Grey’s Anatomy Recap 11/1/18: Season 15 Episode 6 “Flowers Grow Out of My Grave”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 11/1/18: Season 15 Episode 6 "Flowers Grow Out of My Grave"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with all-new Wednesday, November 1, 2018, season 15 episode 6 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. On tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 6 called “Flowers Grow Out of My Grave,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Meredith has a patient whose family is celebrating Day of the Dead, making the doctors remember loved ones they have lost. Richard shares unexpected news with Meredith about her father, Thatcher. Meanwhile, Teddy tries to tell Owen that she is pregnant but they get sidetracked, and Jo encourages Link to pursue one of the doctors.

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Grey’s Anatomy begins with Tuck (BJ Tanner) talking to Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) about the “Day of the Dead”, where the it’s the one day of the year that the people you loved that have died come back to be with you; not like zombies, kind of like angels. As Tuck is talking to her, Miranda finds a folder that is regarding Ben Warren’s (Jason George) death benefits, if anything were to happen to him.

Dr. Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) is pleasantly surprised by her niece and friend who are also celebrating Dia de los Muertos. Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) tells Maggie not to worry as Dr. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) plans on telling Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) and Dr. Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) about the baby today; Maggie will only believe it when she’ll see it. Meanwhile, Teddy does show up at Owen’s door and Owen wants her to tell him what is going on. She apologizes as it has been a confusing few months. Amelia bursts in the house looking for Betty (Peyton Kennedy), saying the school called and she never showed up. Owen promises Teddy they will catch up later.

At the hospital, Dr. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) and Dr. Jo Karev (Camilla Luddington) talk about plans, but he is too busy. He asks her to post flyers for voting, she says she will, even though she is no longer a resident. Dr. Atticus Lincoln (Chris Carmack) taunts her about being such a good “first lady” but she says Alex is always in a bad mood. Jo suggests he would be good with Meredith Grey, even though she is a tough nut to crack. Jo is off for her first solo transmit surgery and Dr. Levi Schmitt (Jake Borelli) is on Linc’s service today and Dr. Nico Kim (Alex Landi) says he will show him how to do ortho.

Denise (Jessica Collins) is with her best friend, Roberta Gibbs who is waiting for her liver. She has been burnt before and has come prepared to be disappointed. Bailey tries to give Roberta encouragement but they are informed that the liver got diverted again and Roberta continues with her own funeral plans.

Dr. Andrew DeLuca (Giamcomo Gianniotti) meets his patient’s family who are celebrating the Day of the Dead; Alex and Meredith arrive, informing the family that young Flora needs more than just her gall bladder removed. It is a longer surgery than they planned, but they promise she will be okay. Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) wants to talk to Meredith immediately, asking when she last spoke to her dad, Thatcher; saying that he has leukemia and is in hospice with only a few weeks to live. She thanks him for telling her and walks out.

Amelia searches homeless camps as Owen looks through the students at school; Teddy helps as well. Maggie finds Meredith distracted, who blurts out that her father is dying of AML, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. She tells Maggie that Thatcher that he doesn’t even know Maggie exists, that is how much of a non-father he is, and she doesn’t know how she is supposed to grieve for a dying father. Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) walks into the lab, as Meredith asks him how he would deal if he knew his deadbeat dad was dying. He would feel conflicted and would he want to say “goodbye”, he has no answer.

Linc examines their patient JJ, and Schmitt guesses that he has a humerus fracture and Linc tells him that is a good guess. JJ is excited that he will get to wear a cast and Linc says he will even let him pick the color.

Bailey is talking to Jo about how life just happens sometimes, she is upset to learn that another patient just died from Dr. Casey Parker (Alex Blue Davis); but when she learns he was called only 7 minutes ago and he is a perfect blood match and an organ donor; she starts chest compressions. Jo says his liver is as dead as he is and Bailey tells her they are going to bring it back to life! Bailey explains how they have done this in Europe but she has never done this herself but they can bring the liver back to live, like saving a penny from corrosion.

Linc wants to take Meredith to dinner, but she tells him she has a matchmaker and CeCe has a list. Linc wants to know how to get on it. Meredith wonders what the story is with him and Jo and if Alex has anything to worry about, he asks her the same thing about her and Alex and if Jo has anything to worry about, Meredith simply smiles.

In the OR, Bailey and Karev quickly work to to retrieve Ned’s liver and hook it up to the machine, stressed to see if it works. Bailey feels it is good stress. Can we save a life stress – the liver is alive and they are able to use it as long as the organ center approves it. Roberta tells Denise more about her funeral plans as she doesn’t like her plans; Denise tells her to stop talking like that as some people want her to live. Roberta appreciates everything people are doing for her, but she has been prepared for dying a long time and wants to make sure the people she loves are properly prepares to grieve her. Denise tells Roberta she made a good speech but the good doctor is waiting to see if she wants this “trash liver” and Roberta tells her yes!

DeLuca returns to take Flora into surgery, who realizes she doesn’t want him in the surgery. He pretends that he is Karev’s and Grey’s student and he will sit this one out. She agrees and he backs out of the room. They family surrounds her and they pray, as the medical team give them all a moment. Meanwhile, Nico wants to know why Schmitt is so nervous; Nico reveals he doesn’t have a boyfriend but is open to meeting someone. JJ is in the middle of xrays and they discover a mass in his arm.

Jo shows Alex how her and Bailey were able to bring the liver back from the dead; at first he is thrilled, until he learns they did it without any approval. Alex doesn’t care how cool it is, orders them to shut it down and hopes they didn’t promise this liver to a patient. He demands they shut it down, right now and they are not to do it!

DeLuca was looking forward to working with Meredith, but she promises him there will be many chances of that again, joking that a lot of his patients fall in love with him. Linc informs JJ’s mom that he definitely has a humerus fracture, but they believe it was the mass that weakened the bone but they need to do a biopsy. Michelle begins to feel the worse, Linc tells her the good news is the break brought them in early so they can begin a plan now.

Jackson brings Maggie lunch, saying he hasn’t been the best boyfriend and he is there for her. She is feeling sad with all the grief in the air. She chooses to get back to work instead of talking about her mom, but he offers her an ear if she needs to talk.

Richard watches as Meredith and Alex work on Flora; Alex talks to Meredith about Thatcher. She admits she opened the door for him, and the last she saw him was when Lexie died and he has been a ghost since. Alex says their entire careers exist to prevent people from dying, even get awards for it; Flora’s family celebrate the dead, even inviting them for a visit. Alex suggests they do that because they didn’t see them before they died.

Jo vents to Linc that Alex is telling her what she can and cannot do; Linc reminds her that is his job. He distracts her, by revealing that Grey brutally rejecting him, this leaves Jo hopeful. Nico and Schmitt arrive with JJ’s biopsy results, which are not good.

Amelia wants to call the police, fearing the worst; she needs to go to a meeting, Teddy stays at the house in case Betty shows up and Owen takes her, as soon as they leave the house Teddy blurts to the empty house that she is pregnant with his baby.

Flora’s family learn the procedure went well and she is doing great, Alex takes them to see her. Meredith stays behind to see who all the photos are of the family members. Flora’s grandmother gives Meredith a marigold, explaining that they are believed to help guide the ancestors’ spirits back to us. The veil between our world and the spirit world is very thin, the marigolds, the photos and mementos help guide them to us.

Bailey hasn’t heard anything from Ben, worried about him. Jo arrives, learning from Bailey that she didn’t shut off the machine and it has been approved; she tells Jo to prep an OR and as a result Roberta will be alive for many years to come. Jo is hesitant because she isn’t sure Alex will forgive her for this. Miranda asks her if she can forgive herself if Roberta dies?

Meredith goes on a date with an English professor. She is so busy asking him about his father, ranting about dads. He asks for the check, when she wonders if he understands.

JJ is getting his cast put on when his mom, Michelle learns that he does have cancer. She gets upset and Linc asks her to step outside so they can talk about it. Linc assures her that she doesn’t need to be scared, he cannot promise anything but he had the same tumor as a kid. They caught it later than JJ’s and he has survived it. He admits there will be scary moments for sure, but the scariest part was seeing his mom sad all the time, he jokes about losing his hair because his hair was so great; making her laugh. He says that laughter is what JJ needs to see every day.

Returning to the room, JJ asks if he is going to be bald like his grandpa, Linc says he might for a while, but it will grow back. JJ asks if he will look weird and Linc picks up scissors and begins cutting off his own hair, offering JJ the scissors, but Michelle tells him to stop as Linc’s hair is too beautiful and they all laugh.

Bailey and Jo smile as Roberta’s new liver is fully functioning, but celebrations are cut short, when Jo looks up and sees Alex with his arms crossed from the observation room, looking furious.

Jackson returns to the lab with marigolds for the Day of the Dead, saying he knows Maggie would like some company. He kisses her and leaves. DeLuca answers all of Flora’s questions as he checks her vitals, he does reveal he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Owen returns with Leo, thanking Teddy for being there. He is sorry for not telling her about Leo and the whole situation, saying he wanted to be a dad his entire life and it wasn’t just because he was lonely; but Leo turned into Betty and Amelia. She asks Owen if he is happy, he looks down at Leo who is waking up, but doesn’t answer her. She leaves as he deals with Leo in the bedroom.

Meredith contemplates calling her dad with a flower behind her ear. She asks Linc about his hair and he tells her it was a kid with cancer and he puts his phone number into her phone, in case of emergency. DeLuca says he likes her flower and they both talk about their dates; the elevator doors open as both men hold it open she decides to take the stairs.

Roberta learns she has a fully functioning liver. She tells Denise, “I am going to live.” Alex is waiting outside for both of them. Nico finds Schmitt inside the elevator and pulls him into a kiss after he tells him he was a great teacher, quickly pulling apart when a janitor walks in. Nico apologizes but Schmitt says ortho was perfect. Unfortunately, when Schmitt reveals this is his first time kissing a man, Nico turns him down saying he has done his coming out already and he is not willing to teach someone to go through this again.

Even though he can tell her what to do at work and they are in the middle of an argument, Alex kisses Jo in the office, saying he is turned on by her medical genius even though they are fighting. Someone yells that it is not a private space, they can all see them. Alex and Jo quickly close the blinds to get some privacy.

Miranda sends Ben a message, saying they need to talk on his next day off. Maggie looks at a photo of her and her mother, talking to her. Owen sits with Amelia, who begs him to tell her that Betty isn’t dead. Richard takes some flowers to Olive Warner’s grave admitting he hasn’t been going to meetings because that just reminds him that she is gone.

Meredith walks down the hospital corridors, feeling like she is somewhat an expert on losing people as she walks past ghosts of Derek, her mother, their dog, and Mark. She calls Alex and goes over, finding Jo giving Linc a hair cut. Meredith takes the scissors from Jo’s hands and finishes it for her as Linc thanks her.


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