Grey’s Anatomy Premiere Recap 9/26/18: Season 15 Episode 1 and 2

Grey’s Anatomy Premiere Recap 9/26/18: Season 15 Episode 1 and 2

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with all-new Wednesday, September 26, 2018, season 15 episode 1 and 2 premiere and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. On tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 1 and 2 called “With a Wonder and a Wild Desire / Broken Together” as per the ABC synopsis, “During the first hour of the two-hour season premiere, the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial vie for a new position. Meredith is seemingly distracted and struggles to stay focused, and Maggie finds herself the keeper of a big secret while Amelia and Owen try to figure out their relationship. Meanwhile, Jo and Alex’s honeymoon doesn’t go exactly as planned.

In the second hour, new doctors continue to shake up the hospital in typical Grey Sloan manner. Meredith bonds with a patient while Jackson struggles with the meaning behind recent experiences; and after making a life-changing decision, Jo forms an unexpected alliance.”

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Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 15 Premiere begins with Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) in bed having sex with Dr. Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti). She then sees Dr, Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) coming out of the bathroom and dropping his robe, saying this is allowed since it is only a dream. Next, she looks over and Dr. Thomas Koracik (Greg Germann) is sitting in a tiny robe on a chair. She is woken up by her daughter, grateful to see everything was truly a dream.

Dr. Jo Wilson-Karev (Camila Luddington) and Dr. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) are at the beach, enjoying their honeymoon. Dr. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) knocks at Dr. Owen Hunt’s (Kevin McKidd) house and Betty answers the door when Dr. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) arrives, but when Betty mentions “baby”, Teddy says she has the wrong house and leaves.

A hungover Dr. Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) staggers down the stairs as Jackson confirms that April and Matthew and Alex and Jo definitely got married and the rest of them got painfully drunk. Jackson says no one is calling in sick, and they are all walking to work.

Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) orders her juice and does her steps as she walks to work. Dr. Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen) brings her husband, Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) a coffee and they share a tender moment. Meanwhile, Miranda walks into her office where Teddy informs her that she can’t be her intern chief and wishes her good luck on her stress leave.

Jackson tells Maggie that he wants to pay attention to what is next, after witnessing April get married. Maggie can’t understand how April could make a decision that fast but Jackson says that is who she was. DeLuca suddenly remembers he kissed Meredith the night before, but Jackson and Maggie are in their own little world not paying attention and he grabs them to avoid a speeding car; he manages to save them but not the cyclist who is severely injured.

Maggie checks on the driver while Jackson checks on the cyclist as DeLuca attempts to call 911. Jackson thanks him for saving his life, saying had he called in sick he would have been dead. At the hospital, Meredith is reading an article and tells Thomas to stop smirking at her. She suggests he just leaves her admiration of him at “talented”. Owen and Amelia rush onto the elevator with Leo and as they exit it they bump into Teddy. She is flustered to see them and Owen is shocked she came to Seattle and didn’t tell him. Amelia takes Leo, as Owen gets a page for an emergency.

Richard tells Dr. Vik Roy (Rushi Kota) to take care of it, as it’s not a trauma. Teddy suddenly feels pain and asks for the head of cardio. Meanwhile, Maggie, Jackson, and DeLuca arrive with their patients. Amelia goes to see Miranda, saying she heard about the job and she wants it; demanding to know Teddy has that she doesn’t.

Both Dr. Carina DeLuca (Stefania Spampinato) and DeLuca arrive at Richard’s office at the same time over his page. Carina gives them a lesson on the man’s G-spot in their butt and DeLuca is embarrassed she knows so much about this as their patient is not having a heart attack but looks like he has a flashlight up his butt.

Dr. Levi Schmitt (Jake Borelli) asks Maggie for a private word as Owen attends to the cyclist, who is asking if she is dead or dying. She feels she is in heaven as Jackson questions whether heaven is real. The driver sits with her as she talks about never being in love; the driver says she is a matchmaker and if the cyclist lives she will dedicate her life to finding her love. The ortho team arrives and the cyclist is thrilled by their looks.

Ortho God (Chris Carmack) and Nico Kim (Alex Landi) walk up and she truly believes it’s happened. The bike is completely wrapped around her, and as Owen wants them to pick up the pace so they can check her belly, he is told that “slow and steady wins the race, Bud!”

Teddy isn’t happy to learn that Maggie isn’t the cardi specialist reveals she is 11 weeks pregnant and desperately needs to get out of there, but needs a prescription for her dire situation, if she is correct. Maggie looks at her, tells Schmitt to hand off her patient in the pit to Dr. Grey.

At the beach, Jo and Alex discuss whether leaving Seattle is a mistake. He wouldn’t mind their kids growing up in Boston, but Jo can’t get work off her mind and runs off when she figures something out that she and Meredith had been working on.

Richard informs his patient that they need to perform surgery in order to remove what it is, but it would help if they knew what it was. He insists it is a growth and consents. Miranda comes running off the elevator saying she has some free time and wants to have some fun; Richard says he will give it to her if she gives him the intern chief position. She walks off, saying it isn’t fun anymore.

Amelia talks to Thomas about the position, but he is more interested in Teddy and why it’s bothering her. He reminds her that she is a giant ass but not a victim! Dr. Grey is dealing with the car accident patient when DeLuca apologizes for kissing her and leaves but the matchmaker says that is a shame. She knows Meredith wants someone to kiss her, it’s not about need, its about desire as she is beautiful. Miranda walks by and Meredith tells her she really needs the intern position.

Maggie confirms Teddy has a clot but wants to admit her and monitor her. Teddy accidentally lets it slip that she got pregnant by a man she loves while on a trip to Germany. Maggie discovers the man is Owen and reveals he is living with her sister Amelia Shepherd.

Alex continues to talk about them living in Boston and having children as Jo says she thinks about one child eventually but she has an idea as she scribbles on napkin after napkin.

Carina keeps hassling the patient until he admits he put his wife’s hair stuff in his butt. Dr. Roy is happy he was right as Carina walks away he tells DeLuca he thinks he is in love with her. Meanwhile, Teddy is trying to figure out the family dynamic between Maggie, Amelia and Meredith. Maggie does reassure her that she won’t tell anyone, but Teddy gets dressed, thanks her for the consult and leaves against medical advice.

Meredith informs the love matchmaker, she needs a kidney transplant. She asks to be put beside the cyclist, Neisha as she wants to be beside her in the recovery room until her parents arrive. Meredith agrees and CC agrees to the surgery. CC gives her advice on moving on and finding love.

Everyone is scrubbing in for Neisha’s trauma surgery. Ortho God, Dr. Lincoln “Linc”, welcomes Miranda to join in on the surgery as Owen reminds her that he once used to be chief and would be perfect for the intern job. Linc says he wouldn’t touch that job with a 10 foot pole as it comes with stress bones break under stress and so does souls and its that simple. Miranda stomps out of the room.

Richard and his team begin their surgery, but when Richard feels that its solid Roy used the laser and it explodes. DeLuca saves Roy’s life but his arm catches fire and they realize its aerosol hairspray, they rush to put out the fire on Roy’s arm and the patient. Richard works hard on the patient, to get the bleed under control as others work on Roy. Richard is angry that the explosion happened after he told him to back away.

Amelia is upset their experiment failed again. Thomas sits down and encourages her to fight for Owen, just like she fought for to survive her brain tumor. He says he only has one great regret and that was watching his wife walk out of their marriage and into the bed of a man who wasn’t him. Its anti- Amelia not to fight for him!

Amelia goes to watch Owen and the team perform Neisha’s surgery. They crank up the music but Owen demands them to turn it down. All the surgeons are on the same wave length with Jackson as “God works in mysterious ways”, “everything happens for a reason”. DeLuca fights to bring patient Barry back to life, but Richard declares time of death.

Alex finds Jo still writing notes, after he had taken a walk on the beach, massage on the boardwalk and even took a ride on the roller coaster. Jo explains what she is doing, thinking she is ruining their honeymoon; but Alex says nothing surprised him more than getting her to marry him. He only wants her to eat so she doesn’t die. He only knows whatever kids they have, they are doing to be really smart.

CC is in a glass room, recovering directly next to Neisha as Meredith and Jackson check on their patients. Jackson again thanks him for saving and DeLuca says it has been a crazy few days. Meredith tells Jackson before she leaves that if he ever cheats on her sister she will kill him, no matter who it’s with; walking away she bumps into Linc. He tries to introduce himself and she doesn’t even want to know who he is.

Maggie, at home, asks Jackson about the Hipa law, wanting to know the rules. He pours wine talking about them almost getting hit by a car. He reveals that he prayed and April woke up. Maggie says maybe April woke up because she is an excellent doctor, he laughs saying she sounds like him and he is embarrassed. She assures him that it is okay to change and evolve and okay to search for a deeper meaning. He believes in something and its pulsing through him and wants to do what April and Matthew did. He wants to trust it. Maggie says they are out of milk and leaves.

Amelia tells Owen she has feelings for him repeatedly. Pulse, chest pounding feelings and she understands if he is in love with Teddy and vice versa but felt he needed to know how she felt. Owen reveals that Teddy accused him of not wanting to be alone. He walks up to Amelia and they kiss each other.

Meredith lays in bed, looks up her patient CeCe’s Matchmaker, but quickly closes the laptop and goes to sleep.

Meredith is once again in bed with DeLuca, when Linc walks out of the bathroom in his scrubs, she asks if she knows him and he smirks, saying, “No, is that a deal breaker?” Amelia and Owen are about to have sex on the couch when she reminds him about the kids; Betty makes a noise and suddenly Leo starts crying.

Meredith finds Maggie in the kitchen and the fridge full of milk, just as Amelia walks in revealing she almost slept with Owen. Maggie reveals Jackson proposed and Meredith asked if it was with milk? She reveals she left for milk when he asked and isn’t ready but can’t tell him. Maggie said its like Amelia and Owen playing house – insta family, at least until… Amelia wants her to finish the sentence but she runs out of the house saying they need toilet paper.

Jackson calls Maggie wanting to know why she left as he is back at the hospital because Neisha has a fever, but as Jackson checks her infection, CeCe’s heart stops, then Neisha’s heart races and he shouts its going to be a long night.

Linc finds Miranda saying he has some requisitions for her or the intern. Outside, Amelia grabs Owen for a quick kiss asking how Leo was but they are interrupted by some kids bringing in their parents who were on a motorcycle, their dad badly wounded because he wasn’t wearing a helmet.

CeCe continues to sing to Neisha but Dr. Levi Schmitt (Jake Borelli) encourages her to get back into her own bed. Meredith tells Jackson that CeCe is a sweet woman but he can deal with her because at least he has Maggie. He says she can simply say she is married to her work. She says she loves her work but isn’t married; Linc says that is cool because he isn’t either.

Miranda tells Richard he will not be the intern because one day she wants the job back and he was a first draft pick. He questions since when she liked sports. She says she is going back to the “moon spa” where it is quiet.

Jo and Alex return early from their honeymoon as she is desperate to show Meredith her idea. Meredith jokes that Alex definitely married up as Jo explains this could work for basically anything wrong in the body. She wants Meredith to create a fellowship for her there; Meredith tells her to give her an hour to get approval from Bailey!

There is a dog loose in the hospital and the man who had the motorcycle accident has a skull fracture. Maggie is stressed about the secret and the proposal, she is about to talk to Jackson but Neisha’s results are back and they need to get Cece out of her room as they need to get Neisha back into the OR immediately. Jackson stops after listening to CeCe and says he needs to get her to the basement to Bailey instead.

Meredith talks to Miranda about Jo’s theory, but Miranda informs her the only way to create a new fellowship for Jo is to free up the salary they would have to keep Alex. Jackson rushes in and pleads his case, saying if DeLuca hadn’t pulled him out of the way Neisha would have been okay. This room was built to save lives and the only thing standing in the way is Miranda.

Meredith informs Jo and Alex about the machine in the basement saying they should go to Boston for a year and wait for funds. Jo tells Alex that they can’t because she already called Boston and told them, “No.” She doesn’t have a job anywhere. Miranda tells the surgeons all the dangers about the room as they prepare for surgery in the room, but Jackson closes the door on her.

The kids are upset their dad needs brain surgery but Amelia informs them that he has a little bruise on the inside of his head and she is going to fix it. Dr. Qadri (Sophia Ali) finds the dog, only to learn the dog was a stray and the kid lets it go again.

Meredith joins Maggie and Amelia in the scan room, they see CeCe’s scans and realize there is so much scarring her heart is barely pumping. In the pressure room, Jackson tells Schmitt he needs to get out of his space. Linc is furious that he didn’t sign off on Neisha’s surgery and demands that Bailey let him in, she says no. Nico Kim looks in and Schmitt gets nervous again.

CeCe wants to know about Neisha; Meredith asks for an update but CeCe’s heart crashes while the nurse leaves to find out. Richard needs a statement from the OR fire and DeLuca says he needed all of the stuff from yesterday. He says he was not injured at all by the fire but for once he feels alive! Maggie checks CeCe’s heart and they prepare to move her upstairs, as the nurse continues to stare at Meredith, once she leaves the room, CeCe tells her that she spent her whole life falling for straight women; when she denies it, CeCe tells her to sit down and shares her wisdom to save her from a lifetime of misery.

Qadri continues to chase the dog as Linc and Meredith talk about Neisha. He officially introduces himself as she clears up she was saying she is not married to her work but does have a life after work. She finds it weird that his parents would name him after two of the greatest figures of our time and he would call himself “Linc”? She walks away.

Owen talks to Amelia about the motorcycle, two parents and one helmet. He wants to be sure they aren’t being reckless as there is Betty and Leo to consider now. Jackson is able to take the tissue out successfully and everyone is happy. Schmitt lets it slip that he knows Jackson proposed but Jackson is confused as he never proposed.

Alex and Jo sit at the bar, she feels she screwed everything up. She really doesn’t want to go to Boston, she only applied there because she could. Boston is going backward, she is going to talk to Bailey as there is always money!

Jackson is almost done but suddenly the patient’s stats take a dive but the outside is unable to communicate. Linc is able to tell him its the bars on her legs. Jackson has to remove them and Linc will have to fix them later, it’s better for her to lose her leg than life.

Maggie feels CeCe isn’t going to make it and Meredith is sad because she dedicated her whole life helping people find love and that has to be worth something. Maggie teases Meredith about hiring her to find love. Meanwhile Jackson and his surgical team work hard on Neisha, but can’t use any electricity to revive her. He says if he gets to live, so does she. When Amelia is done surgery, the father tells his kids no helmet, he is getting rid of the bike.

Maggie tells Miranda that Neisha is dead, she has been down for 32 minutes. Jackson snaps and demands them to open the door, but they can’t until the pressure is back to normal. Maggie attempts to comfort him through the window.

Maggie and Meredith tell CeCe about her that she needs a transplant for both her kidney and heart. She wants to know about Neisha and Maggie informs her that her injuries were too severe and she didn’t make it. CeCe decides she doesn’t want the organs as she killed that girl and wants to be left alone.

Owen tells Amelia he wants the strings but he wants to know if she wants them. She admits she is scared of them as she is still an addict, worried about commitment. She doesn’t want to be reckless with the kids nor threaten their stability so she is going to try to be less wary. She takes his hand and they kiss.

Qadri sits on a bed tired of looking for the dog and he literally jumps on the bed licking her. Richard comes to see Bailey reassuring her that the chamber is still a great addition to the hospital. He doesn’t think he will be better than her; when she asks about his sponsor since his last one died. He gets angry and says he needs to go to a meeting, before she can stop him an excited Alex and Jo come into her office as she says she is drunk but her idea was not done drunk.

Miranda tells Meredith that Jo’s idea is full of marvel and wonder and it’s going to happen and made a new fellowship. Miranda wrote a personal check and Jo will be her own fellow; Meredith is upset feeling Bailey stole Jo from her. She suggests if Meredith doesn’t like it, she can take it up with the new chief. Meredith goes up to the office and finds Alex is the intern chief, and he has no idea why but Meredith should be happy as he is now staying.

Jo is at the bar with some of the doctors when Nico gives Schmitt a drink, when he offers to pay for it; Nico Kim says Schmitt will get the next one. As Richard leaves the hospital, DeLuca is out front on his Harley Davidson, offering Richard if he wants to go for a ride. He gets on and demands the helmet.

Maggie and Jackson talk. She apologizes for panicking as Jackson doesn’t understand how Neisha is dead and they are alive. She feels Jackson has PTSD, after his family empire crumbled but he admits that he fell in love. He finally tells Maggie he loves her and she says it back.

Meredith goes to see CeCe, reminding her it was an accident and Neisha would want her to and Meredith needs her because she is married to her work and if she is still interested. CeCe tells her to take a seat.

The End!