General Hospital Spoilers: Faison Escapes, Destroys Jason’s Plan – GH Baddie Wins Once Again

General Hospital Spoilers: Faison Escapes, Destroys Jason’s Plan – GH Baddie Wins Once Again

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Jason’s (Steve Burton) plan will be derailed later this week. He promised Anna (Finola Hughes) that Faison (Anders Hove) was done causing pain and destruction. Jason pretty much guaranteed Anna that Faison wouldn’t leave town alive.

At this point, Anna’s so fed up that she doesn’t even mind. She would love to put an end to this battle once and for all. The usual path to justice hasn’t worked out so far. Sometimes true revenge is the only way to stop a soap baddie like Faison. Alas, even the deadliest plot can go awry. Jason is obviously a formidable foe, but his efforts may fail once again. He nearly took Faison out with that gunshot, but it may not be enough to keep a guy like him down. Faison is definitely fierce and unpredictable. There’s no confirmation on Faison’s fate just yet, but some clues have surfaced about a possible escape.

General Hospital spoilers say Jason’s mission will face an unexpected snag, so that’s hint number one. Anna will also receive news that bums her out on Thursday. If Faison slips through Jason’s fingers, that would certainly leave Anna disappointed. She’s tired of having this awful threat hanging over her.

Monica (Leslie Charleson) will get some shocking updates that same day. She’ll have to remain vigilant, so she might put GH on lockdown after Faison goes missing. Of course, it may be too late by then. Faison is one slippery character. He’s undoubtedly got plenty of goons who could get him out of this jam.

General Hospital spoilers say Drew (Billy Miller) will lash out at Jason on Friday. He’ll be upset that he wasn’t brought in the loop on everything sooner. Drew might feel like he could’ve helped prevent Faison’s getaway. He’ll be just as furious with secretive Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Anna.

Whatever the case, it looks like Faison may pull off one last trick. Have you enjoyed having Faison back in town? Do you think it’s best if GH lets this scoundrel go on the run? We’ll keep you posted as other General Hospital details emerge. Stay tuned to the ABC soap and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, updates and news.