Grey’s Anatomy Recap 3/22/18: Season 14 Episode 16 “Caught Somewhere in Time”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 3/22/18: Season 14 Episode 16 "Caught Somewhere in Time"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with all-new Thursday, March 22, 2018, season 14 episode 16 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. On tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 13 called “Caught Somewhere in Time” as per the ABC synopsis, “Maggie and Jackson are enjoying spending time together, but he must turn his concentration toward the groundbreaking vaginoplasty surgery he has scheduled with Catherine and Richard. Meanwhile, Meredith and Jo hit a roadblock with their contest submission, so Jo helps Bailey with an incoming trauma patient who used to be anastronaut.

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The interns were all out on tonight’s all new episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” as Owen needed them to complete Trauma Certification.

But without them around, Bailey had to turn to Jo for help when she got a call another hospital was transferring to an injured patient. The patient’s name was Marjorie Kersey and she was once a much celebrated astronaut. She was one of the first women to go into space and Bailey for one had been a huge fan of hers however Kersey had been in a lot of pain. She had been in her workshop when a giant magnet fell on her and so most of her pain was concentrated in her abdomen while the doctors thought they might as well check her head. They had been excited when Kersey had come in and had wanted to know what this project was, so they had been shocked when Kersey said she was building a time machine.

Kersey had been very scientific when she described this time machine and, when asked, she told them that no she wasn’t building it for NASA. She had cut ties with the government agency and wanted to build her time machine on her own though to Bailey and Jo everything she said sounded crazy. They thought a time machine was crazy and they figured she might have been pushed out of NASA rather than leave on her own accord because she was in fact crazy. Jo had wanted to dismiss everything that Kersey said because time travel was just too far off for her and Bailey on the other hand had at least tried to question the possibility of time travel. She asked Kersey if her research had anything to do with wormholes.

Bailey figured wormholes could be like time traveling and so Bailey had wanted to give Kersey an out yet Kersey hadn’t wanted to take it. She said her project had nothing to do with wormholes because that would mean sending messages across time when she wanted to do was send people and, well, that form of time traveling stumped her doctors. They had her undergo a CT scan and had brought other doctors in to see if they could find something they were overlooking. Alex had thought the whole thing was surreal and Amelia hadn’t been able to detect any signs of a tumor or brain damage. She said that Kersey’s brain looked healthy and so no one knew where this time traveling thing was from.

They had talked about what they would do if they had a time machine and had gone through several possible scenarios, but it had been for laughs and so things didn’t become serious again until Arizona came in with her daughter. Her daughter Sophia hadn’t wanted to go to school because she missed her other mother and had missed her friends, so Arizona had brought Sophia to the hospital with her and she had made new friends. The little girl befriended a boy named Noah who was always laughing and he had a mom whose pregnancy had run into complications. His mother Liz had started to experience contractions and she was only at twenty-three weeks meaning the child could very well not survive if born. And so Arizona went to work.

Arizona put Liz on something to stop the contractions and she admitted the mother into the hospital in case any other complications arose over yet Liz’s condition was serious and for some reason her son couldn’t stop laughing. He would laugh every few minutes and that made Arizona concerned. She believed Noah’s laughter might be a sign of something wrong and had pulled both Alex and Amelia in on the case. They were the best people to find out if something was wrong and they were also the best people to figure out what could it be if something was wrong. Luckily, Amelia had heard about a similar case a few years ago and so she suggested they give Noah a MRI because he might be suffering from seizures.

Seizures could present themselves in many ways and Noah’s laughter could simply be how it was manifesting, so they took him for the MRI and they tested him. They found ways to set apart his real laughter from his compulsive laughter and that along with the MRI showed he was suffering from seizures. The doctors then checked for the cause of the seizures and they found a tumor. The tumor was benign and so they didn’t have to remove it however removing it was the only way to stop the seizures that caused the controllable laughter and there was already enough of uncontrollable laughter at the hospital. April had taken over the Interns’ Trauma Certification and she laughed everytime she put ran them through the ringer or put them in pain.

They were supposed to be learning how to help patients and April didn’t how to do that anymore. She’s been in a lot of pain since she lost several patients in one day and her loss of faith was manifesting in the worst ways. April was drinking everyday, sleeping with anything that moved, and laughing as she tortured interns. They had actually been grateful when she left to check on patients because they were able to finish their certification without her there by cheating the system and that had only given April even more reason to laugh. She knew that they got cheating the system from her and so she told them some hard truths.

April told them not long after she cheated her into getting certified, a patient came in and she hadn’t known what to do. She had tried to save his life and he had died in front of her. April even pointed out that it wasn’t that far away because he had died a few feet from where they were standing and so she portrayed to them what happened with a dummy except she couldn’t’ stop laughing. She wasn’t ok and eventually she tried to lean on someone. Jackson had seen how bad it was for her and had pulled her aside to want to talk her, but she hadn’t wanted to talk and had instead tried to turn his comforting embrace into sex and had lashed out when he turned her down. She had wanted help to forget and he couldn’t be that for her because he was in a relationship.

Jackson’s relationship with Maggie was out of the closet and their parents even came to accept it though their latest date had had to be cancelled because Jackson had been forced to take Harriet. April hadn’t been in the right mindset to take their daughter and she wanted to continue spiraling out without having to worry about their daughter, so April’s laughter did die down in the end and the doctors later came up with a solution for Noah. Noah’s tumor was too close to the brain and so Amelia and Alex wanted to use him as their guinea pig with this new surgery they created. They knew the surgery was still a work in progress and had left it to Arizona to break the news to her patient.

Liz had recently broken up with her boyfriend, her baby’s father, because he always referred to Noah as her son and the baby as their baby. That told her that she would have a husband and that Noah would never have a father which was what she wanted for him. Liz also talked about that time because she remembered not long afterwards that Noah’s laughter began to change and she wishes she could go back to change it except she didn’t have a time machine. Time machines weren’t real and Kersey would later die in surgery still believing that there was a chance it could happen, so Bailey decided to name her colonoscopy device “the Trailblazer” in her honor.

And while Amelia and Owen have had with their whole “no strings attached” relationship, she helped him figured out that none of his relationships were ever going to work until he finally pursued what he had with Teddy.

Teddy was the one for him and so he eventually boarded a plane to go see her.


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