave quickly.

Lucious goes to visit Jeff to invite him to his house for dinner. Later, Jeff visits his mother in the hospital. She is unconscious. He tells her he is getting closer to the monster and he is going to make him pay for what he did to her.

Jeff shows up for dinner. The Lyons act as they usually do. Lucious asks Jeff why music. Jeff, in turn, asks him about selling drugs when he was younger. Didn’t he feel bad for selling to people who may have died? Lucious tells him he did it to feed his family and he doesn’t feel bad. They bring him into the studio after dinner. Lucious tells Jeff he should get out of the way and let the Lyons worry about the talent. He can worry about the numbers.

Terry gets a call that Quincy is getting out. Andre is thrilled. He is also the one behind it.

Jeff goes to see his mother again. He tells her about his dinner. He plans to erase Lucious from the earth. Meanwhile, Cookie and her sister go to Candace’s. They hear screaming. They run in to find Franklin beating Candace. They try to stop him but he attacks them. Cookie calls the police. They arrive and taze him. Candace tells Cookie they are no longer sisters.

At home, Cookie videos her ordeal to her fans and explains how scared she was.


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