Empire Recap 5/2/18: Season 4 Episode 15 “A Lean and Hungry Look”

Empire Recap 5/2/18: Season 4 Episode 15 "A Lean and Hungry Look"

Tonight on FOX their blockbuster drama Empire airs with an all-new Wednesday, May 2, 2017, episode and we have your Empire recap below. On tonight’s Empire season 4 episode 15 called,  “A Lean and Hungry Look” as per the FOX synopsis, “As Eddie fights for his place at Empire Entertainment and gets the board on his side, Lucious and Shine must find a permanent solution to keep him out. Meanwhile, Cookie is desperate to fulfill a promise to a friend before it’s too late. Then, when tensions rise in Jamal and Tory’s new band, Preacher Azal inspires Jamal with an idea to get everyone in sync.”

Empire is one of our favorite television series and we cannot wait for the season 4 episode 12.  So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back for our Empire recap between 8 PM – 9 PM ET!  While you wait for our recap make sure to come back for our Empire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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Cookie was feeling a lot better and she was ready to turn to the company on tonight’s all-new episode of “Empire”.

Cookie and Lucious ousted Eddie. Eddie had tried to take their company away from them and had even got close, however, neither Cookie nor Lucious was ready to lose everything they had ever worked for and so they beat Eddie at his own game. They found a way to get rid of him and took it. But their actions were always going to have consequences. The board, for one, had liked having Eddie around because they thought he offered them sustainability. He was a constant professional and the board thought he would have remained focused on the numbers even as the Lyons often were entangled in their own drama.

The board respected Cookie and they liked her, but they asked Cookie if it was perhaps too soon that she came back to work. They thought if she could stay at home resting for a little while longer than it would be better for her help and for their bottom line. That’s why they suggested Eddie could handle things in her absence! The two representatives from the board had said that maybe they could get him back and Cookie shut that down by playing fast and loose with the truth. She said that she and Lucious didn’t need Eddie’s help because they had everything covered. They said they had everything ready for “20 for 20” and that they were in secret talks for an event for the company.

They both made it seem like this event was all ready to go and so the board had claimed that they couldn’t wait to see it. So Cookie and Lucious did their best to actually make the event they were holding worth it. They set up a family meeting and the parents told their kids about their latest idea. They’ve been thinking about opening up sensory experiences that would allow people to listen to music the same way Lucious hears it and they were thinking of calling it “House Empire”. Cookie admittedly hadn’t been too fond of the idea when Lucious first brought up and so she was going along it with now because they needed something big to launch their comeback.

The boys had even liked it. They thought it was something like never before done and so they were willing to help out their parents. Hakeem was laying down new tracks and Andre had agreed to go over things with the board to ensure that everyone was on the same page though Jamal said he was focusing on his “20 for 20” album when really he was focusing more on his other project. He was thinking about launching something akin to a collective in which people in their industry that have earned bad reputations get to push that to the side and just focus on the music. Jamal was so excited about the idea that he pushed his family commitments to the side to focus on it.

Jamal was off making music with Tory and his new friends while everyone else was at Empire trying to handle business. Andre tried to get in contact with anyone on the board and they all fobbed him off. They were either not at their office or were in a meeting and so Andre decided to cut out the middle man by simply going down to their office. He had told Leonard that he was heading over there and had gotten close enough to the building to see Leonard doing his best to get out of there before Andre arrived, so Andre confronted him. He asked him what the problem was and it turns out the board hadn’t been reassured.

They were all ill at ease since Eddie was pushed out and they weren’t hiding it. They thought that Eddie should be brought back because they doubted both Cookie and Lucious, but they weren’t the only ones with misgivings. Cookie had tried talking to the artists and telling them how important they were except people were doubting them. Tiana hadn’t cared that the couple was willing to make her their priority now when she felt they should have done that from the very beginning and so Tiana decided to stick with Eddie. Eddie had Anika approach the board and she was supposed to get the board to reject his resignation.

If they failed to accept his resignation and instead moved to push the Lyons out then Eddie claimed he would make the company more profitable than ever. Tiana was at the meeting and she said that Eddie had done more for her than the Lyons ever could, so her betrayal and Anika’s shady dealings was all overheard by Andre. Andre had taken Leonard’s word to mean more was going on and so he pursued it until he found out just how bad it was for all of them. The board was one thing and Tiana was another, only she hadn’t been the worst of it. There had been one more person to betray the Lyons and it had been Shine.

Shine had been a close friend of Lucious and Lucious hadn’t reacted well when he learned that Shine had betrayed him. Lucious lured Shine in and had also managed to get Shine to make one last record before he made his move. He invited Shine to go with him to meet Eddie because he said Eddie was blackmailing him and then, once he got Shine to go to an empty hanger, he had one his closest friends killed. But before he did, he tried to get Shine to confess what he did of his own accord and so he only killed him when he realized that Shine was never going to own up to what he did.

Cookie had even known about it. She had helped Lucious lure Shine in the wrong direction and, while he was handling his business, she was handling hers. Cookie finally got Maya to meet with Poundcake and Maya had been grateful for that because she eventually came to see how much her biological mother did love her. And so now the young woman was regretting all the time she let pass when she could have been part of Poundcake’s life for years.


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