Hell’s Kitchen Recap 1/12/18: Season 17 Episode 12 “Five Is the New Black”

Hell’s Kitchen Recap 1/12/18: Season 17 Episode 12 "Five Is the New Black"

Tonight on FOX their Gordon Ramsay culinary competition series Hell’s Kitchen airs with an all-new Friday, January 12, 2018, season 17 episode 12 and we have your Hell’s Kitchen recap below. On tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen season 17 episode 12 episode called, “Five Is the New Black,” as per the FOX synopsis, “The remaining chefs compete for the coveted black jacket in three challenges, including “Taste It, Now Make It,” in which contestants must use their senses to recreate a dish; “Five Domes,” in which contestants have 30 minutes to create a cohesive restaurant quality dish using mystery ingredients hidden under domes; and “Free For All,” in which theys must make a dish of their choice using ingredients picked out by Ramsay.”

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Chef Gordon Ramsay welcomes the seven chefs into the dining room. He tells them, people who rise to the top are people who combine real talent with incredible work ethic. He introduces David and Dania who was on America’s Got Talent who do the impossible Quick Change performance. Chef Ramsay informs them it is Black Jacket time and everyone is excited; Michelle hopes she is the youngest All-Star ever to win a black jacket. Its shocking news because they are going from 7 to 5 today.

The ones who will receive their black jackets today are the ones who will be most successful at 3 difficult challenges. The first challenge will have 2 winners. It is a Hell’s Kitchen classic of “Taste it, Now Make it”; they have 45 minutes to recreate a 16 ingredient entree. All of the chefs pick sea bass for the protein but struggle with the puree and hash.

Chef Ramsay says everyone has nailed the protein but only two of them have the white puree right, it was white asparagus and he congratulates Michelle and Milly. The green puree was romesco, and Milly is the only one to have it right and he is the first person receiving a black jacket! The hash was sweet potato, fava beans, celery root, apple with fresh chives; two of them got 4 out of 5 – Benjamin and Nick. Nick is the second recipient of the black jacket. Milly and Nick go to chill in the Black Jacket Lounge.

Chef Ramsay explains the second challenge. There are 5 domes when he rings the bell, they are to run to a dome, grab it and begin cooking with the ingredient; they need to be quick as there are limited options under the dome. When the bell rings again, they grab another ingredient under all the domes, they have 30 minutes to create an incredible dish. Robyn says this is going to get UGLY and to not push!

Chef Ramsay lifts the dome as Elise yells for Michelle to get off. Michelle feels it might bite Elise in the end for her grabbing the lobster. But they are vicious when they hear the bell, tossing ingredients over the counter and forcing Michelle to go into the dining room to get hers. Some of them are getting great ingredients, while some have to follow their gut. The kitchen gets really catty as the minutes count down and they fight for the final ingredients under the domes.

Robyn presents her dish first. She had Seabass with sweet potatoes, corn a la hash and honey. He says it was a really strong effort. Benjamin is up with his filet mignon with braised swiss chard and cauliflower, topped with truffles. Chef Ramsay said he would change a little less heavy on the reduction of the sauce. The filet was nailed.

Jennifer has airline chicken with potatoes and broccolini dish. It is cooked beautifully, lemony and light but the potatoes are undercooked. Michelle has a veal chop with couscous and leeks. He liked the sear on the chop and loved the spice rub, saying it was a really good dish. Elise feels she is the strongest one on the red team. She serves a poached lobster tail with parmesan rice and asparagus. Visually there is something on the plate that doesn’t sit right and Chef Ramsay asks everyone what it is. She left the poop sack on the lobster and he didn’t even try the dish.

The first person receiving a black jacket is Michelle. He tells her she did an amazing job and heads to the lounge as the fourth person getting a black jacket is Benjamin. He tells him he did a solid job. As Benjamin joins the other black jackets, Chef Ramsay tells Elise, Robyn, and Jennifer to head to the patio to await their final challenge.

Chef Ramsay calls the remaining 3 chefs back to the dining room for their final challenge for the last black jacket. He explains the challenge. They have total freedom, so it has to be something really impressive; they have 30 minutes. He follows them into the kitchen as the black jackets get to watch them from the lounge, saying too many options is going to screw them up; all of them hoping it won’t be Elise who gets the final jacket.

After ten minutes, Robyn changes her protein from halibut to lamb loin and Elise makes a mistake putting potatoes in her Vitamix. With 90 seconds to go, Elise says needs a bit more time, Nick puts his hands to his head when he hears her, feeling the stress. The TV cuts feed to the lounge just as time runs out for the chefs.

Robyn brings her dish forward, she has a seared lamb loin with potato and corn hash. Visually it looks refined, changing protein she set herself up for failure but she nailed the lamb. The dish is melting in his mouth and a strong effort.

Elise presents her filet mignon with potato puree and rainbow chard. He likes the sear on the filet but when he cuts into it, its not medium rare, the potatoes taste a bit strange, the greens are wonderful and the filet is tender.

Jennifer made scallops and shrimp with corn succotash. He loves the succotash, the shrimp is amazing, but the scallops are slightly undercooked but loves what she did with the color. Jennifer feels she is a chef but Elise is just a cook and hopes she gets much further than her.

Chef Ramsay says, unfortunately, the journey ends for one of them right now. He decides that Elise is going home. He was happy she was back but her dish fell short. He doesn’t want her jacket back and tells her to keep her head up and to not stop cooking. Jennifer and Robyn hug each other and smile. Chef Ramsay asks them both to bring their dishes back to him as Jennifer cries out that this is redemption. They both say they respect each other so much and hate how much it sucks going against each other.

Chef Ramsay calls for sous chefs Christina Wilson and James ‘Jocky’ Petrie to help him make the final decision. They try both dishes and the final black jacket goes to Robyn.

After Robyn joins the Black Jacket Lounge, Chef Ramsey brings in champagne and tells them it is about to get a lot tougher for them. He reminds them it isn’t long to go but its a tough road ahead.



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