Grey’s Anatomy Recap 10/24/18: Season 15 Episode 5 “Everyday Angel”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 10/24/18: Season 15 Episode 5 "Everyday Angel"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with all-new Wednesday, October 24, 2018, season 15 episode 5 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. On tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 5 called “Meredith reaches out to Teddy and helps her talk through some of her personal struggles. Owen and Amelia hide out near Betty’s school after she becomes a flight risk. Meanwhile, Jo wants to get to work on the fellowship, but Bailey’s attention is elsewhere.

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Grey’s Anatomy begins tonight with Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) dropping Betty Nelson (Peyton Kennedy) off a school but opting to drive around the school to make sure she isn’t ditching to get high. At the hospital, Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Linc (Chris Carmack) are talking about old time together; it’s clear that Chief Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) has a jealousy issue but Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) seems to like him. Linc calls Richard “Richie” since he likes to call Linc, “Lincoln”; Jo is completely oblivious to her husband’s disdain for the man and continues to brag about how amazing Linc is and he’s like her brother.

Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) messages Teddy (Kim Raver) to call her as she urgently needs to talk to her, but she says there is a time difference and she is busy. She waves at her from the same park, saying they both know she isn’t going to sue Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) as she clearly has bigger problems.

Casey Parker (Alex Blue Davis) is giving Maggie their list of patients for the day when Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) comes around the corner, asking to speak to Maggie. She tells him that he has surgery and she has patients; they can catch up later.

Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is looking over the fellowship program when Jo finally joins her. Bailey says she couldn’t sleep and they will work by process of elimination. Alex comes in needing a consult as Grey, Sheppard and Hunt all took personal days today and their patient is in his office, refusing to leave.

Richard is greeted by Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) and Taryn Helm (Jaicy Elliot) as well as Levi Schmidt (Jake Borelli); he tells them it is just the three of them in the ER. Richard will take the traumas and the rest will of the pit and report to DeLuca. He reminds them to do better than Roy. Dr. Nico Kim (Alex Landi) reminds Levi that he still owes him a drink, but he says he has a thing. Taryn is shocked that Levi turned down a date, he denies it.

Jackson tells Alex about a surgery that would be a present for him and shows him the patient as a pro-bono case. Jackson introduces Alex to Rafi (Callan Farris) and his father Aamir (Assaf Cohen), who asks Rafi to raise his arms above his head; they met Jackson while hiking in Oregon. Linc arrives a little late and is thrilled to be in on it, but Alex is not pleased.

Bailey and Jo meet Ms. Sullivan who makes it very clear that she is only there to see Dr. Meredith Grey, as she has been repeatedly misdiagnosed. Jo is fine with leaving, but Bailey grabs her, telling Ms. Sullivan that she is the one who shaped Dr. Grey into the surgeon she has become.

Maggie and Parker come to see CeCe, who knows that Dr. Avery is back in town. Maggie says he is back for a complex surgery and then off again when she asks Parker what happened between Maggie and Avery; Maggie calls for Parker to do rounds with her.

Owen and Amelia are in the car with baby Leo, where she confesses about having alcohol poisoning when she was in high school. Owen feels she might be a little obsessive while being a recovering addict herself; he does admit to liking this motherly figure Amelia has become.

Meredith is at home baking, she learns from Teddy that she plans to go back to Germany to have the baby without Owen even knowing. Meredith tells her not to blame the clot for being in Seattle, but she has no answer. Teddy takes over the baking while they continue to talk.

Maggie does an ultrasound on CeCe who wants to know why Avery is in the doghouse. Maggie admits its the way he left and lack of communication. She wants to know what Maggie’s big questions are, and the ones about HER. During surgery, Linc talks about how he knows Brooke aka Jo but Alex wants to know more about Jackson’s leave of absence, then Linc suggests the best place to hike. The labs come in on Rafi and they learn it’s not malignant.

Jo and Bailey continue to do the process of elimination on Ms Sullivan’s condition, but seem to be getting nowhere. Just as Meredith confronts Teddy that she was the one who insisted she tell Megan Hunt about Riggs because she deserved all the information. Meredith says Hunt is her friend and Amelia is her sister. Teddy says she hates Hunt and doesn’t know how she can raise a child with him; Meredith says Hunt is a good man, does she hate him enough to do that to both of them?

Outside the school, the vice principal comes outside, after they try to explain their situation; they are told they cannot loiter in a school zone and need to move it along.

Jackson informs Aamir that Rafi has cancer, but they caught it early. Rafi’s mom died in childbirth and Rafi is all his dad has left. Aamir says that night on the trail he didn’t want to give the stranger (Jackson) a smore; is Jackson now saying that smore is what’s going to save his son’s life? He thanks Jackson and tells him to do whatever it takes to save him.

Taryn and Levi still debate on whether its a date that Nico is asking him out on. DeLuca tells them to wake up as an alarm sounds off behind them. Molly’s stats are decompensating, DeLuca says they need an attending and Levi goes looking for one. While Richard stands by, DeLuca is able to intubate Molly; Richard tells him to try using his intern as this is a teaching hospital.

Owen and Amelia remain parked outside the school, and just when they think they are going insane, Betty and two school friends are walking out the back gate. Owen hops out of the car, whistles, and waves at her. Betty looks at him, closes the gate and returns to school property.

Teddy makes amazing cookies, saying she just followed the rules like she always does. She talks about going to Iraq after Alison died in New York and she couldn’t bear to live there alone. In Iraq, she met Owen whom she trusted and stayed by his side and has been ever since. He had a fiance, which mean she could play it safe; she finally admits she doesn’t hate him – she loves him!

Maggie finds Jackson in the observation room and they talk about Rafi. He knows he saved the little boy’s life, but he will never be able to lift his own arm. He will see that Jackson is the one who took that away from him. Maggie’s mom used to say that everything is clearer on the mountaintop. Jackson suddenly gets an idea and tells the surgeons to stop as he is coming back in to help Linc and Alex.

Jackson, Linc, and Alex feel they can do radiation on the bone that has already been removed, it would be much better than any prosthetic they could ever give him. All three work together and the attachment is complete and they are ready to close.

Jo and Bailey have exhausted every test they can think of. Ms. Sullivan takes her sandwich out of the lunchbox her father owned. She refuses to give up, saying she can’t keep living like this and keep being told she is crazy because she knows there is something wrong with her. She grabs her stomach screaming in pain; they rush to help her.

Richard considers DeLuca a friend, but he doesn’t want a friend in the ER, he needs doctors and to teach others the same and he shouldn’t get mad at Richard for thinking DeLuca has that in him. Bailey wants to do another ultrasound on Ms. Sullivan’s stomach and finds that there is a ligament wrapped around her artery, they can fix it in 20-minute surgery.

Teddy doesn’t know how to tell Owen, but Meredith says the craziness will pass. She can’t nor will try to speak for Amelia but the longer she hides this secret, the worse it will be; but she will never lose Owen because it is Owen. Teddy worries that Owen will only then be around because he is obligated. Meanwhile, Amelia and Owen wonder what really broke up their marriage; Amelia says it was “Christopher” – her baby, and she never spoke his name out loud before. She was afraid loving another baby would lessen his memory, but for the first time in her life she can talk about him and it won’t’ break her. She knows nothing can erase him and that is a good thing.

Betty gets picked up from school, revealing she had a good day and didn’t do drugs. Jackson goes to speak to Rafi’s dad. Linc wants to clear the air with Alex; but Alex wants to know if he was such a brother to her, how come he didn’t level out Paul. He says he warned Jo about Paul, but she didn’t listen and backed away from their friendship, acting jealous, but had he known he would have leveled him.

Maggie comes to see CeCe, revealing she is mad at Jackson but even more mad at herself. She hasn’t given up hope and neither should CeCe; they made a deal.

At the bar, Richard sings while Linc and DeLuca plays the guitar. Levi arrives and Taryn feels she may have misread the situation.

Jo tells Bailey she scheduled the surgery for first thing in the morning. They begin to talk about the process of elimination but Bailey is still stressed, including the job she has worked her entire life to achieve and she is still stressed. If she is rational and scientific, she needs to look elsewhere for less stress. She talks about Ben being a firefighter and if she doesn’t hear from him, she doesn’t breathe. Jo reassures her that Ben loves her and they are the goal. Bailey walks out, promising to see her in the morning.

Jackson brings Rafi’s dad to see him, saying he did great in there. He thanks him and goes to see his little boy. Jackson comes to see Maggie, asking to kiss her as they both saved Rafi’s life. He says he is done being gone as this is where he feels most connected to something larger than himself. This is the best day he has had in a long time, and she is a huge part of that. He apologizes and it won’t happen again. She shows him what her mountaintop is and can’t have dinner with him tonight, but he most definitely can kiss her!

Jo tells Alex he is coming home, as they are newlyweds and should be doing newlywed things. He admits that Linc is a pretty good guy. Jo slams his laptop shut and kisses him. Teddy thanks Meredith for the day of talking as Amelia arrives saying she is picking up something as she plans on staying with Owen longer.

The End!

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